Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #319 - Push That Sh@t Down!

After spending 5 days at Tony Robbins event last week Dean came home with an energy that he hasn’t felt in a while. But he also came home asking himself so many questions because Tony just had Dean’s head spinning all week.

And Tony got Dean thinking so much about the “layers” of negativity and excuses in his life that he really needed to push down, and guess what… you have the same exact layers you need to push down.

in this Weekly Wisdom Dean wants to show you how...

Closing Before the Holidays

BAMN! Just this morning tried to double close but couldn't get it. Got it under contract for $6,500 and took the assignment. It's crazy how the Milwaukee market is picking up!

Merry Xmas Guys!

Closing a deal my daughter spotted

Lately, I've gotten my eleven year old daughter involved in some of my real estate tasks. One of these task consisted on locating distressed homes or homes that appeared to be in distress. About a month ago she spotted a home while coming home on her bus route. We drove by that evening, got the address and sent the owner a letter. The home had been vacant for a while, the owner passed and left to the son. The son was moving to Florida, but hadn't been able to afford the upkeep and decided not to list due to its condition. The ARV on this home was around $132k, no mortgage but there were some liens and back taxes totaling $9800. Needs around $20k in repairs, we agreed on a price of $61,950. Ive sent to buyers, shown one and will be showing to two buyers tomorrow.

Student Weekly Wisdom #23: Lease Options with Andrea Weule

Understanding the benefits of working with Lease Options can "Optimize" your Real Estate business A Lease Option combines the pros and cons of both owning your own home and renting. An attractive strategy to renters who may not otherwise qualify through traditional lending.

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4 closings so far in December/ UPDATE, 2015 !!!

The market is tight, inventory is down, margins are slim BUT we have closed 4 deals so far in December and hope to slide in 2 or 3 more before 2015!

Something very interesting and a trend we have been seeing for about the past 18 months. AGENTS have been bringing their cash buyer owner/occupants to look at our properties, then adding their commission to our buy price and closing!!

READ THIS CAREFULLY. With properties being sold at such a high price that conventional formulas do not work for investor type buyers we are wholesaling decent move in ready houses to cash paying owner occupants. We have shifted with the market!!

Of course we still wholesale ugly distressed properties to our fix/flip investors but we are having much more success doing what I mentioned above.

Weekly Wisdom #318 - Time To Be Selfish

This past week Dean spent 5 days at a Tony Robbins event that absolutely blew his mind!
And while he was there something incredible happened, and he realized something so powerful he just had to share it with you.

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