Found a Fantastic Deal, but there's a catch

I found a house that could be a possible rental b/c of the way the previous owner split up the house. So I could have 2 tenants instead of just one, which is a great bonus. They are listing it way below FMV and it has been on the MLS more than 100 days. The listing says that the buyer needs to get rid of the house FAST! The only catch is the location. It is located in an area that has crime and is an all around not so great neighborhood.

Watch Dean's New Show Online!

The last time Dean aired a new show and we didn't post it here right away you let us know we should have! Smiling

It would be much appreciated if you leave your comments about the show. Don't pull any punches, if there is something you don't like or have a hard time relating to, let us know. Likewise, if there is something you really like or hits home with you, let us know about that also!

Attacked at Lunch- and Dean's next gift for you!

The blitzkrieg keeps rolling and as promised,
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There is one area of real estate that is highly
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REITs: Indicating Market Upticks?

In the past I've discussed many ways to do technical and fundamental analysis on the real estate market. One of those methods was using REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) as indicators for which way the market is moving.

Personally, my strategy is based on the idea that we have hit the bottom for many areas. Obviously there is plenty of room for some properties to go down some, and some to go up - but overall, this is my belief.

The anecdotal reports I've read across the country and analysis is what leads my to this, not a single number or source.

Deal # 8 – More Tax Deeds on the way….Dean’s programs and books lead to even more delightful deals with great potential!

Hello DG Members,

After we received the tax deeds in the mail from Deal # 7, we contacted our attorney that filed the paperwork for the tax deeds. We had purchased other tax sale properties but we were not sure if the properties were redeemed since we did not hear anything on the deeds. To our delight these tax deeds will be mailed at the convenience of the county completing the paperwork. Our attorney assured us all the information was signed, sealed and delivered and it is just the process of the county to process the tax deeds as they have the time.

Deal # 7 – Dean’s books and techniques lead us to acquire land parcels near a recreational lake for pennies on the dollar!

Good Morning DG Members,

We are having a terrific summer as we continue to learn from Dean’s books, programs and the DG website. We are delighted to inform you that we were able to acquire several parcels of land in a tax sale thanks to Dean Graziosi and his techniques, tips and information. Dean really inspired us to look into tax sales and we recently received tax deeds on various parcels of land near a recreational lake.

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