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Yes you can do this

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I just saw you are online and wanted to say hello, and keep up the good work. Absorb all you can from this site and when in doubt always ask questions. You will find there's always someone available and knowledgeable enough to answer your questions.

Best regards, on all your RE endeavors.


Thank you for the

Thank you for the encouraging comment. it is great to know there is so much support available on this website.

Hello Kevin!

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I came accross your user account and was wondering how youve utilized what you learned from dean and his site here.

Dont lose sight of your goals! stay on track. Just remember, we are all here for eachother!

Welcome Aboard

Hi Kevin,
I look at our investment team and DG family as a train, that everyone is getting on. I know you will like to get on board and prove yourself worthy. Now think about it this way. The train in in the station and getting ready to leave. Do you want to get on board, then get that deal going. Maybe you might want to follow my post. I have come a long way, I am not at the point yet where I can say "I cam financially free," but I am surely getting there. You could do it as everyone else could. Just decide on your next move and that is your foundation to success. God Bless