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connect to Dean real estate team

I am reading your book at this time and I am about to be ready soon to change my
life in this real estate market.

I was watching your video blog and other
video. So I have you 2 books and a special report about Student Secrets techniques. Please find this email to be very exciting for me and Dean video inspire me and I believe this true.

I made one deal before in 2004 in real estate in Hawaii, I brought a property for $160,000.00 and sold it in 6 months for $315,000.00 I did not know anything about real estate. I have good friend who help me on the deal.

I want to get back in these type of deal. I want to use your system Dean's
I want to learn everything I can to process some real estate deals and have a positive assets and cash flow and in the future I can sell the property for more money. I am looking forward to hear from you or you team that will guide me in the exicting venture.

I am not afraid of real estate transaction, I love talking with people and enjoy their company has friendship or business transactions.
I need the tools from your staff to get me started. At this time I am reading this book and the student at this time.

I want to move, fast on this issues, but I need to read and get educated on this system. If you have any sugesstion
for me to move faster to get deals fast
let know. Is there a way that I can move now and get involved while making purchase while I am reading your book at the same time.

Dean, let me know. I am in Hawaii , Kapolei, New City here. Help, looking forward to hear from you soon. Here is my cell number 8083582323 call me anytime. I am using my real estate friend, or you have any other suggestion to find property for me. Help and want to film or video my story to Dean. Mr. Sofa, Faitala