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Now there's the BIGGEST lie I've ever HEARD! YES, ITS WORK! BUT... The title of this message is NOT TRUE in the LEAST bit! TEAMWORK. Build your network. I always trained my intern, now assistant by the way, that your NETWORK = your NET WORTH. Well GUESS WHAT? I have now officially completed DEAL #4 of the year IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA where it supposedly CAN'T BE DONE! Sticking out tongue

This is a Must Read

Thanks Dean for taking the time to put this book out there!
I have just finished reading it and recommend everyone should. This should be required reading for high school students.

Don't wait to reach your destination to feel accomplished. Enjoy the journey, as some of lives best moments will be there.


Just closed another wholesale deal

This was the most recent deal I had posted in Indianapolis. I offered to pay a finder's/bird-dog fee of $2000 if anyone could bring me a buyer. I had many try, but ended up selling through another wholesaler here in Indianapolis. From start to finish it took 35 days and I netted $5,000. Not too shabby of a pay day. The owner lived in Florida and at one point, owned over 200 hundred homes here. This home was one of his last 2 to get rid of and he was very motivated to sell. Not only was I able to make this a win-win-win situation, but I met many contacts while working on this deal. On to the next! I long for the day in which I can write my 2 week notice and deliver it to my manager Smiling

If I can do this, so can you!

Wholesale NY – I had every excuse not to succeed.

Bankruptcy, lost my home, divorced, bad credit, unemployed, no money, small town and bad hair.

I just collected my first check. This one is for $10,000. Here’s how:

Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of NYC. Imagine also that you not familiar with NYC, you are from “the country” with no clue how to get around the big city. Now imagine that you’ve just been told that you won’t be able to rent the car you need to drive out of the city, to get to the country (approximately a 2 hour drive away). Also imagine that you have only $50 dollars in your pocket. Because it is Sunday, you cannot go to a bank or, have funds transferred to get more money for a car, but; everything is going to be OK – You’re closing on a wholesale deal tomorrow! If you start walking now…

Craigslist Sale May 2013

Sold a house off Craigslit in Cloquet, MN. Never saw the house.

Net $11K.

Thank you Matt Larson Edge 2013.

Put a deal under contract using 25:1. Had a contractor visit the home and send me pictures.

Posted the home with pictures on Craigslist:
3/1 Single Family
$43K Must Sell
Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

No calls first few days; then I got one call. They visited the home & loved it. They put up a deposit and we closed a week later. This was NOT a usual buyer; these were owner occupants who had cash.

We're starting to see more non traditional buyers enter the market place. Use Craigslist again!


To all the DG family's MOMs, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!! Hope you all enjoy celebrating YOUR special day Laughing out loud

DG's AndyS

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