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Could you please help me with a few questions now that I have completed reading your book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire"?:

What is the 800 Customer Service number should I have questions?

Renting is not always an option (depending on mortgage loan verbiage)--How to circumvent that situation?

How is it possible to BUY real estate legally without a real estate license?

In a zero down/sweat equity real estate transaction, how does title transfer? I'm assuming that I'd need to renovate using my own capital and obtain a loan for title to transfer into my name?

I live in Tempe, AZ -- pretty much "land locked"-- so home values haven't dipped as drastically as elsewhere in The Valley.

Where can I obtain a list of tax sales and foreclosures (other than the public county websites)?

How do I effectively approach the seller of a distressed property (without them thinking that I am there to shaft them)?

How do I find solid real estate investors?

Why would a real estate investor NEED to do a deal with me? Couldn't they find properties themselves?

So far that's my list of questions---looking forward to your response.

Thank you!
Debi Schmaltz

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When will I receive answers to these questions?