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Or better yet, Greetings from the E.D.G.E. I am in Phoenix, AZ at Dean's very FIRST Conference. I don't know how today will go but last night at the Meet & Greet was AWESOME!

I met so many people from the site and I got to see Rina, Laura Johnson, Elena, Lloydsap, Vaugh and many, many more.

Question about a realtor I am about to meet!!!!

I dont have a realtor,or end buyer lists or anything yet!!I am pursuing these,but this realtor had an ad on CL that he paid a 1000$ referral fee.I contacted him and he wants to meet.He said his own capital is tied up in RE until the market goes up a bit in order to sell.I explained that i come across properties below market value and am looking for interested investors to assign them to for instant equity profit and/or positive monthly cashflow.Now would it be adviseable to use him to find my end buyer,and collect 1000 dollars and my reassignment fee,or would I be better off finding an investo

How do i act on this great Rent to own???

I have come across a great rent to own property.I have bad credit and nothing down.The ad says they want 10% down or else they would work out a payment plan especially for the buyer.What are my best options to lock this up or rent it out for at least the mortgage/rent to own payment??Thanx,Darthwader any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Help....Investor Moretorium?

Hello. I am trying to buy a home in forclosure. Auction scheduled for THURS-tomorrow has been cancelled (as of today). ReconTrust & Attorney told me it was cancelled due to: Investor Moretorium Hold

What is this?

Note: Home is abandoned since 2007. Owner has no interest in home.

Please help. Can we make an offer still? Or short sale?

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #21 - One Ring to Rule Them All?

One Ring to Rule Them All?

If you are familiar with J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," you know the story of the rings of Sauron. One plain gold ring, offered absolute power.

Unfortunately, the nature of the ring was that it slowly but inevitably corrupted its wearer, regardless of what their intentions were when they put it on.

New Strategy 4 Making REO Offers!

For those of us who live in “Hot Zones” like California and are having difficulty getting that first offer accepted: there is hope! I’ve tried the 25:1, 50% off listing price method and returned a big ZERO!

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