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Hello Everyone...

There is a story to my name above! After 50 years in Southern California my wife and I sold our house in the last hot real estate market of 2004 & 2005 for triple what we paid in 1997. We relocated to Prescott Valley, Arizona...100 miles north of Dean Graziosi. This town is made up mostly of retired people and the powers that be have decided that the maximum speed in this town should 45 mph...but only on the state highway that runs through the town. The other streets are 25 mph & 35 mph. Having moved from California where traffic moves at faster speeds I decided that if I was to avoid a ticket I would have to use cruise control all the time. After 4 years here I finally got a ticket for speeding with my cruise control on to the posted speed. I went to court to appeal it and pleaded not guilty. I went before the judge and told him that I have never been in an accident and have not had a ticket since 1975. I told him that if he found me guilty with my cruise control on to the posted speed...then he can have my license and I will not drive anymore in this town! I AM NOW A BICYCLE INVESTOR!!!


I read the the No money Down system and still dont get it. Teach me step by step how to go about this system please.