Thom's Deals

I wanted to post all our deals in hope that they can help someone else learn and take action with their own deals. Also so that I can continue to learn as much as possible from any comments and advice from the DG family!

So I break down our REI to two time frames:

Before Dean (BD) 2001-2012. Deals #1-3
After Dean (AD) 2012-2014. Deals #4-12.

Deal #1: The OD (Original Deal)

This Week’s Short Stories

Market Improvement Sputtering
Much of the price improvement in housing markets in the previous quarters has been due to investor competition for dwindling inventory, with investors buying more than 30% of all homes purchased. That pressure is waning, and new home sales are down a lot as well. The economy is making it difficult-to-impossible for many to afford a home. Inventories have risen for the first time since the bust to six month levels.

Millennial Home Ownership is Dismal

The Real Estate Agent & Pocket Listings

Real estate agents can be amazing resources for the investor, but you need to understand their motivations and make your relationships win-win for both of you. The typical real estate agent may have taken anywhere from 30 to 100 or more hours of training, passed their real estate exam, and signed up with a broker for support and management. This isn’t a lot of training for the real world of real estate. Their actual skills and marketing abilities grow over time, or they leave the business.


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A Balancing Dose of Housing Market Pessimism

New articles over at are raining all over the sunny housing market reports about rising prices. First, the fact that more than 30% of all purchases over the past few years have been investors buying at deep discounts. Of course, the lack of adequate inventory in the past couple of years has contributed to competition among investors, and that has resulted in price increases. However, this really isn’t an indicator of the overall market.

Closed at the Edge

Well as if the edge was not enough with speaking on stage, meeting great people, helping put people into the right mind set about only doing deals where everyone wins! Even thou I was sick as a dog on stage I would not have missed it for the world. We have been doing a rehab in Paso Robles Ca. for the last two months. We helped a family get out of the deal because the son had a heart attack after mom was placed in a home. Wife told him to get it gone before it killed him.

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