Another rehab almost closed! in NY this time

I started this deal with not much money because Sandy destroyed everything i had and it costed me alot to get our lives back together. The reason i am telling you this is so you know you CAN accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and never give up!

Another Deal Done!

Hey Guys,

I know I fell off from posting and I'm not going to lie I don't like typing. Here's another deal done on Thursday in Milwaukee, WI. This was a wholesale deal done with "No Money." We got this property under contract for 6k and placed it on postlets for 16k and got an accepted offer for 15k. And like we all do I have to give credit to Dean. I have a question do you guys remember when Dean first told us about postlets? Well I want to tell you guys new or old (just my opinion)unless you have a buyer you directly work for but I feel like sites like postlets and you own marketing killed the need in my case for a cash buyers list. I complete more deals from postlets while my cash buyers only wants to lowball me.

Deal #8

Hi DGrs,
I am here to post my most recent wholesale deal, which is my 8th deal to date since I took Deans knowledge and ran with it!!! I'm posting this not to brag, but to prove to new wholesalers that this CAN be done, and its happening every single day all across the country, so why cant WE do it too??? We just need to GET UP, and TAKE ACTION! If you don't, then at the end of another year you only have yourself to blame for your lack of success, period...

Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #305 - Could people really be that negative?

Dean knows he shouldn't be shocked, but was.

There is a valuable lesson in everything, especially the one Dean shares in this weeks video...

Student Weekly Wisdom #14 - A Little Discomfort Today Can Lead To Comfort Tomorrow With Joe Jurek

If you are not at least a little uncomfortable in your real estate endeavors, you probably need to step up your game. Joe's message here is if you are willing to do what others won't today, you can do what others can't tomorrow.

PS. For more information about Insider Elite, CLICK HERE!

Ugh, technology failed us tonight. Tuesday it's on!

If you were on with us tonight, you know the trouble we had with Andrea and Gena's Hangout.

We've used this same system in the past with no problems but tonight it decided not to work... Ugh!

BUT, we have rescheduled their live hangout for Tuesday August 26th and we promise you, it will definitely be worth it!!

When: Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Time: 5:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PMCentral,8:00 PM Eastern

Where: Watch and Listen at

Again, our apologies for tonight but Tuesday.. It's on!

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