$600 in 30 minutes. From bandit sign!!

Just a quick note on a very quick deal. Well it actually took 90 days to close but my part took 30 minutes.

Got a call off a bandit sign. Very nice person, also very upside down. Handed him over to my short sale team.

Deal closed on Friday. Got a $600 check.

It is not a heck of a lot of money but I will take $600 for 30 minutes work all day long. Had I not had many options when this guy called, if I only looked at each deal as a wholesale I would have said good bye and lost the $600!!!

Let the DEAL speak to you as to what option to take when trying to make money. Leads are precious! Some will not work at all, but some will. Maybe a Lease with option or a subject to. Maybe a good wholesale deal if you are lucky! Maybe a short sale (most are these days)

Investors Buying Homes by the Dozen

An article at MSNBC.com talks about investor buyers in different areas around the country who are buying multiple foreclosure properties in packages at some amazingly low prices. One investor in Columbus, OH bid on almost 50 properties in various stages of decomposition. Even though many were in really poor shape, she managed to purchase a number of properties at an average of $3000 each.

It’s a lot like stock market arbitrage, in that investors can take advantage of an extremely low cost of capital and fire sale prices to buy multiple properties, make repairs and then bank great cash flows from a growing pool of renters. With rental demand up, these investors are quickly filling these properties and banking cash from the first month they’re ready for a tenant.

It Took Me 6 Years To Do 1000 Deals, But Its Only Going To Take Me 12 Months To Do It Twice.

The goal I set on January 1st this year was simple...I only have 1 goal to hit for the year. To do 1000 deals in 2012. Period. It took me 6 years to hit 1000 deals, but I want to test human limitations. I think everyone should test their limits. Thats 84 deals per month. That is individual deals, not bulk deals. I will be honest, I only did 47 in January and in February I only did 60. I'm behind bigtime. But I am not giving up. I run to exhaustion every single day. I sleep 4 hours a night tops. I'm giving it everything I've got. People ask me "WHY?", "Why do that to yourself?" "You have it made, its time to relax and enjoy life".

I always say the same thing, "because I'm going to the top, if better is available then "good" is not enough".

Check out the DG students that are MAKING IT HAPPEN! Ask questions get answers

Maybe your a DG member just getting started and trying to make sense of it all... trust me I have been there Smiling
Maybe your on your first deal, second deal or maybe like hundreds of others around the country you have put Dean's teaching into action and you are on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

I started with Dean 4 years ago at a time in my life when like so many of you I was facing financial despair. Since then I have wholesaled over 200 properties, flipped 10 and I currently hold several providing me with a monthly income. I would never have been able to change my life as I have without puting Dean's teachings and principals into action. IT HAD TO START WITH ME!

DEAL 4 - 6


Deal 4 was a double closing. I got this deal for 30k from the mls and was able to turn it around in 2 days for 38k. Most of my deals come from the mls so I put over 30 offers a week.

Deal 5 & 6 the latest properties I got under contract. I got both these houses on 2/22/2012. deal 5 I have under contract for 37k and I sold it in a few minutes for 43k. Deal 6 i got under contract for 23k and was able to sell it in 3 days for 34k. Im almost at the point that I no longer see these houses and that is so awesome, I feel like Carol doing most of the selling and buying over the internet. Im going to start a mail campaign for home owners with high equity, so I will keep you all posted on the outcome. I want to average 5 or more deals a month.

DEAL # 2 & 3

Hi Everyone

Deal 2 was my first attempt to do a rehab flip. I bought the house for 32k using OPM, the house ARV was 125k. This house had a bunch of liens but the bank paid it off at time of closing (Thank goodness lol) I had to rehab this house with legal permits due to city had information of all ilegal violations. I started getting all the permits inorder to start the rehab project. Just when my contractor was about to start this project he got real sick and couldn't work. a few weeks passed by and still no contractor. I learned from the coaches in DG that we make our money on the purchase and not the sale, I sold the house as soon as the contractor told me that he will be out for a few months. One of my buyers took this house of my hands for 50k.

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