Deal #6 done 5k! #7 closing 1/9!

deal #5 recorded today usually I will post when I actually get the $ but it's pretty 99% assured closed & will be in my acct Friday 5k! God willing.

This was a deal I had been talking about that I got from another wholesaler assigned to me which said I could not assign it in the assignment contract without the permission of the wholesaler but when my buyer pulled the trigger on it after doing due diligence I asked the other wholesaler if he could email escrow that it was ok for me to assign it to my "partner"-buyer that she was going to close it in her LLC & he did!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #320 - Do you want More?

Do you want more?

More money? More happiness? More joy and excitement?

More vitality and passion and love for life?

Dean honestly knows he can help achieve all of that and more...

Check out this week’s Weekly Wisdom and see how...

Hope you had a great holiday!

Deal #3 and #4 done, $5K made with lessons learned

Hey DGers I want to share with you these 2 deals that Ive completed in about a week ago that made me some easy money but also taught me some valuable lessons just in time before 2014 is over. Well these 2 deals that I'm talking about came from a seller who called from my bandit signs that I put all over my city. He initially called me in July 5 1/2 months ago and told me he had 3 properties to sell. I went to see the properties 2 months later after he called due to his busy schedule. I then only saw potential on 2 of the 3 properties to make some money on. I asked him if he was open to holding the note on one of the properties since it was owned free and clear, then i asked if he will be willing to do a lease option on the 2nd property since he still had a low mortgage on it.

Completed deal #3 for December!

December has been so busy for us and We love it.
We just completed our third deal in Decemember it's a lease-option we collected $8000 cash!

Deal number two is a fix and flip property fair market ARV is 145 were purchasing the property for $61,000 it needs $20,000 in rehab this will be a good deal. 100 % financing nothing up front. This is a profit split in the end.

Deal Number 1 is a fix and flip. We purchased it for $65,100 it needs $25,000 in repair, ARV 145,000.0.0 Should be a great profit margin on this one. .Private money,creative financing got this deal done.

December has been a BANG of a month! I just love this business.

We are seeing more activity than usually for this time of the year, lots of sales and Market values are up 3% overall.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #319 - Push That Sh@t Down!

After spending 5 days at Tony Robbins event last week Dean came home with an energy that he hasn’t felt in a while. But he also came home asking himself so many questions because Tony just had Dean’s head spinning all week.

And Tony got Dean thinking so much about the “layers” of negativity and excuses in his life that he really needed to push down, and guess what… you have the same exact layers you need to push down.

in this Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to show you how...

Closing Before the Holidays

BAMN! Just this morning tried to double close but couldn't get it. Got it under contract for $6,500 and took the assignment. It's crazy how the Milwaukee market is picking up!

Merry Xmas Guys!

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