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HI everyone!
I'm a new member but I have been reading everyones questions & advice and learning alot. I have several questions-So here's to anyone out there that can help me.I finally started to look for homes two days ago.Interested in the "and/or assigns" part of the program. Found a house (driving thru neighboring streets) on market with realtor, good area great schools. listed for $230.000 vacant x3yrs- now reduced to $189.000 good shape sold 3 yrs ago for $352.000. Looked on zillow for comps and also found out history from (long time neighbor) who came out to talk to me while I was waiting for realtor he was late, never showed, so I called him, he felt bad so he gave me combination on lock box to get in house per phone. Neighbor toured home with me gave me tons of info. House is a repo. can I use an "an/or assign " since owned by bank- I am going to offer $169.000. What happens if offer accepted then my investors don't want in? Am I stuck with property because (I have no money or credit to buy it or else I would). Also, do I use the forms from the student resources site? Who opens escrow? How do I find out if finders fee legal in New Mexico? I am so nervous about this but I want to be a doer. All of u are so inspirational-Anita, Sully u guys rock!!! Thanks for answering everyone's questions.