My NEXT Project!

Ok guys... at the conference Dean said to pick out a house and use it for practice. Here is the link to my Next practice project.

My plan - to make offer at 50% below List Price and negotiate from there.

Now if I happen to lock this baby up - YOU GUYS better take up a collection so I can pay for Me Luck!

My First Offer Accepted

Hello DG Family
I am new and exicted about REI. After reading BARM & about a 3rd. through the new bk. I started thinking a little different, I notice a house that was empty right around the corner from me. While making offers on other houses which were rejected I found out that the empty house was bank owned/HUD owned and I could make an offer, so I did.

Who's YOUR Investing BUDDY?........asked Dean Graziosi


Hello Everyone,

This is another great idea from the E.D.G.E 2009 Conference. At the end of the conference we were asked to choose an :investing buddy"

The role of this person is to help keep each other accountable. Its a way for us to have that One-On-One support when we need it.

EDGE 2009 pics/videos

Well, as we have been hearing all week, Dean's "Gain the E.D.G.E.(Education From Dean Graziosi's Expertise)" event was even greater than all of us could have imagined! I am SO glad he is going to do it again next year! Hope to see EVERYONE there! I know this year's was limited to 100. Actually there were about 150 with spouses. How he'll keep us all from breaking down the doors next year, I don't know. lol

3....2....1.... ACTION!


I finished reading Dean's book yesterday. I have 4 deals in the hopper already.

I am currently unemployed due to a work reduction and my severance package will run out in July. So by August I have to make a significant change or it's goodnight Irene. Shocked

So anyway back to the deals I have.

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