First Deal (finally, finally) done :)

I finally gotten one in the bag! Hooray Smiling

3/1 it's truly a 2/1
Acres: 0.2238
Living space:1080

Appraised: $66,700.00 (County Assessors website)
Last brought for $35,000 in 20 Sept. 90 (County Assessors website)
List price $6000
Offered $6000 plus Seller pays portion of closing costs
HUD only pays 3%

Offer was accepted. Now just got to wait on clearance of title (title check) and then we'll close hopefully before the end of the month.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #41 -Something Fishy Going On...

There's something fishy going on here!

How do you feel about fish?

Have you ever been told a fish tale, a story of the "big one" that got away?

Chances are you've heard a tale or two, (maybe even told one). Usually these stories are funny and many times even believable.

Well you’re about to hear a fish tale of a different kind.

This week, Dean does some story telling centering around some real life fishing, and fishing as a concept too.

He turns a recent experience of fishing in the Snake River into a practical example to illustrate an important principle.

He also reaches into a fish bowl, and "fishes" out a winner to his contest from last week.

But then he winds up bringing in more than one "fish."

It's really real

when I first read deans book I was so hype I start promoting his book like I wrote it... then I start watching the testimonies on how people did this process in less then a month... I got even more hype... so I decided to take the first step and that was finding alternetives to what I need to make the process work

First 3 Deals

Well, here's my first deal snapshot.

Bought my first investment home through a realtor. Asking price was $179K in an area of homes valued at $250K. House needed a bit of work, had bad paint colours and odd or different flooring throughout, old style bathrooms, nice basement apartment, wooden windows. Only 20 years old. Showed poorly. So it was not even getting viewings after 12 months.

Looking back today, it was a decent deal at the asking price.

Three Phone Calls Later

I finally finished reading Dean's book Profit From Real Estate Now, last week. I did some old fashioned neighborhood driving and came across a few FSBO's. Of course, I was afraid to make that first phone call so, I waited a few more days getting up the nerve. The first call went straight to voicemail and so did the second (I left my information and said I was interested in the property). The third phone call was answered by what I could tell, was an middle aged gentleman. Although I was calling about one property, he told me he had three. The first one, he will take 125k for.

My First Deal?

Well, this may just be my first deal. I located a probate property which has only one heir who lives out of the area. He wants to sell the property as well as pay me to take a boat that's at the dock. Yes this property has a dock at the back. It is considered a condo, 1991 square feet, built 1971, and is more than likely paid off or close to it (taxes are $771). I am going to look at the property tomorrow (he said the door is unlocked) and get more information. I'm very excited and ready to pass this off to another investor for a great price. I'll update when I have more details.

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