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I joined Dean's Success Academy a little while back and have had success with their coaches and great resources. I started a new sales career that will not allow me to finish the program in the alloted time but I still plan on using what I have learned and the coaching program in the next year.

I was told by PMI that I could pass a savings along to another member of Dean's Program that would like me to transfer my membership to the new student/investor. I paid over $7000 for the material and courses and was told by PMI that I could transfer to a new member and they would get the entire program as new at a great discount being that I can't utilize it the way I have been in the past. I would love to see someone get the enjoyment and knowledge I did at a much lower cost.

If anyone is interested in joining the program for $3500,it's 50% of what I joined the same program for. Basically over the phone, they would have both parties present and simply delete my information and add the new members information to the program just as if they joined directly but in this case at a lower cost. I paid with a credit card so they could simply swith the remaining balance to a new one or I could pay it off cash and transfer in your name.

Either way, I have a few folks interested but wanted to be sure I offer this opportunity to someone as motivated as I am and truly wants to take advantage of the program as I did, they are so great to work with.