Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #35 - Updates on The Blitz, President Clinton and More

This week Dean gives you updates on the completion of the Blitz, his dinner with former President Clinton and some words of wisdom to take with you this week and beyond.


So I finally did it. Got my first rehab deal under contract. I am working with an investment company to get the deal but it is a good way to get my feet wet. My father is my financial backer and the company I am working with is helping with the acquisition, rehab, and sale of the property. The property was listed for $55,000. We are getting it for $51,000. Comps in the area are around the $120,000 + range. We will need to put approx. $29,000 worth of work into it and then put it on the market for $115,000.

TotalView and REIT Charts

I saw several questions about the REIT charts in the TotalView tool ( I started to simply reply in the comments, but it started getting long enough to justify its own topic. Without further ado...

What Question Would You Ask a President? Now You Can!

I just got off the phone with Dean, and he is casually telling me is schedule for the next few days to keep me in the loop with his availability and such.

I almost fell out of chair when he was telling me his itinerary for Monday. Of course, Dean didn't make a big deal of out it but I sure did. This led to a conversation about how to make the DG family part of this exclusive dinner with one of most important people in modern history.

Hopefully, I have your attention because this is neat... so click "read more" and follow along.

Real Estate Marketing - Integrate Your Efforts for Maximum Response

By Brandon Cornett
Integrated marketing sounds pretty scientific. That's probably why some real estate marketers get a glazed look in their eyes when the topic is mentioned.

But in reality, integrated marketing is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. It can also do great things for your real estate marketing program as a whole.

Using The New Analysis Tool

Some people have mentioned they would like to see how others use the research tool ( We built the tool for anyone who looks at a house as an investment first - so that is us, or even just smart home buyers... but I will briefly share how I use some of the features to drill down.

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