This will be my fisrt deal since I have started in May 30. I got extremely lucky with this one. I found him on ****. When I fist emailed him he toldhe knew everthing about wholesaleing and has dealt with it before. He is very nice and helpful. He knows that I'm a nube and is willing to help me and give me a chance. The house was list for 159,900. I am getting it for 90,000 and assigning for 110,000. Thats a 20,000 dollar profit. I get to look at the house on the 17th and sign all the contracts on the same day. I have sent emails out to 6 buyers and 3 are very interested.

For Those of You With Houses For Sale, Under Assignment or Want To Market!

As you know, we are working on adding a lot of features to the TotalView platform ( Everyone that visits the site can use the research tool, which we are expanding also.

But one of the most valuable and inituitive parts of the system will be the marketing system. I cannot stress how HUGE this will be. Yes, we will cover all the bases with this, from acquiring deals, to building your buyers list to, to finding buyers for your properties (and LOTS of them). Seriously, once we have this fully completed it will be like having your property listed in the MLS, maybe even better than being in the MLS. Your property will literally be at the fingertips of tens of millions of people looking for homes.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #37 - What's Your Idea?

What Is Your Crazy or Sane Suggestion?

In this week's video blog, Dean addresses his "driving while videotaping" experience, and seeks your suggestions for other options.

Also, last week we started asking you to post questions for Dean and in this video he answers some of the questions students posted last week.

DEAL # 4 (Supergirl and Wonderwoman Go Commercial)!!

It's so amazing! It feels as though God has said, Out the way you nay sayer's, Be Gone! Sandra and I feel as though we are truly blessed. We have been placed in the path of the most supportive forum by far. Dean has a gift like no other. This commercial offer was a result of calling on homes for rent in the newspaper. With the intention of building our buyer's list. This lead was from a home owner who happen to be a realtor,

The Power of Knowledge + Action + Confidence

I put this in my journal this morning, but thought it might deserve its on post to help inspire others to that first action step. This morning I am on my way to meet a new local banker for the first time in person. (we've been chatting back and forth throughout my rehab project) Now I am going to practice my favorite motto when starting real eastate just over a year ago..."fake it till you make it" haha.

"DEAL # 2" (Supergirl and Wonderwoman)

This deal is a Land Contract sale. Purchase price is $5,000.00. With $305.00 down. 3/1 bedroom. Terms are 250.00 a month for 20 months. Minor repairs. Closing set in 2 weeks. We are considering doing a lease option. This will give us a positve cash flow every month. Rents range from $500.00 to $700.00 per month. This home was a bank foreclosure in which the seller purchased for pennies. Its so amazing when you finally get thru the first obstacle, all else becomes so clear. Sandra and I are determined to be as successful as we dare to dream!

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