Deal # 8 – More Tax Deeds on the way….Dean’s programs and books lead to even more delightful deals with great potential!

Hello DG Members,

After we received the tax deeds in the mail from Deal # 7, we contacted our attorney that filed the paperwork for the tax deeds. We had purchased other tax sale properties but we were not sure if the properties were redeemed since we did not hear anything on the deeds. To our delight these tax deeds will be mailed at the convenience of the county completing the paperwork. Our attorney assured us all the information was signed, sealed and delivered and it is just the process of the county to process the tax deeds as they have the time.

Deal # 7 – Dean’s books and techniques lead us to acquire land parcels near a recreational lake for pennies on the dollar!

Good Morning DG Members,

We are having a terrific summer as we continue to learn from Dean’s books, programs and the DG website. We are delighted to inform you that we were able to acquire several parcels of land in a tax sale thanks to Dean Graziosi and his techniques, tips and information. Dean really inspired us to look into tax sales and we recently received tax deeds on various parcels of land near a recreational lake.

Just do It!!

Greetings all,
I just wanted to post some thoughts that I am sure have passed thru the site before, but I want to say also.

My thoughts are geared towards those still working up the nerve to do that first deal.

We read the books, we join the academy, we read some more, we go thru the forum with zeal gaining all the knowledge we can, but you know what? It's all for nothing if we do not act.

A new week, a new wave in the BLITZ... Watch this video on debt reduction!

Message from Dean:
This is the next wave of my "Blitzkrieg!"

I am committed to continuing to pour out powerful
information to financially improve the
lifestyles for you, my reader and subscriber.

In this email, you have a link to watch an info
packed 9-minute video on one of the most crucial
money topics in your life!

Again, this video is NOT automatically being sent
to everyone, you have to go to the link to get it.

Here is the link to grab your copy:

You might want to be ready to take notes, this


I actually did it!!!!

Ok I'll try and remember all the particulars...

Deal # 6 - Bank Provides 100% Financing on REO!....Dean Graziosi’s books, website and information made this happen!

Hello DG Members,

On May 7, 2009, I started the following thread “Getting a bank to Finance an REO!”

This can be found at:

The old saying of patience is a virtue is so true. I posted my story starting on May 7th, and I remember it like yesterday. We were so pumped up from Dean’s Live Gain the Edge Event 09 that we were on a mission to get on the path to success and financial freedom. On the 4 hour flight home from Dean’s Edge event, my wife and I made an action plan list of everything we needed to do. My list included the following action item “contact at least 3 local banks and inquire about REOs”. Thus, that is exactly what I began to do.

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