12 rental properties away from retiring my husband!

I had to share. I really need to sit down in the next few days and figure out exactly what I've made, and how my net worth has grown since I joined the Success Academy in late 2009. I will come back and report for sure mainly to keep on sharing with one another how it really can be done and how amazing RE has been in my life, so others can see they can do it too!!

My two babies (age 9 months and 2 1/2 keep me hopping) and sometimes I have little time to reflect and keep up with all the progress I've made because there is too much to do to move forward. But I really need to be thankful for what Carol shared in her Edge presentation, "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I used to be." Amen. That is what I'm reflecting on today!

$11,500 in 2 hours! Thanks DEAN!!

This one was as fast and easy as they come. Estate sale listed on the MLS for 1 day. Ended up paying $173,500. They were asking $194,000. $1000 earnest. Put it under contract with one of my buyers for $185,000. $2500 non-refundable earnest money.

ARV is $269,000.
Light rehab/remodel $20,000.
Selling/holding costs $26,000.
Net profit to my buyer $38,000.
I am doing an LLC transfer on this one one. I have zero closing costs and will net $11,500.

Three more under contract that I will sell while I am on a cool house boating vacation at Lake Powell. Taking all the kids and grand kids. All paid for with one deal!!

25/1 through an agent is the "Dean" technique I used on 3 out of 4 of these deals!

Thanks Dean!!


<Living my Dreams!!

Good Day All! First off, I want to say Hello to everyone here on the site, as this is my very first post!

My success story is very simple!

1)I made a commitment to myself and my family to become a real estate Wholesaler, and pursue a career in real estate using Dean's guidance!!!

After spending 10 years in an Executive Sales position, and creating revenue for other people, I quit my job and have fully devoted myself to being a real estate wholesaler! Before then, I too, was a Matt Larson.. I worked as a machinist for 10 years prior to being recruited into Capitol Equipment Sales.

23K profit on last flip!!

Bought a REO for 67K in early January from Bank of America. It was a 3/2/2 split level in a great location.

We removed the overgrown landscaping and mulched the beds. Gutted one bath, ceramic around new tub, vanity, etc. Other bath kept shower but new everything else.
Kitchen removed partial wall for more open layout. Updated wiring in house, carpet, new hardwood main floor, refinished existing hardwood upstairs. Drywall repair, paint, doors, etc.

Listed house in early March with my realtor for $136,500. Had multiple offers on first day on market.
I was excited as all the other deals!! Accepted offer of $133K and we closed in 30 days.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #237 - Pause for Oklahoma Victims

Once again our nation has been rattled to the core by another destructive act of nature.

Oklahoma has been thrown into chaos over the massive tornado damage and precious lives have been lost. Dean shares the heartbreak of thousands who watch from afar as we can only imagine the pain and suffering being felt by the those at ground zero.

So once again we rally together as a family of "investors" and turn our eyes away from focusing on doing deals to band together to make an impact for the victims. Please watch and share the video to rally support. Every little bit counts. Alone, we can do a little, but together, we can make a tremendous difference. For easy ways to help please click here


Hello DG family,

Now there's the BIGGEST lie I've ever HEARD! YES, ITS WORK! BUT... The title of this message is NOT TRUE in the LEAST bit! TEAMWORK. Build your network. I always trained my intern, now assistant by the way, that your NETWORK = your NET WORTH. Well GUESS WHAT? I have now officially completed DEAL #4 of the year IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA where it supposedly CAN'T BE DONE! Sticking out tongue

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