Student Wisdom #22 - Tick Tock - With Andrea Weule

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from the ever so awesome Andrea!
Andrea is here to discuss time and patience...

Because yes, time keeps on ticking... and the reality is that it will take time to see the results you've dreamed of. Set your goals so that you can see the progression and forward movement into your success. Plan on it!

Andrea is one of our top contributors on Insider Elite - For Investors by Investors and we thank her so much for her weekly and sometimes daily motivation and wisdom.

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Weekly Wisdom #339 - The Gratitude Challenge! (WIll You Accept It!?)

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I have a simple yet powerful tip on how to experience gratitude like never before. It's something so incredibly simple that when you hear it you'll think "That's super easy Dean!" but by the end of my message you will be thinking to yourself "Wow, I need to do it like THAT!"

AND for all of the DG Family, I have a week long challenge for ALL of you! Do you think you're brave enough to accept it? Watch now and find out what my challenge is Smiling

Also, go ahead and leave me a comment below if you're going to accept it Smiling!

Student Wisdom #21 - Keep an I out! - With Donna Britten

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from Donna Britten!

Donna is here for just a short couple minutes to discuss the importance of follow up in your business and how big of a difference it can make in your success.

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He's only slightly excited about making $2,500

I got a call on a house in a small town about 50 miles away, I checked it out on Zillow and Google maps. I mailed an offer for 50K
Sellers said they needed 70, I told them on the phone I may be able to come up to 60.
I met them at the house a few days ago with my bird dog/partner that found it. He's also a General Contractor. I gave him instructions to point out all the deficiencies so we can get the price down.
The problem was, the house was in really good condition cept for counter tops and flooring. The after repair value is about 110K
We tried to get it at 55 but sellers wudnt budge. My buyer wants it at 65K
I'm still a little excited about making $2,500 each.
Although a few years ago that seemed like a lot of money.

Dream Big and Live Life Well

Now is the time to be bolder, to dare to achieve, to begin something worth doing.
Begin now to do something that has long been a dream, something that makes you approach each new day as a journey to accomplish what you want and desire.
Your days are numbered, you won't live forever so now is the time to grab hold of that dream and shake it for all it's worth. Time is a fleeting commodity that can never be retrieved again so do it now, not tomorrow or the next day - now.
Don't just dream.
Dig for it.
Put your desires into motion not just thought.
Be bold and be courageous.
Will it be easy? Not likely. Will it be worth the work, the risk, the frustration? Absolutely!

$23,000 Assignment fee split 3 ways

This is insane. A wholesaler from out of state (Utah) calls my buddy Bob and asked if he wants a junk house. Bob lives 50 miles from where the house is located. Were here in Central California. Bob calls me bcuz the house is located in my city. I email my buyer the address and the price and he wants it. Brad the wholesaler from Utah was being really difficult, demanding a $5,000 non refundable earnest deposit.

I told him that was ridiculous cuz he had the house on contract for 25K and it looked like it shud be bulldozed. Finally we all agreed to a 2K earnest deposit and the buyer was OK with it. Buyer got it for $48,000 and he's a realtor and I don't know what he flipped it for.

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