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talking to owner that's about show house

I just started the academy. This is my firs step, the lady across the street is showing me her house she wants to sell. Owes 123,000 but wants 150,000 she has to get rid of it asap. She says she talking to other people too, what can I say that will lock her up with me?? Thanks for ne response.

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Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!

To Lock it Up - Write Up an Assignment Contract that allows you to either posess, show & sell for 30 days and "Assign" the contract. OR Offer her a Minimum Downpayment of say $500-$2500 to Purchase outright yourself. An Additional first Option may be to Offer to just "Take Over Her Payments"
Consult the Book as well as other "seasoned" members to get more input if you have time on your side.