Acquire, Acquire, Acquire. Perfect time to buy real estate!

What an unbelievable time to acquire properties. I came across this article on the internet that talked about foreclosures in the near future. Take a look at this:
Foreclosure filings were reported on more than 2.8 million properties in 2009, up 21 percent from the previous year and 120 percent from 2007, according to RealtyTrac. With nearly 10 percent of mortgages now delinquent--which is also a new record--even more homeowners appear headed for foreclosure this year.

Good deal for first Time!!

Amazing how fast things move!! here are the spec's:

Owned financed rehabbed home: $29,000 @ 10%
Apprasial: $43,000.
My monthly payment(due 1Mar): $425
Local rental rate: $500-550
Will refi. day after closing: $39,000 @ 5.25-6%
New monthly payments(hopefully before Mar 1): $350 (give or take a few)

2 Accepted offers this week!

I have been working with a real go getter realtor, last week we looked at 5 houses, I made four offers and 2 of them were accepted! Unfortunately I can only afford one right now so I will have to pick, but what a posiition to be in!


I'm sure most everybody knows this already, but just a reminder. If you are trying to research a property, one of the simplest ways to find information is to just plain Google the address. It'll bring up any ad or legal classified, such as a sheriff's sale scheduled, posted in your local online newspaper. You never know what you'll find. Eye-wink


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5 Ways to Curb Maintenance Costs

5 Ways to Curb Maintenance Costs

Real estate investing involves acquisition, holding, and sale of rights in real property with the expectation of using cash inflows for potential future cash outflows, and hence, generating a favorable rate of return on that investment.

In other words, real estate investing is the act of purchasing real estate with the goal of making a profit and acquiring wealth. Real estate investors invest in real estate to make money, bottom-line.
With that said, there is a crucial need for income property owners to reduce and eliminate money wasting property maintenance and repair expenses.

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