How to Market on the Web with Results

Let’s start right out by saying that you normally get what you pay for. All of the hype you’ll read from Internet marketing gurus can lead you to believe that all you have to do is “build it and they will come” when it comes to a website. Sorry, but a recent estimate found that there are around 650 million websites, and that those have more than 4 billion pages/articles. Those numbers don’t really tell us the whole story, as Facebook is just one website, but it has a whole lot of information for billions of users.

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Another deal DONE !!

It's better to have a PIECE of the pie than NO PIE AT ALL:))
What I mean is sometimes we think a deal is dead in the water but we are in control of every deal by the decisions we make. We make a deal or we crush a deal. The questions we ask ourselves when at the end of a negotiation determines the outcome.

How to Predict Real Estate Prices - Maybe

An article this week over at by David Campbell speaks to his methodology for predicting real estate prices. His concept of course takes the supply/demand influence into account, but he throws in something else … “capacity to pay.”
Demand Factors
Population growth fuels demand for housing. Job growth fuels population growth. This is true for the vast majority of normal market areas. However, in vacation and resort markets there is outside money in play. The money to buy in these markets comes from other areas. When job growth is stagnant in most areas, you can still see housing price increases in markets that enjoy outside money influence.
Supply Factors

Prices Up – Negative Equity Down – Good?

Two articles this week, one at and the other at are talking about rising home prices and fewer homeowners in negative equity (underwater) situations. Over at NuWire, the negative equity rate is said to have dropped under 20% for the first time in years.
The rate of homeowners underwater in their mortgages fell last month to 19.4%. 9.8 million homeowners still remain underwater in their mortgages. However, negative equity has fallen for seven consecutive quarters. Approximately 3.9 million homes exited negative equity situations during this period.

This Week's Short Stories

Mortgage Rates Holding Steady
Weaker economic data reported this week helped to offset expected mortgage rate increases. The best 30-year fixed rate is holding at 4.375% at some lenders.

HAMP Mortgages About to Rise
Starting in 2009, HAMP has assisted troubled borrowers in cutting their mortgage interest, many to rates as low as 2%. However, rates in these HAMP mortgages were fixed for only five years. Starting this year, borrowers will begin to see their rates climb by 1% per year to 5.4%. Some 33,000 borrowers are expected to see this beginning this year, and some fear that defaults will begin to appear in this group.

No Bailout This Year for FHA

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