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hi maryco

its soooo wonderful to see are grup expand! i have access to 300 investors in colorado whop will pay cash for contracts. so as soon as you have some let me know and we can work togeather. let me know if intrested.

I am working on an REO and

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I am working on an REO and would sell it for $75,000 that would need some rehabbing. I have another in mind and can sell it for $95,000? Both are 2br/1ba

Any interest? Contact me at maryvidallo@****

notes for sale

I read in the classified that you have some notes you want to sell. I have buyers that buy notes for cash and have prequalified finances as well. You can contact me via my web page for further info and the like.


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I read in the classifieds that you have some notes you want to sell.I am Da loan arranger and I have over 3000 buyers that purchase notes from me world wide for cash.I am also now buying notes, and can help you find the money you need now! Also accepting Business notes, seasoned and unseasoned notes, structured settlements, casino and state lottery winnings. For a complete list of what notes I can purchase please call me at 407-844-5315 today or you may email any question to daloanarranger@****