Crippled Homeless bird dog is making $2,000

I sometimes give this homeless guy 5-20 buks when I see him. He said his name is William but to call him Bill.

He hangs out near the Walmart parking lot entrance near Shaw & Peach but he's not your typical druggie alkie transient. This guy is crippled and seems reasonably clean cut.
I asked him if he'd like to make some money and he looked surprised and asked "What can I do"?
I gave him my card and told him to find me vacant boarded up houses. In the last few months he's sent prob about 20 addresses.

Well, wudnt you know it, I just got one of his houses on contract for $25,000
I ran it past my buyer and he wants it.
I wonder how the 2 Grand I'm going to give Bill will change his life?

It will sure make me feel good. I might have to get it on video or at least a photo.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #324 - The Lack of Time Dilemma

Weekly Wisdom’s are back! And like Dean said earlier this year, the weekly wisdoms are going to be AWESOME (not that they aren’t always awesome) this year! And this week Dean starts by addressing the Dilemma of Lack of Time and how we can separate the physical lack of time from the “emotional lack of time”. This week’s Weekly Wisdom is awesome... DON’T YOU DARE MISS IT!


So far this week I have assigned a contract on a house that Debbie found doing pre foreclosure research. Assignment Fee is $3500, closes the 23rd.

Got a lead from a friend concerning a friend of his that was way behind on payments. Talked with the seller and determined that he needed to talk to my Short Sale guy and figure out what avenue he should pursue. A short sale was determined to be his best option. My agent listed it and we got a full price offer in 24 hours.
Of course, now we deal with the lender and get it closed. Payday, who knows? Short Sale!! I'll net $6500 when it happens. Could be less that 30 days.

Did a co-wholesale deal, I provided the buyer. My net is $5,000. Closes the 17th.

Deal #5 Done!! 2015 is going to be great.

This is a 4 family property that needed a full rehab, I got this one off one of my bandit signs. The seller called me and said this was a property he was going to fix but couldn't because of financial reasons. He told me he wanted $10K, I told him that was too much for the area and the work that it needed, so I told him I will get back to him after I do a drive by. I called him back the next day and told him I will give him $3,500 for the property and he agreed. I emailed him over the contract and got it signed, the I went and placed ads on Craigslist, created a postlet and put out bandit signs marketing the property for $9,000.

Student Weekly Wisdom #26 - What's In Your Tool Box? – With Tom Healey

Wow, get a load of this!!! Perfect for reflecting on the old and making it something new and profitable for your business. Tom's video is awesome, don't miss out on this one!

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Student Weekly Wisdom #25 - Get Yourself Some Help! With Gena and Jon Horiatis

At what cost do you value yourself? This week’s student wisdom from Gena and Jon makes great sense when you are creating and running your business. Man this is some good stuff!

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