Call REPLAY! Thursday, June 18 @ 9PM EST - What to do this week to make money as an investor!

The replay includes the complete call (those listening live on the web missed the end).

The number for success academy is below, give it call right now to get more information how you can be Dean's next success story!


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Message from Dean: As promised, here is wave one of my "Blitzkrieg!"

A gift for you and a reminder of the call you can
take part in this Thursday.

If you remember, last week I told you I was going to
launch information that will leave my critics in awe,
but most importantly, it will financially improve the
lifestyles for you, my reader and subscriber.

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"Blitzkrieg!"...Can you hear it?....Can you see it?.....The Time is Now!...The DG Students are Ready for Success!...Here We GO!


Thanks so much for sharing this great "Blitzkrieg!" action plan and newsletter with all of us. I read it once, but I know that I will read it over and over again. Thank you for summarizing the "lessons learned" and the "successful people share these traits" section.

This had to be an unbelieveable experience. It must have been a great feeling to be around so many great minds! Sometimes it can bring people to a whole new level and they discover things they never thought possible.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #29 - What's Got Dean So FIRED UP?!!!

In this week's blog, you’ll notice that Dean is "fighting mad."

If you read his email from last week, you may have already gotten a tiny hint of what is going on.

In short, certain events have pushed Dean's to the point where he's decided to do something outrageous.

Need Help For My First Deal(Please)

I found a property and the seller sent me the purchase contract to sign. They know that i will resell it for a higher $ amount. Now my question is what other contracts do I need to sign with the seller, and when my buyer agrees to purchase which contracts do they sign? If anyone can send me a sample of those contracts how they look filled out I would really appreciate it. Trying to make this first deal before my babies birthday. I will appreciate any help.

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