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I was very hesitant. It is not that I don't think this is a good program or that I think the market is not a good place to be right now. It is the fear of not knowing what to do. That fear prevents you from even trying. It was something that I had to overcome. I knew it. I had to take my courage and be willing to possibly make a fool of myself or get rejected. At my age it was worse, because I felt I should be an expert at this.

Well, I finally located an investor club in my local area. My wife and I went to a meeting. I introduced myself as a company that was set up to match clients to properties by identifying their profile and then locating property that matches that profile and presenting it to the investor.

At this meeting I met 5 people that I could put on my client list of potential buyers. I entered them in my Excel spreadsheet and began the routine of getting the profile from them by requesting further information on email. Only one person responded after several weeks. He told me he was looking for a car wash and had another property that he was looking to liquidate. I immediately responded and set up meetings. Part of his reason to respond was to get me to attend an Efujsion meeting he was having. But it didn't matter, I was going to work this like he meant it and in the spirit of good networking, I would attend his meeting.

I actually found a property that matched the clients profile by making contacts and searching the internet. I happen to have a friend who had a car wash and called him for information. He gave me the name of an equipment dealer for the car washes who eventually gave me the name of someone who had a car wash for sale that matched the clients profile. I called him, got the information and visited the car wash. Once I had as much information as I could gather, I called the client and set up an interview. We talked and he asked for more information which I supplied after another period of time.

Although I haven't completed the sale yet I have set up another appointment with the seller and the buyer to gather more information. I expect that this will culminate in an offer being presented within days. Additionally, I have also called on my RE Broker contact to help me through this. He is very supportive.

The bottom line is that I got out there and overcame my fear and am learning as I go. This is because of the information and coaching I received from Dean. I even used the coach to help me find a contact that would lock up the investor and my commission, as I worked this deal.

Thats all for now.