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Julian Moradians
Los Angeles
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Hi my name is Julian Moradians and I am an investor based here in Los Angeles. I started investing in real estate over 15 years ago (1999). However, in 2010 I decided to step away from the business in order to pursue other interest. Only to come back to it all last December (2013). In the 11 years which I was active I invested in
• Flips (SFR’s, Multi-units)
• Buy & Hold (Multi-Units)
• New Construction
• RITs
• Foreclosures
• Bulk Purchases
• Was a partner in a Mortgage Bank called American Fidelity
I am comfortable saying that I have been involved with just about every facet of the real estate investment business. I am both a CASH BUYER and at times I use FINANCING it all depends on the type of deal I am looking at and what makes the most sense

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