Weekly Wisdom #352 - The Happiness Compartment

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to show you how to unleash your happiness compartment... You're probably wondering what the heck is a happiness compartment!?

Well check out this week's Weekly Wisdom & let me show you not only WHAT it is, but also HOW IMPORTANT it truly is to your life... Watch now!

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Weekly Wisdom #351 - Come hang out with me and Tony Robbins!

This weekly wisdom is action packed!! Don't dare miss this one!! Get a special message on the power of "Vision" and learn how you can come hang out with me and Tony Robbins LIVE all in one video... Watch now!

Seriously go watch this entire video and even see how you can get my newest course called "Abundance Mastery" for FREE before it goes available for sale in the near future!

This is one weekly wisdom you cant miss!

And to get tickets to see me and Tony LIVE together for the first time EVER in America go to http://www.deansevent.com Smiling

The TOP 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes

The TOP 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes! A must read for any investor!




Weekly Wisdom #350- The #1 Thing to Trust!!

This week's Weekly Wisdom comes with an insanely important message about trust. And there is one thing that you MUST TRUST, yet so many of us ignore it and don't put out trust in it.

And if you start to trust this one thing, your life could change forever...

What is that one thing? Watch this Weekly Wisdom and find out!

And also, as I mention in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my New York Time best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Student Wisdom #28 - Finding The Right Agent with John Horiatis

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from our very own very own John Horiatis! John is here to share some great info about finding the right real estate agent! Watch Now!

John is one of our top contributors on Insider Elite - For Investors by Investors and we thank him so much for his weekly and sometimes daily motivation and wisdom.

For more information about Insider Elite, CLICK HERE!

10K from a bandit sign again!

This deal came through a bandit sign back in June. My partner and I ended up buying the deal at $151,500 (including closing costs) and were going to rehab it. However it needed about $78,000 in repairs. We're looking to wholesale in another market and want to dominate the Denver market so marketing money seems better now.

We ended up having a friend list the property and got an all cash offer, no inspection, close within two weeks for $230,500.00 $500.00 above asking price! lol ARV was $380,000.00 would of been more if it wasn't on a busy street.

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