Last week end was HUGE!! Thanks Dean and PMI.

While everyone was at the EDGE having fun and getting motivated I was working RE hard. Put together two awesome deals here in Colorado. While my teams across the nation are making multiple offers!!

1. 6 Townhouses that are 80% complete. Developer went broke. Got this bank owned property under contract for $1,650,000. This property is in the LODO district of down town Denver. Can see Coors field from the roof top decks! I have 2 contracts on my desk as we speak for my full asking price of $1,790,000. Waiting on 2 more possible offers before I sign one of them. One offer may be coming in from a fellow DGer!
These properties have an ARV of $3,300,000. They need $500,000 to complete construction. The dry double close will take place before the end of May.

Huge learning and still made $$$!!

I dont typically post until the deal is actually closed. During the edge, we mentioned a little about a deal we were closing this week! well... it finally closed today and still made about $9K! We bought this property for $43K and sold for $112K, and after repairs and closing cost, commissions, etc, etc, we still came out with $9K in our pocket. With this property, we did some massive repairs! from structural, french drain, framing, you name it! The lot was worth pretty much the price we paid for, but the property had so much potential that we took our chances here. It even had a Basement which is not typical in our area and over 0.75 acres lot size. We had to do some electrical work to bring this property to code in addition to plumbing, drain and others.

What a difference a weekend makes! EDGE 2012 Send Me Away - I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest DG Family,

HI!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am so totally overwhelmed! I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who voted for me. I was truly surprised! And, I realize YOU believe in me more than *I* do!

You see, all the contestants found out about being a finalist in the contest about 2 weeks after I posted the Essay Contest (a separate contest run exclusively by the DG family here on the website), and I know I speak for so many of the contestants that it was a REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY long wait! Sticking out tongue

Making Connections from the Edge

Howdy one and all! If you are one of those lucky folks AT the Edge? CONGRATS!
If you're one of those folks who watched from home and chatted and wanted to make connections? But Couldn't due to little glitches in the chatroll?
HERE you go!

Post here, and get the addresses through PM's, get the connections made that we all need, to step things up.

I'm Susan Snook, I'm a Real Estate Investor, and I make Connections for folks.
If I can't do it, I'll find someone who can. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

Live Edge Event Takeaways - What are you Learning?!

WOW WHAT AMAZING EVENT happening now!!! Some great wisdom on stage from Nate on double closings and Andrea spoke of how important working with others or partnering is. Andrea's presentation REALLY made sense and showed us how we can utilize others people's strengths and TALENTS to bring our real estate investing to the next level!!

Have you ever been around others in a group and just listened to their ideas and what they do? This the THE OPPORTUNITY here at the EDGE AND on to PUMP UP your networking !! Let's hear how you CONNECTED with someone here at the EDGE OR on to make things happen at a quicker, more resourceful rate???

LOVING This wisdom !!! Wishing you ALL could be here:)))$$

Attending Live Event online

What have I learned so far:

Confidence is the #1 primer for continued success. Mindset and knowledge make taking action easier.

I know that it has been out there already.. but locking in a property and putting up bandit signs all over "3/2 house area, desperate need to sell fast" to grab buyers was an "aha" moment for me.

Using a photo copy of your earnest checks and putting a stipulation on the agreement that "earnest money to be paid after satisfactory inspection" will by you more time to use your cash buyer to put all earnest monies down for you.

*rehab costs

Low (carpet, cleaning, etc) $10-$15 per sq ft
Med (low needs, and re-placing vanities etc) 16-20/sqft
High (roof repair, larger jobs -excluding major foundational repairs, serious plumbing and electrical)

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