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“Thank you for this live. It was so powerful. I understood what was the step to pivot."
Marie Eustache
Power to Pivot Immersion
Rachel Fulton (Dean Grazio’s Project Next) said “I’m getting so excited. I’m almost done with module 4 and I have to say the process for finding your 100 perfect people works! I took about a week to think it through in my mind before I started really trying to implement it, but I started and I already had a few people join my group and want to know more! Take action guys. Even if it’s hard and you’re afraid of not saying the right thing. I’m SO thankful for this course”
Rachel Fulton
Dean Grazio’s Project Next
“Hello Dean and Tony, My beautiful family. I get up at 3 am. I attend my inner circle training. I'm so grateful to Dean and Tony and this amazing extraordinary."
Enkhtuul Dejid
Dean Graziosi Inner Circle

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