What do you do when 27 offers get rejected? You keep submitting right? After my last 27 offers got rejected, I figured I need to step up my game.

Just closed on another...

Yeah!!! Last Monday I closed on my 3rd property! It is actually my 6th unit since my first two were a duplex and triplex. This is my first single family and it looks like my property manager's, who are doing a lot of the work, are slated to finish everything in the next few days. I may even have tenants lined up before they are finished.

The E.D.G.E Conference


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Or better yet, Greetings from the E.D.G.E. I am in Phoenix, AZ at Dean's very FIRST Conference. I don't know how today will go but last night at the Meet & Greet was AWESOME!

I met so many people from the site and I got to see Rina, Laura Johnson, Elena, Lloydsap, Vaugh and many, many more.

Question about a realtor I am about to meet!!!!

I dont have a realtor,or end buyer lists or anything yet!!I am pursuing these,but this realtor had an ad on CL that he paid a 1000$ referral fee.I contacted him and he wants to meet.He said his own capital is tied up in RE until the market goes up a bit in order to sell.I explained that i come across properties below market value and am looking for interested investors to assign them to for instant equity profit and/or positive monthly cashflow.Now would it be adviseable to use him to find my end buyer,and collect 1000 dollars and my reassignment fee,or would I be better off finding an investo

How do i act on this great Rent to own???

I have come across a great rent to own property.I have bad credit and nothing down.The ad says they want 10% down or else they would work out a payment plan especially for the buyer.What are my best options to lock this up or rent it out for at least the mortgage/rent to own payment??Thanx,Darthwader any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Help....Investor Moretorium?

Hello. I am trying to buy a home in forclosure. Auction scheduled for THURS-tomorrow has been cancelled (as of today). ReconTrust & Attorney told me it was cancelled due to: Investor Moretorium Hold

What is this?

Note: Home is abandoned since 2007. Owner has no interest in home.

Please help. Can we make an offer still? Or short sale?

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