Mothers day suprise

For Mothers day I purchased my 85 yr old Mom a new gas stove. Her old one was electric and it sucked big time, and then it started malfunctioning.

I didn't realize how difficult it wud be to run gas 30' from the meter, only because it had to go under the house and ther is only 16 inches of space. I shuda hired a plumber, but I got under there and joined different lengths of pipe and had to make a 90 degree turn, besides the cramped space it was freaking dirty, I even got dirt in my ears somehow.

I figured it wud take a few days but my brother Mike and I completed it in about 4 1/2 hours and that includes making another trip to get a few more pipe fittings and such.

Then I cleaned up the mess and whipped up a great skillet of beef tri tip and stir fry. Man it was delicious.

Weekly Wisdom #380 - A message from Sean Stephenson

Whether or not you know who Sean Stephenson is, this is a Weekly Wisdom you CANNOT miss! When Sean got up on stage at this year's EDGE event he delivered a message so powerful, so heartfelt and so full of emotion, that I had to share it in this week's message.

If you want to conquer this week and make it the most incredible week of your life, I recommend watching this week's Weekly Wisdom. Wow what a message!!!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!


WOW, what an event! Everyone is saying this was the best one and I have to agree. THANKS DEAN, the staff, and all the speakers. Talk about laying out some golden nuggets! Chad Bartlett KNOCKED it out of the park with his Seller Leads on Auto Pilot class! You needed a wheel barrel to handle all the nuggets he was dropping!

Weekly Wisdom #379 - What's the thorn in your arm?

So what is the thorn in YOUR arm? And I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "What is Dean talking about, has he lost his mind?!"

Well in this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to show you that you have a thorn in your arm, and that you are doing everything to protect yourself from the pain it's causing except for the one thing that can get rid of the pain for good.

Check out this week's message and I promise it will all make sense. This is a must watch!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!


If you have not secured tickets for Dean's Edge Event you better move that butt because it's only two weeks out... Man you will network until you can't talk anymore...Hook up with investors for you deals (we did). Find new tricks to getting stuff done faster..
Roberta last put a program together that same saved me hours a day looking for deals..Crazy good stuff

If your at the event this year look us up. We will be wearing we buy houses green shirts one of the days..NOW GO GET SOME

Weekly Wisdom #378 - Do you know that you're amazing?

Elanor Roosevelt famously said this, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." And she couldn't be more right.

And in this week's Weekly Wisdom, I want to share with you how each and every one of us (myself included) have people in our lives that are stripping away our motivation, our drive, our inspiration and overall our success. When in reality, we are all amazing. We all are unique and beautiful in our own way and NOTHING and NO ONE should make us feel any different!

And with this message, I want to show you how to pick out the "battery drainers" of your life, and replace them with "battery chargers".

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