Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #298 - Matt Larson reveals his secrets.

Dean finally convinced top student Matt Larson to set a date in stone to do a FREE live webcast exclusively for our DG family! Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom right now to get the time and date of Matt's webcast and to reserve your spot before all spots are filled.. Plus, Dean shares an insane secret both his mentor and Wayne Dyer say are one of the most important parts of their success and happiness. You won't want to miss this.

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Student Weekly Wisdom #8 - Creating Terms To Make Deals Work with John Wakefield

Rumor has it approximately 30% of all homes are owned free and clear, that's a big number! This week, John takes the time to explain the importance of creating terms to making deals work. Even though the seller might be asking too much, there can be ways you can structure the deal to make it a win-win for all parties.

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$500,000 profit margin. YUP. Closing tomorrow. Oh, did I mention? NONE OF MY OWN MONEY! Oh, and in Los Angeles area.... Hmmm :)

Hello DG Family,
Well, I wanted to make an effort to get here to this site much more frequently. But, sadly that hasn't happened. I've been working on a deal for the past 11 months that finally has come to fruition. You know me..., its one of Tammy's crazy deals! A short sale with 2 loans that's a divorce with IRS and other liens. Yes, I attract the problem properties, don't I? But I'm not complaining. Laughing out loud I AM A PROBLEM SOLVER after all. And this one, I left in other's hands to resolve the problems while I worked on a few other deals.

Deal #2 Lease Option!!! $5,150 upfront!!!

Hey DG family I wanted to share my 2nd deal I got done, it took a little longer than I expected but I didn't give up.

Different Studies Conclude It’s a Housing Recovery, But…

Let’s take a look at the data and conclusions of a couple of newly-released reports about the housing market and the current status many refer to as a “recovery.” They draw some of the same conclusions, but they’re not necessarily together on the current strength of this recovery.
The State of the Nation’s Housing from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
The overall conclusion of this report stated in one sentence is that “Homebuilding strengthened in 2013, but remains below historical averages. There’s no startling revelation there, but there is some informative data in the report:
• Housing starts in 2013 were up more than 18 percent from 2012, but were down to 925,000 units from the historical average of 1.46 million.

My cheapest house so far...

Just inked a sub2 deal with a distressed seller referred to me by father in law. Older gentleman is 2 months behind and decided to walk away. Has already moved out and moved on. Am getting him caught up on payments and taxes, total of 3200. He is signing it over, has no issue with leaving the financing in his name he only wants the bank to stop calling him and stop sending him mail. Craigslist ads have netted several interested C4D buyers, who I'll be showing it to next week. One of the interested party has 12k to put down. I told him I could work with that.....This is the smallest amount of money I have spent on a house. Net profit should come in at 22k.

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