Student Weekly Wisdom #18 - Overcome the Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts with Mike Mangham

Sometimes we forget how important it is to feed our mind, our body and our soul with positive reinforcements. What many people overlook is that thinking patterns can and will affect our progress and success in our personal life along with our business. If we take the time to turn our negative thoughts into positive thoughts, the difference can be incredible. Take a look at this quick 3 minute video Mike created, where he shares some tips he learned recently on how to start thinking clearer and living happier.

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A killer deal almost became a nightmare

It's been a while since I shared my experience in wholesaling, well, what happened 3 days ago can be one of my most exciting experience in wholesaling specifically wholesaling in such a competitive market.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #310 - SMILE!!!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom "Dr. Dean" shares a scientifically proven "top-secret" strategy he learned to:

  • Boost your mood
  • Boost your immune system
  • Relieve Stress
  • Lower your Blood Pressure
  • Release natural pain killers and serotonin into your body
  • Help you get promoted
  • And MUCH MUCH more...

And what is this “top secret” strategy you might ask...?

SMILING! Laughing out loud (not so top secret, huh?)

So check out this video where Dean shares with you how studies have shown that SMILING (even when you’re not happy!) can absolutely help you live a better life.

Oh yeah, don't forget Dean is giving away a brand new iPhone 6 and $2,500! If you don’t want either of those that’s cool BUT if you do, then click the video above and find out how! This is the last week to enter for your chance to win!!!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #309 - What is "Personal Power"?

This week Dean talks about the incredible importance that being in the right state of mind has on living a truly incredible life.

If you ever have been in a true state of joy or excitement... picture your life if you applied that feeling to your life every single day ... Would you be a better parent... a better spouse... a better employer or employee? Check out what Dean has to say...

He also wants to share with you how Brendon Burchard's new book Motivation Manifesto absolutely blew his mind... and how you can get it for free! And if you don't believe Dean, would you believe Paulo Coehlo?

Student Weekly Wisdom #17 - How Not To Be The Lone Ranger With Joe & Stacey Jurek

Whether you're pursuing real estate as an individual or with a partner, there are things to remember so you aren't burning out or burning up. Today, Joe & Stacey talk about the importance of having a plan and being resourceful with your team members.

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True deal #5 done!

Everybody saw me back in Feb post that deal #5 was done but it wasn't it got stuck in escrow with a title issue & finally just got unstuck.

So $4,750.00 in my bank acct now & wheew man that took a while. Also in the meantime have made about 20 offers last wk in kansas city MO & KC kansas area & also a few offers here in san diego.

I do have a bird dogger who is a lyft driver who is sending me addresses of hm's that look empty or not maintined about 25 of them so far so left a few messages with the sellers & sending out letters today for those I could not get a hold of.

Also built up my buyers list here in san diego to about 67 buyers & counting, making it bulletproof-so all i need is a deal here in san diego!

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