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My mom and I just got back from the Buying Summit in Las Vegas, and it was such an amazing experience! We bought our first property and some land. Now we have more confidence to out and do some assignment of contract and double close deals - it just doesn't seem as scary now. I'm sure when we do our first double close it'll seem even less scary. I'm looking forward to feeling the thrill of a deal without the trepidation!

Bought on 1/6 & Sold on 1/17

This is from a magnetic car sign lead - We previewed the property on 1/2; made the offer on 1/3;
they accepted on 1/3; signed the contract on 1/4; closed on 1/7; changed the locks & cleaned out the house on 1/8; finished the cleaning on 1/9; Put it up for sale on 1/10; showed it on 1/13 & sold it on 1/17.
Bought it for $ 31,000 & sold it for $ 38,500 ...
Not bad for 2.5 days of work!
Closing on the house next to it on Tuesday, the owner saw our magnetic car signs when we were signing the contract on his neighbor's house.
Might have this sold already...
2014 is starting off with a bang!!!

Thanks, Gary & Jill

6 deals in January ( Well almost)

So far this month:

MLS listed property, contract assignment: $7000
MLS listed property, contract assignment: $5000
MLS listed property, contract assignment: $5000
FSBO, contract assignment: $2500
FSBO, contract assignment: $5000

MLS listed property, just got under contract today.
I have a showing at 10:30 in the morning. 8 to 10 buyers are scheduled to show up. Really expect to have this one under contract tomorrow.
contract assignment: $5000
So that will total $29,500 and 6 deals so far. Hey it's only the 17th!!

This is how multiple offers, Deans 25/1 strategy and a STRONG buyers list works. What Dean teaches WORKS, PERIOD!!


REPLAY POSTED - Dean and Matt Live Training

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Starting off the new year right, first deal ever! $15k to me expecting to close this week!

3 years in the making and just gotten my first deal of 15k!

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