This call was the Best

Thank you Dean for putting me back on the starting line.I'm tired of being stressed out.I can't even enjoy life the way things are going.I have the naysayer all around me. I'm going to take action. Thank you Dean.

What holds you back! - vs - Obstacle CRUSHER!!

We face so many things that keep us from realizing our dreams. Dean talks about them all the time. (FEAR was a huge one for me). I thought we could list here things that have held us back (or are HOLDING us back) and ways that we've found to overcome them.
Share what you are facing, and/or what you think you need to do, or what you found WORKS for you. It may help someone else, as well.

THANKS in advance! Smiling


Found a 6-pack and a Pound! ON CLEARANCE! Weeeee!

OK, goofy heading, but for those who haven't been reading my journal this month, I wanted to share this purchase I'm in the middle of. I happened to put a post on Facebook last month about a rental property I was thinking of selling. I had a party respond that actually had just that day decided to sell off all their rentals (5 duplexes and a SFR). They presented such a great deal I switched gears to being the buyer instead of the seller. I was the first one to know of their decision, and knew to jump on it fast after viewing the properties. (ANSWER WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!)

A year in the life of one of Dean's Students... Awesome!

I purchased Dean's book in July of 2008 with my last $30.00. I was broke, depressed and in Foreclosure.

I can hardly believe that was a little over a year ago and I am now bringing in $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 a month and have done two $10,000 assignment. My first $10,000 assignment deal was only 2 months after I purchased the book. It is not only my financial situation that has changed but I now have confidence that my life is successful.

Deal #5 baby!

Hey guys!

I'm super psych'd!!! I just got another single family home on Friday. This one is a beautiful 4/2, 2300 sq ft, 2 car garage, CAC with a 75% finished basement, in an excellent neighborhood.

I found this one after asking my agent to run "below assessed, quick sale, relocation, divorce" buzz words in some of the higher end neighborhoods. It turns out I found a regular sale that was priced 58K lower than FMV by a relocation company.

The Votes Are In And The Video Is Up!

Before I go on, I have to say thanks for the great feedback and comments.

So far, every time I create and give out some special report or informational guide like the mini-book, response is that you LOVE IT.

That makes me happy because it is my goal to give you great usable material.

Okay, onward. On Monday, in my blog, I asked you to give me feedback on which of two new videos you wanted to see the most.

You Didn't Make It Easy on Me To Choose

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