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How do I find bird dogs in my area?

I need to jump start my real estate investment carreer immediately. How can I find bird dogs in my area? I want to flip a property ASAP.

I already talked to several realtors that have gave me foreclosure lists. But when I check them out, all of them doesn't have enough or little wiggle room. I already told them that I wanted foreclosure lists that are 50% below market value.

I joined Dean's program in 2006 but mentally I guess I wasn't ready back then. So I put away my package and let the the tutorial program that I joined to die down gradually.

Now my focus is clear and I want to do this as a carreer. I don't want to do anything else. I quit my government job because I finally realized that I was never happy with having a boss telling me when I can take my 15 minutes break or 30 minutes lunch time. They made a big deal out of it if I was 1 or 2 minutes late. It really feels like I'm in a jail house (I think they have better break times in jail).

Thank you for any advice you can give me.

Bird Dogs

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What area are you in? Place an ad in the newspaper or here saying where you need BD's and what your requirements are. Trust me if you do that you will create an enormus BD list!! Good Luck!! Renae Luttmer
"Colorado Snow Bunny"