Weekly Wisdom #383 - Why Don't People Change?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I wanted to send you a message about change... Cause here is the craziest thing about change in my opinion...

Throughout our lives, change is one of the most common aspects there is! It's about as common as breathing or taking a shower! Yet it is one of the things we as humans fear the most!

But why do we fear it? Why is it so abundant in our lives? And how do we get past our FEAR of change and instead EMBRACE it!?

Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and I think you'll find out Smiling

Watch now!

Weekly Wisdom #382 - My Grandmother's Secret To Success!

On this incredible Memorial Day Monday I wanted to send out a special Weekly Wisdom. Yesterday I decided I was going to go LIVE on Facebook and deliver two messages that were on my heart...

First, I wanted to thank all of those out there who sacrifice their time and even sometimes their live's to help protect our country and allow us to be free of the worry that they face on a daily basis. I truly from the bottom of my heart want to say thank you.

Weekly Wisdom #381- Shhh, I got their secrets!

This week's Weekly Wisdom is unlike any Weekly Wisdom I have sent out in 2016! It comes with the opportunity to see something really special...

Something that not everyone is going to have the chance to see... But you do! So go ahead check out my 381st Weekly Wisdom and let me show you why it's one of the best of all time!

Then make sure you go to http://dgwebcast.com/hscdgopt to reserve your spot on my upcoming LIVE training event!

Calitony status

Hey haven't posted a topic for a bit but have been posting on others comments but just quick update. I am still alive and well in san diego!

had surgery on my face it kinda sucked it was for a small tumor but al well, went to the edge & now have 2 in escrow one from a bandit sign in san diego & another in ontario from another wholesaler a buddy of mine. Excited & feeling well.

Went to the Edge & it was off the chain!!!!! If you haven't gone you have to as simple as that, and Frank if you are reading this I love you man & thanks for helping me out at the Edge by getting around & with my food & beverage because of having low vision

Mothers day suprise

For Mothers day I purchased my 85 yr old Mom a new gas stove. Her old one was electric and it sucked big time, and then it started malfunctioning.

I didn't realize how difficult it wud be to run gas 30' from the meter, only because it had to go under the house and ther is only 16 inches of space. I shuda hired a plumber, but I got under there and joined different lengths of pipe and had to make a 90 degree turn, besides the cramped space it was freaking dirty, I even got dirt in my ears somehow.

I figured it wud take a few days but my brother Mike and I completed it in about 4 1/2 hours and that includes making another trip to get a few more pipe fittings and such.

Then I cleaned up the mess and whipped up a great skillet of beef tri tip and stir fry. Man it was delicious.

Weekly Wisdom #380 - A message from Sean Stephenson

Whether or not you know who Sean Stephenson is, this is a Weekly Wisdom you CANNOT miss! When Sean got up on stage at this year's EDGE event he delivered a message so powerful, so heartfelt and so full of emotion, that I had to share it in this week's message.

If you want to conquer this week and make it the most incredible week of your life, I recommend watching this week's Weekly Wisdom. Wow what a message!!!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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