25 to 1!! First deal of 2014!! $7,000.00

Our first deal of 2014 went under contract today! MLS listed property that we acquired using the 25 to 1 system. I got an accepted offer on December 31st for $245,000. 81.5 % of ARV minus repairs. We assigned the contract today for $252,000. Closes January 10th. $7,000.00 to us.
ARV is $350,000
Rehab/remodel is $40,000
83.5% of ARV minus rehab is what my buyer paid.

We got another MLS listed property under contract this morning. Will be sending it out to my buyers list tomorrow. 25 to 1 works!!

The numbers on this one are:
Our buy price $409,000. 83% of ARV minus repairs.
Rehab/repairs needed $50,000
ARV $550,000
Will ask for $10,000 assignment fee
Buy price to my buyer $419,000.
Buyer will pay 85.5% of ARV minus rehab costs.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season!

I wanted to take the time out to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I've been absent from the site for a while, but have many things in the works and plan on resuming normal posting activity. Happy New Year and God Bless you all!


Dear Dean,

I am so sorry to have missed the presentation. My wife and I participated in the November Summit and my high hopes were exceeded exponentially. I purchased 4 properties, 4 lots, 4 liens and 4 trust deeds. The deeds alone were $200,000.00

I have been so impressed by the efficiency and genuine concern each of the individuals from the networked companies has shown. The calibre of people who have worked with me thus far shows me that you truly care about sharing your knowledge. Teaching others how to be successful is a lost art. So many who are successful tend to keep those esoteric methods from befitting the masses.


ITS A DECEMBER TO REMEMBER!!!........................

No, this is not another holiday commercial for that luxury car we see advertised every December to Remember! This is a wake up call for everyone that wants to make it a December to Remember for their real estate business! Yes your business, your goals your dreams, your time to make it happen.

OK, we have been busy all year and it is now December 1st. OUCH! where did the year go? As we get a little older, we do get wiser, but it often seems as though that clock of life speeds up. Why does time go so fast the older we get?

4 years ago today ... Begin where you are. Believe in Yourself when others won't... Even if you don't YET! MUST SEE THREAD!!

Hello DG family,

I was inspired by an awesome video this morning and want to share it with everyone. I put this on social media too. It inspired me to write from my heart. It is my wish that you can all experience SUCCESS! I had the best teacher ever! @deanGraziosi. Read on. And DON'T miss the video! 4 years ago TODAY I began this journey I'm on.

4 Plex with No Money Down

I recently came across a four plex tht had been on the market for nearly a year. Just after that the listing went into an expired status.

I took an chance and called the owner directly. There is about $8,000 in deferred maintenance in each unit. However, all of the tenants have been there at least 3 years and want to stay. the owner simply wanted out.

The owner gave me a 10 year note amortized for 30 years. I have walked away with nearly $600 a month cash flow. All of this and nothing down. The deals are there. Just go find them.

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