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tammy hendricks
central city .ky
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I am 47, Have two children- now adults themself, Joined military at 16 served 24 years. I have worked in factories, on a bardge boat as a cook for 2 years, and was laid off in 2009. Now I am a security guard for a company.
I have raised my children at age 20 on my own, my daughter going on 2 and son going on 1 years old till they graduated high school, with no child support and barely making ends meat all those years I have worked very had since I was 16, and paid very little for the time I put in. My mother had stomach cancer,and father had Alzhimers, And at that time I was working two jobs, One for the military and one as a correction officer at a local prison. Trying to shuffle my life and care for my parents and my children which was still at that time at home and in school. Now I think It's time for me to make some changes in my life, So I have decided to get into something that has been around for years and not worry about lay offs anymore. I seen Dean's infamertial and decided to get the books, I hope I can do this.

I guess you could say my hobbies are helpping others, but i like horseback riding, spending time with grandchildren.

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