Short-Term Goal Definition + Examples (For Work And Students)

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Life goals are broken into 2 categories: short-term goals and long-term goals. You need both for overall success. But let’s be honest: Sometimes, the time and effort that go into achieving long-term goals can be overwhelming. That’s where short-term goals come in! Short-term goals are small, achievable goals. They’re the ‘everyday goals’ that bring you […]

50 Preparation Quotes to Get You Started on the Right Track

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You wake up and create a to-do list. You move along with your day as usual. Then at night before bed, you take a look at your to-do list—and discover you’ve barely marked off any tasks. You’re left wracking your brain, wondering why you didn’t produce a lot of good work today.  Sound familiar? If […]

How to Define and Achieve Long-Term Goals in Business

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Personal development courses and business coaches always recommend setting effective long-term goals—and for good reason. Long-term goals serve as a roadmap to your business success and motivation as you advance down your career path. But along the way, you might ask yourself, “What are long-term goals, anyway?”  We define long-term goals as objectives that you […]

Why a Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Chances are, you’ve heard this quote at every personal growth conference you’ve attended throughout the years—and for good reason! A plan is the backbone of a goal. Without a plan, your goal loses its spine and becomes nothing more than a wish. […]

Mentorship Goals (Examples AND Objectives for the Mentor and Mentee)

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Goal setting is at the heart of every successful mentoring relationship.  Though the mentee might have a general idea of what they want to accomplish, they may not know the steps they need to get there. And that’s where the mentor comes in. Mentors help mentees set and achieve their goals—but the goal setting shouldn’t […]