Weekly Wisdom #335 - Do You Want My Personal iPad?

This week's special Weekly Wisdom comes with a personal message from Dean...

"Yeah, you heard me right, you can have my personal iPad Mini. Are you interested? It’s an awesome white iPad Mini that is basically like new! (I personally love the minis Eye-wink)

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to ethically bribe you to go watch this week's special Weekly Wisdom video I filmed and share with me your biggest fear or obstacle that’s holding you back from living the life you deserve.

There is nothing greater for you, the world, your family, the economy or our creator than living life at your FULL POTENTIAL!!

Student Weekly Wisdom #20 - Shout It Out! - With Keith Boley

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from Keith Boley!

Good golly, get the word out there. Keith is having deals fall into his lap all because of his networking abilities. Drum up more business with these strategies.

- Keith Boley

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Weekly Wisdom #334 - What You Think Is What You Are.

As many of you know, Dean's Facebook account was hacked last week and was sending out some pretty terrible posts! For that reason, Dean decided to send out his Weekly Wisdom a few days early to apologize to his DG family Eye-wink

His message this week is pretty powerful... He was so upset this past weekend that Dean ended up telling himself such bad stories that he couldn't even fall asleep some nights. And then he realized... He was filling his subconscious with negative stories! He wasn't observing his thoughts like he has preached for years!

Student Weekly Wisdom #28 - Get Real Right Now! - With Jay St. Hilaire

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from Jay St. Hilaire!

Time is a gift. Take that gift seriously. Every minute wasted is money down the drain. Jay explains his method of time management. You don't want to miss this daily wisdom.

- Jay St. Hilaire

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Weekly Wisdom #333 - Damn Resistance!

This week's Weekly Wisdom is part 2 of Dean's lesson on how resistance is negatively controlling your life without you even noticing it. And we just had to title it "Damn Resistance" because Dean says it on more than one occasion Eye-wink

And this week Dean urges us all to acknowledge what resistance is stopping us? What are we telling ourselves to distract us from the life we want, from the life we DESERVE?

This week Dean shares what resistance he had in his life and how he fought tooth and nail to power through it and come out on top.

This is a must watch video for anyone out there that feels like they are; as Dean says, sliding and not climbing...

Watch now!

And also, as Dean mentions in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of his New York Time best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Enjoy Dean’s amazing wisdom and have a great week!

– This is a Dean Graziosi message filmed for you without a prompter or notes –

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Weekly Student Wisdom Videos Are Back!!!!

Hey everybody, I hope you all are having a killer week and are making things happen each and every day! (Like I know you are Eye-wink)

I am just here to let everyone know that our Weekly Student Wisdom Videos are BACK! So make sure to check out deangraziosi.com every week for not only videos from Dean but also FREE training videos from his top students!!

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