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Zane Karnevska
United Kingdom
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I am 23 years old. Having big goals in life established, so now I am on my way achieving them.

I see real estate as the vehicle how to reach my goals and I am ready to take any action required to move closer to financial freedom and enjoying much more abundant life.

Originally I am from Latvia (small country near the left side of Russia). I am so grateful for being involved in real estate as it opens doors to life of satisfaction, being able to support others, living abundant lifestyle and growing as a personality. Just year ago by studying self development materials I found out that we are the ones who create our own economy and we are the creators of what we get. So I have now taken responsibility for changing my current financial situation and feel that I have made great decision by being a part of Dean's Rock Bottom Blueprint.

Thanks Dean for making difference in people's lifes...

Self-development, spirituality, life coaching, Bob Proctor

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Very good. Keep it up


Congratulations on joining this site . The knowledge you get here ,and apply is going to be the best economical bailout
I am originally from Poland and working on my financial freedom. Best of everything to you Halina

Wishing you all the best

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Hey, Halina... Yap, we need to be grateful for that we have found this resource that will help us live our BEST life EVER... sending you everything best that I have and never stop believing in your ability to achieve financial freedom, because as we have seen other people success stories, so can we do the same... let's do this... Zane

HI Zane

I just come across your post. I would like to say hi. How is RE investing going in Europe ??? Best of luck Tom

Thanks Tom

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Thanks so much for good wishes. You too have amazing things happening in your life! I am concentrating on US market, so I don't know about Europe Smiling