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Finally!! We broke the ice.

Our group finally brok the ice with makeing an offer on our first house. Using the techniques in the DG books, and information on the website and thanks to all of you for the comment and input on the blogs, we did it! We will know by Friday if the offer is accepted. All of your comments about taking the first step were right. You just have to do it. Thanks to all of you for the comments you make that give us newbies food for thought. Thanks to Dean for the help to make it all happen.


Another Deal

We are so excited that we have actually closed our first deal. Here are the details. We purchased a mobile home for $500.00 and made some repairs, new carpet, paint and major cleaning at about $500.00. We have sold sold in on a land contract for $1500.00 with a balloon payment by the end of 2010. I know this is not a great deal of money, however, we broke the ice. Thank you Dean for sharing all of your knowledge.

We did it again!!!!

Our group is so excited. We did it again!! We closed on our third property!! This house needs quite a bit of work, however, it is in a great neighborhood and we got a great deal. We paid $22,000.00 and will put probably another $20,000.00 in it and sell it for $65-70,000.00 Although we are newbies, we are consistantly using the principles in Dean's books and it is going very well for us. It seems like once you break the ice, things just seem to keep coming our way. Dean, as usual, we can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge from your own expeiences. I think you can be very proud of the information you have shared and the number of people you have helped and encouraged. We would never have started our REI business if it weren't for you. Again, thank you for your help and the support of the members of the Dean family. We wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season that brings joy and peace now and in the New Year.

Diane Lindahl
Evelyn Esposito
Stan Battersby

Deal # 4!! Another Closing!

Dean is incredible! Just follow his plan and it works. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us so that we can become successful.

We will be closing on our 4th property . This is a house that we purchased for $16,000.00, with cleaning and a few minor repairs approx. $5,000.00. We have it listed for $39,500.00. We now have an offer from a couple that is in the process of getting financing.

We just can't thank Dean enough for all of his knowledge and the support of the DG family. The information shared on the blogs, has helped with new ideas.

This is without a doubt the best thing I have seen as a support system to create a real estate investment business.

Again, thanks for all the help!

Happy New Year!

Diane Lindahl
Evelyn Esposito
Stan Battersby