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I am a very devoted woman of God, I love church ministries and event planning. I love children and working with the under priveledge people.Very out going and funny.My goals are to be a very wealthy ,successful woman in Real Estate. I am just getting started, due to my busy schedule. I am employed with the state and income is limited.I would love to step in and learn all Dean's techniques on increasing my income where I do not have to work for anyone. This opportunity cannot come soon enough for me. Presently I live from paycheck to paycheck. I have to start with the basic because I cannot afford "Success Academy at this time.

Event Planning, Teaches Etiquette and Table Manners Class,Church Ministry, Reading the "Word of God". Becoming debt Free

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State Employee
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Hello All in Dean's RE Land. I am Princess Haze, and I am a newbie to this site and would like to know what was the first step you all took to becoming successful. Presently I am reading "My town profit". And would like to know what was the most difficult experience in this business,