Louisa's Journal: The Second Chapter

I decided to come back and start anew. I am so glad to be back!!! I have missed this place and visiting with everyone here! So I'm starting a second journal. The first one was a great reflection for me, and got me going to do deals, execute and stay accountable.

It has been 5 years since I started my first journal on this site. My life has changed (2 kids later, cashflowing properties and 30+ deals done!). My expertise has changed. My success has changed. My challenges have changed (and some are the same!). And my goals have changed. All these changes deserved a new journal, and a new challenge in staying accountable to bringing it to the next level!


"Most people don't plan to fail: they fail to plan." John L. Beckley

I Love this Quote:

"Most people don't plan to fail: they fail to plan." John L. Beckley

Why do I love it, because it's true. Those of you that know me know I'm obsessed with goals, accountability and being super efficient. Setting goals is always the first step to your success, but that's usually as far as people make it. We're great at dreaming our bigger better future, but usually fail to work to go after it.

As real estate investors, most of which have lives outside of investing, we have very busy lives. Things are always coming up, life is getting in the way, and next thing we know it's a month later and we have very little to show for it.

So my challenge to you all for the next 5 weeks is to Plan and Execute! So here's what I want to you to do...

Cash buyers

I received the following message from a DG member and since Cash Buyers are the foundation of your wholesaling business I would like to touch on this with my first blog post.

Dear Carol,

It is amazing the steps you are willing to take to help all of us, who are interested in wholesaling. Overwhelmed is definitely what I am feeling now. My goal is to make my first deal by mid June and I still want to aim for that goal. Sometimes I don't know if I am doing anything right.

I wanted to make sure that I understood correctly that the only names we need to be concerned about from the cash brought properties list are the peoples names whose addresses are different from the property they bought, correct?

Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #290 - iPhone winner announced, upgrades, and...

Dean randomly chose one of you to win his iPhone 5... Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom to see if it's you!

Even better, Check out all the upgrades and new additions to www.deangraziosi.com that truly make it the best real estate community on the planet delivering wisdom, capabilities and confidence to profit from today's market.

And as always, it's all FREE... Not sort of FREE, but totally FREE!!!

6 deals closed since the EDGE!

It has not been 30 days since the EDGE and we have done 6 deals with three others waiting to close!

Total NET profit so far since EDGE 2014 = $30,500.

We closed a lease option deal 2 weeks before the EDGE and cleared $53,000. So the last 6 weeks have been OK!

Wholesaling and doing L/Os just like Dean teaches. Even in a very competitive market. Multiple offers, highest and best, selling over list etc. etc. blah, blah, blah!
25 to 1 works when done the way Dean teaches.

YOU can do this!!


This Week’s Short Stories

Detroit’s Auctions Begin with a $34,100 Sale
Detroit is beginning to auction off houses, and one open house saw more than 2,000 visitors. All bids start at $1,000. The first sale saw 88 bids and the home sold for $34,100.

Mortgage Rates Hit 2014 Low
Mortgage interest rates hit a 2014 low this week, with 30-year rates down from 4.29% to 4.21%. The 15-year rate hit 3.32%.

Pushing for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Wind Down
A Treasury official cites widespread support for winding down Fannie and Feddie. This is despite the fact that most of the same people see the possibility of anything happening in the Senate as remote.

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