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Real Estate Broker

I am currently changing professions for the 2nd time. After being a teacher for 10 years I have decided to get into real estate. Before becomming aware of Dean, I have been studying to get my license. My question is: Will my being a real estate broker cause any restrictions, legal challenges, or other roadblock in working with Dean and his system?Any help, information, or assistance would be greatly appreciated.Ray

Hi Ray.

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It's very nice to have you join us. Welcome to the DG family. Smiling

As far as your question, there has been a LOT of discussion on this subject and we have a number of realtors on the site that have given their perspectives (Al Christmann, for one, is a DG regular. realtor & investor).
If you go to the search box in the upper left corner and do a search on realtors, you should find some very interesting views on this (including some from the coaches).

Good luck and feel free to jump into any of the forums, or start your own thread if you have a question.

Again, welcome. It's good to have you here.

God bless,