Going to Closing!! JGREER First Buy and Hold!! KILLER DEAL!! PRICE REDUCTION!

Here is the KILLER DEAL!!

up 1BD/down 2BD duplex

Purchase Price $20,000 IS NOW $15,200
Gross Rent $875
Loan payment -$120 GOING DOWN!!
Taxes -$115
Insurance -$ 50
Up gas credit -$ 75
Maint reserve -$ 50
20% vac reserve -$175
Net Income +$290 x 12 = $3480 annual GOING UP!!

DP an Closing costs(GOING DOWN) $7,000 = 49% ROI (GOING UP)

Does not yet include Phantom INCOME!!!!!!


Well the 19 year old/long distance partner/adopted son and I are ready to close on another deal. This deal is for me, yes you heard me, for me. Jeremy and I bought a house for my wife Terese and I to live in. Hey, after 3 children and a whole bunch of ups and downs in our life, mostly downs, we decided to do something for ourselves and buy a house just for ourselves and no children to boot, WHAT A DEAL!!! and it even has a pool!!

2 deals locked up, possible 3rd, and multifamily closing in...

ALRIGHT...2 homes locked up...3rd home looking good as far as getting locked up...

and I get a call from broker saying looks like in week and half to 2 weeks, Ima be a home owner...HECK YEAH...The house that never dies(if any of you have followed my progress in my journal, some people called this home this) never died, and is looking really good as far as closing...As long as the title comes back clean when the attorney does his thing, and couple other small things get taking care of, the 3 unit multifamily is mine...WOOOOOOOO

so at a 99 percent chance I'd say of closing this deal...

My first deal!!

In another forum I posted "I think I found my diamond" I got an email from the owner accepting my offer today!!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #42 - One Small Step at a Time

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