Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #314 - iPhone 6 Winner Announced!

Dean has some KILLER information to share with you this week! First off, find out who the lucky winner of the iPhone 6 is! You'll also find out how Dean is giving a hand UP to a few lucky military veterans.

Lastly Dean gives you a tool that can help get in a better state of mind, or get out of a funk, because let’s be honest, being in a funk sucks... So watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom, and start your week in the RIGHT state of mind.

You won’t regret it Smiling

Student Weekly Wisdom #21: How to Problem Solve with Keith Boley

Rehabs come in many shapes and sizes... And this week Keith incorporates this rehab and his problem solving skill to turn a negative into a positive. And he wants to share with you how to do the same.

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Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #313: What Is Your PERSONAL Mission Statement?

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean discusses the importance of finding our own personal mission statement.

Because when we have the ability to find our own mission statement we then have our directions… we get our map to that dream person we want to be... our destination.

And when you hear what Dean has to say in this week’s Weekly Wisdom you will realize that there is a life out there that you are destined to live... a life intended for you specifically, and you don’t have to be pigeon toed or stuck in a life that feels just a little off or that you don’t love every second of.

If you want it... if you want that dream life... it is attainable, and in this week’s video Dean will share with you how.

Student Weekly Wisdom #20: Follow the “Golden Rule” with John Horiatis

Today, John shared why being a good person and doing the right thing really pays off in not only your business life, but your personal life as well.
John shares a story about the benefits of doing good work and helping others.

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Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #312 - Tony Robbins does it for first time in 20 years!!

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to share with you an opportunity that not many people in the world are going to have. As you know a couple of weeks ago Dean shared with everyone how they could get Brendon Burchard’s new book Motivation Manifesto for FREE.

The only other person Dean has ever promoted and urged you to get their stuff has been Tony Robbins, and after 20 years Tony Robbins has written a new book! A new book that Dean thinks is going to take the world by storm and change the world.

A book that you are going to see on every book shelf, every news station, every talk show for months to come. And because Dean and Tony are so close, Tony agreed to let Dean give out Tony’s new book for free to any of his DG family members. So you now have the opportunity to get Tony’s book FOR FREE before it even comes out in store!

This is a book Dean absolutely loves, written by a person he absolutely loves, and a book he absolutely recommends.

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Student Weekly Wisdom #19: The WHY’s of Wholesaling with Gena Horiatis

Today, Gena covers her wisdom on the WHY's of wholesaling. Most of us know what wholesaling is is... but believe it or not there is a large percentage of people that have no idea what wholesaling is or maybe have just never tried it. But after watching this video you may just be convinced that wholesaling is a way to go.


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