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I need help to improve my life please

Pl,ease help me to improve and to be able to gret my life together I order this program and I had an emergency with my loved ones I have to fly out of town so I couldnt do anything yet with this program I need help please to see how and which way to use this program telling the truth I also dont have too much time to because I am single I mean widower with three kids my husband was shot and killed four years ago when I was eight month of pregnant and its already one year on the 31st that I am not working I wanted to do real estate so I can have my own schedule with my kids because I have no help I wanted to also get my real estate agent license so I need help please to do this before I really go kookoo I did recieve your messages Dean I thank you so much but I was out of town I was not able to do then at all it was Emergency trip to save my cousins life so my life is so far all downs and down I want to know how please to get out of this Maddy roads I can be reached on my cell phone @ (818)633-8896 Rosie Thank You