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Does this sound right? please help.
i emailed an agent to look at going with to make lots of money. and this is what he emailed this the type of agent i should go with i know i would be losing money. Thanks.

(Hi Joseph,

Since I had not heard from you I thought you may have moved on. I am glad to see you are still interested.

When working with this type of sales, we find we put out much effort, with little return. Our policy is that we are willing to do this and will completely refund all sales commissions back to you, but you must pay us for the work we do. Our fee is $100/hour including travel time. As an example, on the first home we looked at together, last week, we spent a total of 1.3 hours. That would be a cost to you of $130 billed monthly. The average contract consumes about 4 hours of time to write, sign, deliver, follow up, while negotiation and closing take another 20-30 hours of time on short sales and bank owned homes.

We are fully qualified in all aspects of these deals, and as you can see we go out of our way for our clients.

Should you decide to proceed, please let us know if you are interested and we will draft up an agreement.