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letter to myself

Matt, Great letter. This is my first post. As I read your letter, it made me realize again I have not done what I started out to do. I got profit from realestate now on sept 11,2009, read it in 4 days, thought, this doesn't sound that difficult, But I felt I needed some help, training wheels so to speak. Being 60, this is the 2nd book I have read since high school, I haven't had to learn anything new for a long time, so I joined the acadamy.The advisors are great, always there for you when you need them, but you know that saying. Over analysis causes paralysis . Well that's me. I want to do assignments. That's all I can do. I can't get a loan, since I have been out of work since July. My big fear and hurddle is me. Writing up that first purchase agreement, and presenting it. I don't have alot of self confidence. So how do you get over that. I was always excited to read what you had wrote in the book. I thought, I hope I can do half as well as Matt did. So there it is my letter to myself, to you a success, Any words of wisdom or advice. I need to get over this fence I have put up against myself and get out there and just do it. Thanks. Jackie