Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #307 - Do you think you could help me out?

This week, Dean offers up 2 scenarios, and wants to know what you would do..... It may leave you scratching your head for a couple days.

Oh, and Dean also may have an iPhone 6 and $2,500 cash he is trying to share with the DG family Smiling

Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #306 - simple secret to kill overwhelm!

This week, Dean shares an incredible secret from Earl Nightingale. A secret that'll kill overwhelm, raise productivity and get your real estate rocking!! What more could you want?! You have to check out this weekly wisdom.

Student Weekly Wisdom #15 - Who Are You With Gena Horiatis

Other people's perceptions can be a huge advantage or disadvantage to your business. Sometimes being known as someone's spouse or parent isn't good enough and more importantly could be limiting your capabilities. In this weekly wisdom, Gena wants to know who you REALLY are. Are you JUST somebody's better half or are you much more than that? You ARE a real estate investor and everybody needs to know it. If your self-image is not accurate, it could be robbing you of bigger and better results.

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Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #305 - Could people really be that negative?

Dean knows he shouldn't be shocked, but was.

There is a valuable lesson in everything, especially the one Dean shares in this weeks video...

Student Weekly Wisdom #14 - A Little Discomfort Today Can Lead To Comfort Tomorrow With Joe Jurek

If you are not at least a little uncomfortable in your real estate endeavors, you probably need to step up your game. Joe's message here is if you are willing to do what others won't today, you can do what others can't tomorrow.

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1st Flip with Dean's Program

We purchased a distressed REO property in a good neighborhood that has an ARV of $130,000. Purchased for 75,000. Rehab was 20K. We put on the market with a realtor and within 1 day we had an offer on the property. The buyer had an inspection done and inspection said we needed a new roof. Ultimately we paid for the shingles to be torn off and put new shingles on. A few days before closing the buyers lost his job and they backed out of the contract. So…we put back on the market and 2 weeks later we had another offer and we accepted. By the time realtor fees and closing costs etc were taken out we still walked away with quick $11,000 profit!! Best looking house in a good Neighborhood!!!

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