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New To DG!!!!! Chicagorealestate773146 years 25 weeks ago
New To DG!!!!! Chicagorealestate77306 years 25 weeks ago
New To DG!!!!! Chicagorealestate77306 years 25 weeks ago

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New to DG!!!!

Hello everyone my name is Will, I am from Chicago Il, just finished Profit from Real Estate right now, I am very motivated......I feel this is my time to live out some dreams...I am lucky to have a friend that has a beautiful condo/loft that he wants me to sale...I have explained to him my plan (IEE or Assigment)we meet tomorrow 5/6/10...i want to get some paper work signed because with the square footage he has, he owes nothing and very motivated i see this being a win-win going in 30 days (wish me luck) but thats the goal....I thought all contracts mentioned in the book would be on the site....I have not been able to find them all will i have to go out a purchase a Discharge of Agreement to purchase statement.....Until i am able to work with the academy i am working straight from the book....I feeel i can do this...I would appreciate any encouraging words or any advice...u know those "make sure u do things" really concerns about proper contracts for this first deal...any advice is greatly appreciated...Will right again with updates


Hello & Welcome

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Hello Will,

Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!