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I recently finished reading Dean's book and will be pushing forward in building a buyers' list.
Althuogh I am still to make my first deal, I have read numerous books and attended webinars on RE, the general routine. But I have decided to take DEan's advice and just "DO IT."
I have financing lined up and properties that I am working on.
The niche I am targeting is starter homes in all States but will also do deals that can run.
If I can wholesale to this forum that would be great. My e-mail address is :
I will be a constant visitor to this site as Dean has more than delivered on what he promised and this I will promise,as I gain experience I will post my experiences to help other investors attain success.
I know that this has been somewhat lengthy but I detect the sense of community, the type Dean himself exudes.
Hoping for a response soon asto my remarks and points of interest.
Here's to our success.