Using The New Analysis Tool

Some people have mentioned they would like to see how others use the research tool ( We built the tool for anyone who looks at a house as an investment first - so that is us, or even just smart home buyers... but I will briefly share how I use some of the features to drill down.

Okay.... You convinced me. Check out this analysis tool- we want your feedback!

Update! The limits of 3 per person have been removed! I checked the stats, and you all are using it A LOT, be were are staying in our threshold of what we can handle. If things start to get too crazy we might have to switch the limit back on...

Message from Dean:

The feedback is in and it's been juicy!

Last week I posted some videos from my
recent live event, and asked you all to
tell me if you wanted more.

The overwhelming response was a resounding
YES!!! So, my team and I have decided to make
a whole bunch of you VERY happy!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #33 - Can You Spot Who's Full Of "It" and Who Isn't?

In this week’s blog, Dean is even more unabashed and straight to the heart in his message.

Besides looking like a great replacement for Larry King, he warns you not to fall for the get rich by doing nothing messages.

He also tells you what you can rely on for success.

This is a blog video you don't want to miss!

Watch and listen now...

MEN ON A MISSION! Jeremy and Jan close on 4 unit! 18 years old and I'm a landlord! And we walked away with $ in pocket!!

Jan and I just closed on our 1st 4 unit property yesterday. I just got back home after spending a beautiful weekend at my partner Jan Malek's house in upstate ny. Headed up on Friday night and within an hour of getting up there Jan was already driving me around town showing me some potential props. We looked around for a while and called it a night, it was late.

The Low Down on (some) Cash for Houses Websites

"We pay cash for houses" companies/websites are a topic that come up from time to time. I decided to do some research of my own to see how viable these companies are as a buyer.

Naturally, we think these companies are cash investors. However, what I have found out is that is not always the cash, and in my sample, the was actually not often the case. Cash buyers/investors are the best kind of buyer since they don't need funding and are obviously quite serious. These are the types of buyers would we love to have snatching up our deals.


4.CREATED BUSINESS CARDS AND FLYERS i buy houses do you need a home?
5.told EVERYONE that i buy houses and sell do you need one?????
6.interviewed 5 banks and 2 credit unions{joined}
7.called 3 mortgage brokers
8.set up credit line
9.talked to bank manager explained i am in deans real estate success academy.
[he was impressed]
10.interviewed 5 real estate agents [currently working with 2 1 is outstanding !!

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