#5….In The Nick of Time!!!!

This was a really solid split level, 3/2 – 1700+SF home in a part of town that everybody and their brother is looking in….Investors anyway! It has VERY large man cave that has about 25-30LF of Built-ins from floor-to-ceiling, and a nice Florida Room just outside of it!! Just needed a Unit, kitchen flooring, and a little upgrade from the 70s! LOL!

Wholesale NY – I had every excuse not to succeed.

Bankruptcy, lost my home, divorced, bad credit, unemployed, no money, small town and bad hair.

I just collected my first check. This one is for $10,000. Here’s how:

Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of NYC. Imagine also that you not familiar with NYC, you are from “the country” with no clue how to get around the big city. Now imagine that you’ve just been told that you won’t be able to rent the car you need to drive out of the city, to get to the country (approximately a 2 hour drive away). Also imagine that you have only $50 dollars in your pocket. Because it is Sunday, you cannot go to a bank or, have funds transferred to get more money for a car, but; everything is going to be OK – You’re closing on a wholesale deal tomorrow! If you start walking now…

Cha Ching!!!

My relocation has definitely been a good choice! It is so exciting to now live where people ACTUALLY call you when you put out bandit signs!

The very first week that I was here, a retired doctor called us. He had just paid cash for a new house in Aug '12. FMV $169,900. He is from up North and has a family member that is ill and he very much wanted to relocate ASAP! Said he knew he would lose a lot of $$ but that didn't matter to him. He just wanted it done FAST!

Right now, in this area, there are about 5,000 houses for sale. Avg DOM is 180. He didn't have time to wait.

Got it under contract for $105K and We would pay all his closing costs.

On to deal 6

Closed on a property on Friday. Work began today to transform this place into something someone would want to buy.

Placed an ad on Craigslist "Know Of Any Abandoned Houses" (We pay a $500 referral if we close) and was contacted by the owner. He said his house was empty! He was asking $23K for his 3/1 in a small town. Followed the suggestion in one of Dean's books and asked him if he had any offers on it yet. He said "Yes; one guy had offered him $18K for it and he would have taken it but they guy wanted to pay him in 3 payments" So with JUST ONE QUESTION I go the asking price down almost 22%! So I bought it. Looks like $8K to $10K work needed. Will rent for $600 easily but hope to sell it. Always good to have more than one exit strategy.

Gain the EDGE 2013 – A movie of your life, starring YOU as a real estate investor!

The Gain the EDGE 2013 is now in the history books. It was an awesome event and there was so much great information, inspiration, content and take-aways for every DG Member that attended.

The key with any training event is what do you do with the information now that you have this life changing information at your fingertips!

In my presentation at the EDGE I spoke about how your life is a movie. You are the star of this movie and you portray a person that has had enough and wants more out of life. You are entering the treacherous waters of real estate investing!

EDGE 2013 Event

Am at the IE party in Scottsdale, AZ. Had a blast today with our Team #13 with Tammy Reoche as a ringleader. What more do you want. Weather is great, people are great, collecting lots of business cards for networking, learning new things to do (I mean really do on the spot) and creating confidence as we are going along. Off to the dinner party. It's so cool to meet our stars in person. They are so nice and so willing to share RE nuggets. Folks try to be here next year. It is so worth it!


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