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Hi Debra
I just wanted to stop by and say hello to you. Welcome to the Dean family. We are all a close knit group here and we all help each other and encourage. Ask anyone for help here and you will get much help along the way. Glad to meet you and now get in there and learn and get a property under contract.

thanks for welcome

Hi Sissy,
Thanks for the warm welcome. It means alot. I am a total newbie at this. So new I wasn't sure how to log on then I clicked on my account and what a nice surprise to fine a warm welcome. I've been reading Mr Graziosi's book this week along with watching the blogs(up til now I didn't know what a blog was),listening to past conference calls and reading the questions and responses and encouragement among the Family. Decided to join. I have a ton of questions but from what I get from the advice I've read is read the book first, maybe again and it will all come together better. Right now it's kinda fuzzy to me. Thanks again and talk to you soon.

Welcome to DG.com

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Welcome to DG.com! This site is full of great information and even greater people. Feel free to private message me at anytime, if I can't help you I will certainly point you in the right direction!


Thanks for welcome

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the warm welcome and the offer to message anytime. I will certainly be depending on everyones advice. Thanks so much.