Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #312 - Tony Robbins does it for first time in 20 years!!

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to share with you an opportunity that not many people in the world are going to have. As you know a couple of weeks ago Dean shared with everyone how they could get Brendon Burchard’s new book Motivation Manifesto for FREE.

The only other person Dean has ever promoted and urged you to get their stuff has been Tony Robbins, and after 20 years Tony Robbins has written a new book! A new book that Dean thinks is going to take the world by storm and change the world.

A book that you are going to see on every book shelf, every news station, every talk show for months to come. And because Dean and Tony are so close, Tony agreed to let Dean give out Tony’s new book for free to any of his DG family members. So you now have the opportunity to get Tony’s book FOR FREE before it even comes out in store!

This is a book Dean absolutely loves, written by a person he absolutely loves, and a book he absolutely recommends.

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Student Weekly Wisdom #19: The WHY’s of Wholesaling with Gena Horiatis

Today, Gena covers her wisdom on the WHY's of wholesaling. Most of us know what wholesaling is is... but believe it or not there is a large percentage of people that have no idea what wholesaling is or maybe have just never tried it. But after watching this video you may just be convinced that wholesaling is a way to go.


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Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #311 – Blatantly Transparent Truth…

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to share with you the blatantly transparent truth about his life.

So many people see Dean’s success and think “wow, his life must be perfect” and this week Dean wants to share how no matter where you are in life, there are going to be daily struggles. Daily struggles that Dean has had the ability to conquer over the years. And he wants to share with you just how he has overcome some of his hardest times.

Kiss me I have gone to Heaven !!!

Just started working on a kick ass deal that will be the one....That's right... The big taco.... the grand pobaa.... One of our students found it on vacation off her car lettering. Older man owns a ton ( several homes, MHP and some apartments)and they are all free and clear, willing to carry and the list goes on. Wow and get this.. this is the students first deal. Nice start is all I can say. I will make this the biggest win,win,win yet. Will post when contract is done. NOW GO GET SOME

Student Weekly Wisdom #18 - Overcome the Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts with Mike Mangham

Sometimes we forget how important it is to feed our mind, our body and our soul with positive reinforcements. What many people overlook is that thinking patterns can and will affect our progress and success in our personal life along with our business. If we take the time to turn our negative thoughts into positive thoughts, the difference can be incredible. Take a look at this quick 3 minute video Mike created, where he shares some tips he learned recently on how to start thinking clearer and living happier.

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A killer deal almost became a nightmare

It's been a while since I shared my experience in wholesaling, well, what happened 3 days ago can be one of my most exciting experience in wholesaling specifically wholesaling in such a competitive market.

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