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I just want to say thank you Dean for your motivation that you have giving me.
1. I bought your boook and read it. Feb 2009

2. April 1st started looking at homes,I looked at 100 homes.

3.End of April Started putting in low offers.15 to 20 at a time. After about 70 offers I landed 2 deals.

4.May 09 closed on 2 deals ,
a.1st deal 1450sqft home,3 bed ,1.5 bath,2 car garage.I payed 38,000 for this house.This house is a flip, total remod job. I already have a buyer. Remod budget was 20,000 but I'm going over about 10,000
It's okay because my profit is about 30,000 still with being over budget.
I have not closed on the house to the buyer yet, Because we are still finishing project should close by end of october.

b. The second house I bought is a 800sqft home, 2 bed ,1 bath , 1 car garage. Payed 23,000. Bought it 3rd week of may , and had a renter in it july 1st. Rent 700 dollars a month . And I make a positive cash flow of 450 a month. Thanks DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I watch the computer every nite of all existing and new properties,I watch my automated emails from my agent, And i love

6. I plan on buying one more this year

Thanks Dean

Ps. Any Questions please email me