Could it be that your next level of life, love, income, abundance, and joy lives just on the other side of your biggest fear? The question is, how do you get to the other side? In this article, Dean Graziosi talks about a new and different framework that can change the way you think when it comes to overcoming your anxiety and biggest fears. 

Graziosi also shares a very personal example to encourage those who are facing fear and anxiety and explains how he was able to get exponential results.

Childhood Struggles

No stranger to fear and anxiety himself, Dean Graziosi has lived through some pretty tough experiences. As a child, his mom was married five different times and his dad four times. He endured terrible stepparents and grew up with a lot of fear, anger, and uncertainty. 


As a little boy, Graziosi lived with his dad in a small bathroom for six months with only a small electric heater. He got very sick, had to have surgery, and almost died.  His struggles as a child were very difficult, and those struggles helped to fuel some of his fears as an adult.

Adult Anxiety and Fear

Dean Graziosi has faced financial ruin in his past, but nothing came even close to something he faced a few years ago that almost crippled him. Divorce introduced waves of anxiety and fear into his life that he never experienced before.   

At 50 years old, Graziosi thought he was going to be out of the game. He had anxiety attacks that kept him from getting on planes and elevators. He couldn’t think straight and kept obsessing over every little thing that could go wrong in his life.  

Terrified of losing his children and overwhelmed by the possibility of ruining their lives, he was unable to sleep. The idea of passing his childhood experiences and fears on to his children was becoming too much for him. 

Graziosi realized that he had to learn how to deal with fear differently if he was going to move forward. The rest of this article describes that framework and how you can use it to defeat fear and anxiety in your own life.


Face Fear Head On

It is safe to say that there is a high level of fear in this crazy world we are living in today. People are scared for a lot of reasons, including fear of the unknown, the what-ifs, and the fear of the things we see happening all around us.


Fear causes anxiety, and both can become massive obstacles in life. It’s tempting to just stay busy and try to keep them from surfacing. We think if we can keep fear and anxiety from surfacing, they will just go away and we won’t have to deal with them.


As Graziosi worked through the anxiety and fear surrounding his divorce, he developed a framework he still uses today to handle any fears and anxieties that come his way. Instead of avoiding fear, he encourages people to look straight at it and take their biggest fears head-on. Only when you face things head-on can change occur.

Stop Dwelling on the Negative

One of the biggest tools for slaying this dragon called fear is to stop dwelling on the negative. Leaving negative thoughts and negative talk behind can bring exponential results and transform whatever obstacle you are dealing with in life.


Here’s a quick way to implement this tool. First, write down all your fears and the things causing anxiety. Second, brainstorm solutions for each one. Don’t obsess over the fears, but think of the solutions. Finally, start acting on the solutions and get rid of the negative thoughts.


The only way to make it to the next level in your life is to face that fear, get rid of the negativity, and press through the storm.


What Lens Are You Looking Through?

Are you making decisions through the lens of fear or through the lens that allows you to become the best version of yourself? Dean Graziosi believes that decisions made from a fearful mindset cause missed opportunities and keep us from achieving personal growth and a bigger future.


When we live inside fear, we surround ourselves with negative things. It’s almost as if our subconscious wants to be fed. We stop going to church, we only listen to the news, and we accept input from negative friends.


A person who is in that state of mind finds it almost impossible to design a bigger future. They can’t look ahead and see where things could go. Graziosi cautions against making decisions through the lens of fear. Don’t let fear guide your decision-making in any way.

Empowered To The Next Level

“Everything I do in my life has to be exponential because I don’t have time for normal,” Dean Graziosi said. He wants everyone to have the tactics, strategies, and foundation for success to thrive in uncertain times like we’re experiencing today. And sometimes that means taking a closer look at the things we say we ascribe to.


For example, the “when one door closes, another one opens” idiom. It sounds great, but not everyone interprets the phrase correctly. Instead, some people just stand there jiggling the doorknob because all they have known is now gone. As they keep jiggling, jiggling, jiggling, they miss other opportunities that may be their true purpose in life.


Instead of falling into that trap, find a new door! Graziosi believes opening new doors will bring you out of that fearful mindset. Sure, some doors may not have what you need, but you keep opening doors until you find the right one that will take you to the next level in your life.


Stop jiggling that doorknob. Take yourself out of that fear-based mindset and look for opportunities for growth.

You Have Control

You can’t control the outside world, but you do have control over your emotions, what you put into your mind, and what you do with your time. By controlling these things, you can get back into a place of certainty. Wake yourself up and take control of these things so you can get to the next level and become the best version of yourself.


“I’m going to utilize every moment of this time, and I’m going to fill my brain,” said Graziosi. “I’m going to fuel my soul, to not have a fear-based mindset but an empowered, energized mindset. I’m going to digest the book, finish the course, start the company, get into self-education, whatever it takes.”


Don’t let yourself just sit on the couch watching TV or using your time trying to find ways to numb reality all the time.  


“Do whatever it takes in your power to find strength, change your state of mind, be a role model, be a leader, fight like an underdog, and watch where you could go over the next 30, 60, or 90 days,” said Graziosi.


Don’t hesitate any longer! Stop living in fear. You were designed for more in life than to live in fear.  

It’s Time

Dean Graziosi says it’s time to face your fears, stop the negativity, take control, and move your life and business to the next level.


Put an end to the fear in your life causing you to shrink back and keeping you from your true purpose. Become empowered and crush your insecurities. It’s time to find your true purpose and stop playing small.

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