South end housing rehab program a success

When real estate mogul Dean Graziosi, famous for his infomercials, rolled into town in 2011 and announced that he was investing $5 million in foreclosed homes in south Warren and Eastpointe, some officials were skeptical.

But, 19 months later, community leaders are sold on the team of Realtors and contractors who have rehabilitated and resold more than 300 homes in south Macomb, giving many declining neighborhoods a new lease on life.

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Fina's First

Hello DGers,

I'm new to the site and REI. I spent a good day and a half reading several other members posts and journal entries and was so inspired and moved by many of them. But, I was still a little hesitant about beginning a journal of my own...that was until this evening.

See, earlier in the day I read something that stuck with me. It was about 'being afraid and doing it anyway' (one of Carol's posts). Like I stuck with me. So when I saw that this evenings devotion was entitled, "Do It Afraid!" (Joyce Meyer: Ending Your Day Right) well that was enough confirmation for me. Nope! Not a coincidence. Smiling

Saturday's LiveCast Replay ready for YOU to watch.

Our Saturday 5 hour LIVE training turned out to be something incredible. Sorry if you missed it live, BUT we worked all night and got the replay up for those who could not make it. Go check it out and why it turned out to be "the day of the empowered women" Eye-wink Watch the LiveCast!


Yahoo! I closed one of my wholesale deals yesterday in New York/Long Island and genrated 15,000! I am posting to let everyone that in New York,IT WORKS HERE! Love this site and the inspiration it gives me.

Gary & Jill-Best Lease Option Ever!!!

This was a Fannie Mae REO that was overpriced, so
we waited until after the 2nd price reduction & the house was going to auction ... we made a couple of pre-bid offers, but were rejected. Then raised it another $ 1000 & it was presented to the bank, the beautiful part was that they stopped the auction while waiting for approval; the offer was accepted at 32,300 plus 2,500 buyer's premium, 34,800 total.
Here's what really awesome; we had a buyer that looked at 2 of our other houses, but had not sold her place yet ... received a call that she sold it to a cash buyer & was moving down to Florida in 2 weeks!
Jill & I did our 67th rehab; it needed paint, carpet, kitchen sink/faucet, light fixtures totaling about $ 5100. It also needed a new roof, that was $ 6100.

BOOYAH!!!...FREE at LAST!!!….FINALLLLY….Deal #1 Closed!!!!

And “they” said that I would never do it! That it was just another one of those things that I started, and just never finished. A pie in the sky dream that would never ever, ever come true!! “They” never told me to my face, but you can read the eyes; if you know what I mean….

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