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Darren and Angie
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We have been together for 5 years going on 6. We have two beautiful kids a little girl who turns 4 in June and a little boy that will be 2 in September. Darren- works as apartment maintenance right now and is the one that saw the infomercial and discussed it with me and we decided to get started! Angie-works as a dental assistant and decided that if we want to buy a house then we need to have better income coming in. We decided that working together is a benefit for the real estate because we get more time together and well we want what is only the best for our family!

Music, Taking walks, playing basketball, playing soccer, playing volleyball

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We are following Deans book and keeping up with the work so far so I hope that we can become as successful as you and many others have been!

Just getting started

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Droplock,say's good luck and always say motivate even when it looks it's worse. Don't know your strength until you're face with a foe,then you must exercise thought in oder to conquer it. Good fortune. Droplock