Perfect the Title

When you acquire a prperty from a taxing authority, you are not getting the same title as you would if you just bought a property from an individual seller. In the individual to individual scenario, the buyer will demand a certain type of deed, such as a warranty deed. What that means is that the seller is giving you a warranty that the title is good, marketable,and insurable. Essentially, this means that the title is "clean", or free from any encumbrances.


We are sooooo excited tonight! We just learned that the offer we have been in negotiations over for the last 2 weeks has been accepted!

The Fair Market Value is $180,000 and we got it under contract for $97,000. We have already advertised it out to all our buyers and we are asking for a $3500 Assignment Fee. We also posted an ad on CL so that we can get the word out to as many buyers as possible, plus we may be able to build up our buyers list at the same time.

My NEXT Project!

Ok guys... at the conference Dean said to pick out a house and use it for practice. Here is the link to my Next practice project.

My plan - to make offer at 50% below List Price and negotiate from there.

Now if I happen to lock this baby up - YOU GUYS better take up a collection so I can pay for Me Luck!

My First Offer Accepted

Hello DG Family
I am new and exicted about REI. After reading BARM & about a 3rd. through the new bk. I started thinking a little different, I notice a house that was empty right around the corner from me. While making offers on other houses which were rejected I found out that the empty house was bank owned/HUD owned and I could make an offer, so I did.

Who's YOUR Investing BUDDY?........asked Dean Graziosi


Hello Everyone,

This is another great idea from the E.D.G.E 2009 Conference. At the end of the conference we were asked to choose an :investing buddy"

The role of this person is to help keep each other accountable. Its a way for us to have that One-On-One support when we need it.

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