Deal #5 Done!! 2015 is going to be great.

This is a 4 family property that needed a full rehab, I got this one off one of my bandit signs. The seller called me and said this was a property he was going to fix but couldn't because of financial reasons. He told me he wanted $10K, I told him that was too much for the area and the work that it needed, so I told him I will get back to him after I do a drive by. I called him back the next day and told him I will give him $3,500 for the property and he agreed. I emailed him over the contract and got it signed, the I went and placed ads on Craigslist, created a postlet and put out bandit signs marketing the property for $9,000.

Student Weekly Wisdom #26 - What's In Your Tool Box? – With Tom Healey

Wow, get a load of this!!! Perfect for reflecting on the old and making it something new and profitable for your business. Tom's video is awesome, don't miss out on this one!

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Student Weekly Wisdom #25 - Get Yourself Some Help! With Gena and Jon Horiatis

At what cost do you value yourself? This week’s student wisdom from Gena and Jon makes great sense when you are creating and running your business. Man this is some good stuff!

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$48K profit on 1 flip!

This deal takes place in a town that is unincorporated. That means that it is so small there is no post office. This town has a total population of almost 100 people. I have inside/ specialized knowledge of this town and the area as the school district is amazing and everyone/anyone want to move in that direction. It approximately 15 minutes to a major town that has almost 300,000 people.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #322 - Ready to profit?

If you don’t think 2015 is going to be your best year yet then you’re looking at it all wrong! Because it is Dean’s PERSONAL mission to make sure it IS your best year yet.

And if real estate investing is truly something you are excited about then this month is your month to make sure you don’t miss a SINGLE weekly wisdom. Because Dean and Matt are going to give out some awesome tips and tricks... if you don’t mind Eye-wink

So check out this week’s Weekly Wisdom and find out what Matt and Dean are so excited to share with you!

Student Weekly Wisdom #24 - Creative Marketing with David Rhodes

David Rhodes discusses the ways of profiting by Creative Marketing, Cash Buyers and Self Directed IRA's. Everyone's circumstances are different so be sure to consult your tax or financial advisor for more helpful ways to save!
You won’t want to miss this video!

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