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Hello my name is Carlton and Im new to real estate. Im taking a few avenues to make cash. Wholesaling and Brokering Owner financed notes. I got a call from a guy that has a ton of land that he ownes free and clear but wants a 50K loan off of it. Im not in the loan business but wanted to know if I refer him to you can you help him ? Plus its a deal for you also !

loan info

please send me info on the requirments of your loan packages.



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Im looking for money for deals in Oregon. If you can help please send info.

Hard Money Loans

Looking to get that first deal financed. Please provide loan info.


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Pleas send me information on the requirements of loan packages and if you fund loans in the state of colorado .thanks

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loan info

we would like to purchase mobile home parks that are in need of repairs, do you do these type of loans?

rehab loan

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Iam a Real Estate investor working on a fire damaged house. I am 80% complete but ran out of money. I need 10k to finish this house and sell it ASAP. Any help would be greatlty appreciated. Thank you and have a great day.

loan info

do you mak purchase/rehab loans for mobile home parks in Arizona?
We have experience and a refi plan after rehab and refill


How do I apply for funds to purchase repair and flip?

$$$ Guaranteed Loan Offered $$$


Please sorry for getting back to you late and i want you to know that i can get you funded with your loan amount and before will proceed on this deal i want you to get back to me through my private email cityfunds01@**** or give me a call +234(8054058731) for more info