Worker Availability Changing Where Business Locates

The title could easily indicate a movement of business in a local area to accommodate where people want to live. However, there is another and much larger trend that’s changing where businesses locate by much larger distances.
According to a report from Cushman & Wakefield titled “Human Capital: The War for Talent and its Effect on Real Estate,” there’s a massive shortage of available workers between the ages of 18 and 64 developing in many areas of the country. The report predicts that this trend will cause a lot of changes in real estate markets over the next couple of decades.

This Week’s Short Stories

Interest Rates Move Strongly Downward
On Jun 12, interest rates moved downward following a well-received 30-year Treasury auction. The most commonly quoted rates are:
• 30-year fixed at 4.25%
• 15-year fixed at 3.375%
• FHA/VA at 3.75%
• 5-year ARMs at 3.0 to 3.5%
Low rates seem to be the norm for now.

What Today’s Renters Want
There are only two shorts this week, as this one is a bit longer and in two parts.
1. Survey of renters shows they most want:
a. To pay using debit and credit cards.
b. Fitness centers.
c. Wireless Internet access.
d. Open floor plans.
e. Pet perks, like pet park or walking areas.
f. Safe and ample parking.
2. What they’re considering when choosing location:
a. Transportation needs.
b. Safe neighborhoods.

Student Weekly Wisdom #5 - Promoting Your Business with Donna Britten

There are SO many ways to market your business... Can you name 5 strategies you're actively using to get your name out there? Whether you can or not, this week's Student wisdom is a must watch for anyone. This week, Donna takes some time to talk about the importance of promoting your business. Whether you're at the airport, work, the gas station, grocery store, or somewhere else... Take the time to talk about your business, it's worth it!!

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Student Weekly Wisdom #4 - 1% Rule with Andrea Weule

This week, Andrea talks about rental properties and how her and Chip are actively investing to build net-worth and secure their retirement funds... She also shares a great rule of thumb when investing in rental properties, the 1% rule. If you don't know what this, make sure to watch this short 5 minute clip and find out.

PS. For more information about Insider Elite, CLICK HERE!

How can I get started? Try a rocket ship...

DGFam - so often I get asked about how to get started. Frankly, it kind of mystifies me because everyone has access to 30 Days to Real Estate Cash - Dean's fabulous cookbook to getting your first deal done! He gives away tons of free copies all the time. So the actual instruction is out there. Therefor, I have to conclude, it's more a question of getting yourself in the right mindset to jump in. If you are totally satisfied with your life today and what you are able to contribute to those you love, then, well, you don't have to get going. But you wouldn't be reading this if that was the case. I honestly wish I could just push you all in the pool so to speak, and then you would have to find out you already know how to float and swim, or learn real quick to survive!

Great HUD House

On April 6th we closed on a great HUD house. It was listed for 125k I offered 82k. It is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home. In a B neighborhood. An associate of mine said what did you do that for that way too low!? Well because I can.
The bank received my offer and and asked for my highest and best. I told them that IS my highest and best. They next day I figured I didn't get it. But to my surprise I receive and email telling my offer was excepted !!! Woo Hoo!!

So we use private money, our first person couldn't do it but the second person said YES! So the deal with them is 10% for 2 years. 100% financing.

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