I did it!!!

I DID IT!!! Finally my first deal!! Thanks to the success academy and this website. The strategies work and persistence pays off. Follow up follow up follow up is the key. A nice 4k income. Thanks Dean!! You've changed another life!!

Wholesaling~ Don't make it harder than it is!


Yesterday our latest wholesale deal was completed. We assigned it for 8500.00 CASH!!! I think we make wholesaling harder than it is. We got this property under contract on 8/22 and sold it on 8/28. DEAL DONE!!! Now I have other people says now why did you let me have the deal!! LOL


So I have a deal and it would be my 1st so I just wanted to know if someone can tell me what all should I send out to my buyers in an email about the property?

Closed a contract assignment this morning. 25/1 pipline!! $10,000

Closed another wholesale deal this morning. Walked out with a $10,000 check. Got it off the MLS for $415,000, assigned the contract to my buyer for $425,000. August has been a pretty good month so far

$29,000 Wholesale fee. LLC transfer. 25/1
$9,600 Co-wholesale. Networking
$2,000 Co-wholesale. Networking
$5,000 Co-wholesale. Networking
$10,000 Wholesale fee, contract assignment. 25/1

Total so far in August - $53,600 closed and collected.

Got one under contract that does not close until Sept 23. Co-wholesale. $6,000. Networking

Grand total of $59,600. Not a bad month, maybe 20 hours total time in all 6 deals!

Every one of these was a zero money out of pocket deal. What Dean teaches is REAL and WORKS period.


Hello Everyone,

MLS 25/1 Strategy

So my question is, when you go to an agent and you try doing the 25/1 strategy, is there a specific type of Single Family Home criteria this suppose to be done for or I'm suppose to be using it for? Cuz what I notice, the agent would send me REO/Short Sales, so I thought I was only suppose to be looking at single family homes that need TLC and etc but that aren't REO/Short Sales, or it's this common when going through the MLS for these this type of SFH and REO/Short Sale to be linked to one another? Please help, this is my only dilemma of why can't keep moving forward without knowing what the 25/1 is made for?

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