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I've been using bandit signs for quite sometime, but recently I read where someone puts them out for Black Friday shopping hours. Never did I really think about this technique. I tend to be pretty creative with my band-it signs, but never tried this. So on thanksgiving after we ate and visited all of our family, my family and I piled up in the truck with signs in hand and headed for the hotspots!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #317 – What is happiness?

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean discusses why it’s SO important to find your purpose… to find your happiness.
Dean wants to discuss what drives you… what motivates you… what makes you want to be a better person… and ultimately how you can be THAT person.
So watch this week’s video, and listen to Dean’s very important message.

Deal #9 AND #10

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...
Ok so I posted my 8th deal a few weeks ago and I'm here to say that I closed TWO deals within a 2 week period last month!! They are my 9th and 10th deals!! So as I always do, I'm posting them here for all the newbies to see that this stuff is REAL and ANYONE can do it if you just take ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #316 - Stop lying to yourself!

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom, Dean wants to discuss why he thinks it is TRULY time to stop lying to ourselves.
Yep, you heard that right… lying to ourselves.
And look, it’s something everyone does… many people unknowingly.
But it’s something we need to seriously work on, something we need to cut from our daily habits immediately…
So watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and hear what Dean has to say about “Lying to ourselves"

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #315: Dean’s 30-day challenge for YOU!

Who doesn’t LOVE a good challenge?! Smiling
Watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and find out what Dean’s personal 30-day challenge to you is!
Let’s see how many people are brave enough to accept it!
Be brave… be courageous… accept the challenge… and don’t look back Smiling

Student Weekly Wisdom #22: Following Up with John Wakefield

Being prepared for the follow up call from your Bandit Signs is crucial. You want to keep those leads fresh, and follow through to your end goal. There are many ways to use the networking that comes from these signs, and today John and Julie Wakefield are going to show you how!
So watch today’s video and learn the art of the "bandit sign follow through..."

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