Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #25 - How Are You Moving?

Could the Way You Learn, Succeed, Even Your Very Life Purpose...Depend On How You're Moving?

There's a school of thought that divides people into two groups. Those of us that move away from conflict or pain, and those of us that move towards comfort or peace.

A first that might seem silly... "Don't most of us try to avoid pain and seek comfort?"

Boom Bust! Cities With Negative Equity...

Usually the bigger the boom the bigger bust. Although a bust in the housing market is unfortunate, for investors it provides serious discounts and the window for virtually anyone to get started.

Why? Foreclosures equal more inventory, and foreclosures plus inventory equal deep discounts. In a area hard hit there is desperation. Desperation creates opportunity for those who are not positioned to be the classic investor (buying up houses with cash) to have just as much action as anyone. Banks are hoping that someone, somehow will move the properties off their balance sheet and sacrificing a lot of equity in the process.

If you happen to be investing in area where negative equity reigns supreme, you are likely poised to take great advantage of Matt's 25:1 strategy or similar techniques of playing the numbers game for deep discounts.

Is anyone working any of the areas specifically listed on the chart? If so, please share your experience investing (or getting started) in a top 10 negative equity city.

Assignment Contract and Flipping

I'm not sure if this question has been answered before, but, can anyone tell me what the difference between assignment and flipping is? Haven't got Dean's book yet but Just eager to find out until i get the book.

Hope I posted this topic in the correct category.

Aris A.

Marketing using Social Media sites!

Hey guys: on my facebook page I have a friend on there names Joselin Mane. He has written a terric manual on how to maximize your time and site if you use any of the media sites like iGOOGLE, twitter, favebook, etc... to market your REI business. So here is the link go check it out.

ITS AWESOME and he has done a really great job keeping it simple. Check it out then come back to this post and let me know what you think about it.

Perfect the Title

When you acquire a prperty from a taxing authority, you are not getting the same title as you would if you just bought a property from an individual seller. In the individual to individual scenario, the buyer will demand a certain type of deed, such as a warranty deed. What that means is that the seller is giving you a warranty that the title is good, marketable,and insurable. Essentially, this means that the title is "clean", or free from any encumbrances.


We are sooooo excited tonight! We just learned that the offer we have been in negotiations over for the last 2 weeks has been accepted!

The Fair Market Value is $180,000 and we got it under contract for $97,000. We have already advertised it out to all our buyers and we are asking for a $3500 Assignment Fee. We also posted an ad on CL so that we can get the word out to as many buyers as possible, plus we may be able to build up our buyers list at the same time.

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