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Mainly Just This One


Anxious to get started! !

Hello fellow Students! !

Looking forward to this NEW and EXCITING Venture! ! Going through sections to get familiarized with them... Watching Dean's Videos!


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Hello Folks!

Reviewing sites... I've never seen a site as complete as "Dean's site with 'tremendous resources'!

Enjoying "All" of it!

Thank you! Dean! !

'Newbie'... Andre'

Referring family!

Just spoke with one of my daughters, Angie! I've given her Dean's Site, so she may explore! She's unemployed after 9 years with an autodealer. Like many... the Dealership closed down, as we all know about the economy.
She has 2 little boys and is trying to stay afloat. I think this opportunity is..."One of a kind" to enable a person to... "get back on their feet"! !
Keep you posted!

Chapters 8, 9, 10

Great information... alot to digest with one reading. I'm re-reading it and learning the definitions of terminology.

I just watched your video... what a guide! I hope to order it in the very near future.

Thank you!

Andre' Olivan