Jill & Gary Close on Rehab # 67; Pocket 15K

Just left the title company with a check for $ 59,900. It was from the closing of rehab # 67: Bought for 35K; installed new kitchen cabinets/counters; appliances; paint; carpet; toilets; vanities; light fixtures; ceiling fans & had a new roof put on, total
spent on was about 10K.
Profit of about 15K for 3 weeks of work on this house.
We've started on the next rehab a couple of days ago; are having a roof put on another property we aquired 2 weeks ago; & are doing an inspection of a REO
property that the bank accepted an offer last week, this one we are also doing with Ryan(Cub).

What time is it?

As you build your buyers list, network with realtors, recruit bird dogs and do all your advertising to generate leads, you hope to score and lock up a deal! The problem might be, are you making enough offers?

Often, people find the deals run the numbers and they do not fire off the offers. They need to confirm a few more things. They need to make sure they thought of everything. They need to make sure there is no rain in the forecast. Silly right? Often we want to fire out offers everyday, week and month but what is holding us back? Ready.....aim......aim......aim......ready.....ready......hmm?

3rd Times a Charm

Had 2 deals fall through at the last minute.

#1 - Was going to do a Sub 2 with the seller and then rent it out. At the last minute the seller decided he wanted to try to sell his house outright again even though I had shown him all the comps for that area, and he was about $60k over priced. Can't push people too hard if they don't want to do it. He thinks his house is worth more than the market is willing to pay. Maybe he'll be back in a few months.

30 Real Estate Cash???? REALLY??? More like 21 days!

Good Day all!
It has been an awesome ride this last three weeks I can tell you that! Dean, you and Matt ROCK!!! Look, I simply followed the instructions in the 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, and I wholesaled a commercial property today!! I'm placing offers, hanging bandit signs, doing market research in my city, and GETTING RESULTS!!!

I'm just doing it, that's all!

So...onto the next deal!!!



1st Wholesale deal done!!

Most of the people on the Cashflow Club of Facebook already know this by now, but I wanted to share this, to give others hope that it can be done! This experience wasn't easy & we only made $500 in profit, but we got a $3,000 education for free & are looking to do the next deal.

Some of you will think, "only $500... why?". My rei partner & I didn't run the numbers good enough the 1st time & by the time our offer on this hud deal was accepted, it was too late to change it. Hud will not bend any rules, nor negotiate. You only get one first & final shot at an offer, unless something drastically happens to the home while it's under contract.

12 rental properties away from retiring my husband!

I had to share. I really need to sit down in the next few days and figure out exactly what I've made, and how my net worth has grown since I joined the Success Academy in late 2009. I will come back and report for sure mainly to keep on sharing with one another how it really can be done and how amazing RE has been in my life, so others can see they can do it too!!

My two babies (age 9 months and 2 1/2 keep me hopping) and sometimes I have little time to reflect and keep up with all the progress I've made because there is too much to do to move forward. But I really need to be thankful for what Carol shared in her Edge presentation, "I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I used to be." Amen. That is what I'm reflecting on today!

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