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I have been interested in real estate for 20 yrs. i was always told I would be crazy to by a house.It instilled some fear in me that I would lose my money.I bought my first house 11 yrs ago and lived in it for 6 yrs. then sold it for double of what i paid for it. That was still not enough to build my confidence even though it felt real good.Since I stumbled upon DG i have never been so inspired in my life about real estate. I find myself looking at properties where ever I am. i can't get enough. I bought an REO 4 months ago fixed it up(mostly by myself)and know have it in contract with a projected profit of $60k. I can't wait for my next deal which I already have lined up.Thankyou Dean for your books,webinars,blogs and most of all your inspiration. I hope to someday meet you to really pick your brain and enjoy the phoenix weather.We are all lucky to have someone like you to teach us the right way to invest.