signed contracts on another one

this was not a no money down deal, but a good deal none the less.
this one was purchased from a wholesaler who was a friend of a friend.
i negotiated and paid the wholesale fee and paid 1k down to the owner with him taking back the financing.
it's a 2 unit that has tenants in place in one and needs light rehab on the second. what i liked about it was that with the one unit it cash flows the property $250. per month and the other unit will rent for $650. per month
this real estate stuff is starting to pick up speed,lol.
keep moving forward, rob

Giving Thanks for our first deal

Earlier this month we completed our first deal and we finally closed after 60 days we thought we couldn't be more excited. Today we realized we were wrong! We got two emails -one from the homeowner and one from her daughter. These notes exactly WHY we started this business and the money is just a great bonus. We wanted to share them to encourage people to hang in there even if it seems hard, is taking a long time, or if the home owner is having a tough time with the transition.

First Deal!!!

I know I'm not the most active person on these forums... I'm actually more active on DGIE and lately I haven't even had much time for that. I've honestly been busy building my business!

Anyway... tomorrow morning I'm going to be getting the assignment contract from the seller, signing it, passing it along to my buyer and closing my first REI deal since joining the Success Academy in like April 2011. I didn't do very well on the SA stuff, but being here on DG and especially on DGIE and networking the heck out of the MNREIA has payed huge dividends.

Fighting Spam on

As many regular visitors already know, this site has been a target of spammers from the unsophisticated individual creating an account to just promote their offerings to the elaborate network of computers designed to break through our spam prevention measures.

Fighting spam requires walking a fine a line between inconveniencing the "real" users of the community and keeping the spammers out. In the past we have tried to walk this line by adding new spam filters. These filters need trained over time to know what is good and what is bad and inevitably some "real" content gets flagged as spam. Despite letting people know of this possibility there wasn't a very good reception during the training period and we ended removing it and went back to relying on the old filters and having community flag spam themselves when they saw it.

San Diego Whoesaling Mentor


I asked the question today at the buying summit during the expert panel question session about locating a mentor in the San Diego area. I'm part of the success academy, done boots on the ground, and am part of IE. You mentioned you have someone in mind could you please get them in touch with me.

Thanks for all that you do!



I am getting a lot of messages in my inbox about " How to get the money" to rehab houses and lots of them. So for those that messaged me and those that didn't, I thought I'd give my thoughts and experience on this topic.

This may turn in to a long post and my grammar will likely suffer as I don't have the time to look it over:).

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