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Robert F. Miller
Central North Carolina
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I am a former college teacher of Sociology and Political Science courses. I live w/ my wife, horse, two dogs and two goats. We live in the country obviously.
Looking for a way to support myself and wife in a non-9-5 manner. I am a newbie to real estate and have alot to learn. In my favor I have motivation and a willingness and desire to learn. My negatives are no money of my own or good credit...obviously in need of guidance-


Animals, family, and a desire to improve my lot in life.

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currently unemployed
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Where to Start

I realize there probably is not a dumber question to ask, but I'm asking it anyway. I gave up college teaching almost 3 years ago and have done nothing much to produce income during that time; real smart, huh?

I am like alot of people whom I read their post(s)- I have no cash of my own (I do own a small house though) and very poor credit. The area I live in has been devastated by the recession, as North Carolina is a manufacturing state and we all know what happened to economies based on manufacturing, so there alot of foreclosed properties in this area. To you guys (and gals) who know more than I, which includes most, what would you do first? I have joined this site as a free member, for to be honest, I did not even have the twenty bucks to buy Dean's package; although I do believe in his story and the fact that he really wants to help people.

I am motivated, just not knowledgable enough to get started. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Robert Miller, North Carolina