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Welcome to the DG family, JC

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I saw where you mentioned negative poeple. I log in every day to this site and the wonderfully, great, positive people completely blow away the negavtive poeple in my life. It is so easy when you have the right kind of people in your life you can't help but succeed. It is up to you to put the right kind of people there like logging into the Dg family daily. Plan a time like a few minutes every morning when you get up to log in and start your day off on a postive note! Do that and those negative comments etc seem weightless and sort of just float away. It really works.
It also gets better and better. My whole attitude has changed about negative coometns and naysayers. Now I laugh about negative comments, somehow it is funny when adults make these comments. Like a lil kid that really has no idea what they are talking about. It really is funny. Second is I feel a little bit sorry for them because of thier total ignorance. I found a way for them to motivate me a lot. You see whenever a naysayer makes negative comments I feel sorry for them and they remind me that those are the kind of poeple I will be helping soon. The short sited, shallow, ignorant ones that have no imagination, commonly referred to as naysayers.
You can and WILL do this. You will be successful JC. You only have to do one thing. Yes, that's it only 1.
"Decide that you will succeed no matter what." It is that simply. That means that once you make that decision you will let nothing stop you. The only thing that can actually stop you is you so if you make that decision then you won't stop you and you will succeed. See how easy that works. It comes down to making that decision. Don't just think you will, don't just try or just hope. "KNOW" you will because of that decision!
It is up to you. No one can decide for you. They can't make up your mind or change your mind, only YOU can. So what is your choice????