Why You? Why Real Estate? Why Now?

Hey fellow DGers!

Dean always starts off his books with the WHY,or your dreams.

If you haven't done it already,take a moment and go to www.deangraziosi.com/why

Then come back here and post your why to share with the rest of the group!

An offer Accepted!

This was done through an agent. As she was emailing me that my offer was accepted. I was emailing her that I wanted to withdrawal my offer (2nd offer)as I felt after walking it w/contractor with was too scary. So I'm reconsidering. I have a potential end buyer who says if the rehab #'s work, he can move it. So my issue is: I need the buyer to submit down $ and POF as requested to put in official offer. (LOI was accepted). I contacted that end buyer this morning, no response yet. I'm waiting for the rehab costs from contractor. I contact him as well this morning...no word yet. Here's how the #s work out:
Asking $33,000
ARV $51,000
Rehab guestimate $12-$18k
Sale price including my profit $27,125.

Gary & Jill Close on Another Property

We closed today on that REO that was with Hudson & Marshall. It was a long battle back & forth with many offers & counter offers, but we finally prevailed.
The bank painted the interior & installed new carpet
so there is only minor cosmetic repairs left, around
$ 2,000. It is in a neighborhood of 80K to 120K homes,
but we'll sell it in the mid 50's.

I put a contract on a FSBO and I have some concerns

This is a brick 3/1 with a full basement and double garage. 2095 SF.. Asking price was $105K. I could tell from the outside that it needed lots of work but didn't think it needed as much as it did. The owner gave POA to his son. They are Chinese and Owner is in China. He had been renting it to his "help". He owned a restaurant and it closed so it's been empty for 7 months. It is in a great location and a nice neighborhood. After asking questions, I found out that he owes $75K on it but was told payments and taxes were current. The basement has been divided into 5 rooms and there is 1 bath in the basement. All floors in the basement are still just cement. All floors on main floor are carpeted and it needs all new carpet.

Tax Lien Investing Helping Government & Investors

Between $7 billion and $10 billion in property taxes go into delinquency each year. For state, county and local governments, failure to collect this much revenue is having a negative impact on their budgets and ability to continue funding obligations and infrastructure. In 29 states and the District of Columbia, governments turn to investors to make up the short fall.

The world wants to see you fail. But, the world cant stop someone who won't be DENIED!!!

This is to all you people out there who have been knocked down and your just not sure if you want to get back up. Don't let the world get the best of you. I know it hurts, I've been knocked down before and questioned whether or not to get back up. But I got mad...and I decided that I wasn't going to let the world get the best of me. Have the attitude that you can't be denied!!!

Here is a secret that I have rarely told anyone on how I was able to get financially free so fast.

I did my first deal on 11/10/05 on on that day I set my goal that I was going to get free from my job within 3 years. I didn't think it was possible until I did my first deal, but after that I knew nobody could stop me and I couldn't be denied.

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