First Deal After 3 yrs of going at it.

I live in New York City, Bronx County and after 2 and a half years and a number of failed attemps to get a deal together I finally closed on my first deal.I received a Bird Dog fee of $6,500.00. Out of that I get half because I have a partner. I'm going to invest the proceeds back into the business and finally start a LLC and buy some more bandit signs, and bumper sticker signs to bring in more leads and make more money.

Attn: All DG Guests !

Hello all guests on the DG Family Site,

As you may have seen, we are the Dean Graziosi Family and we are a great bunch; friendly, genuine, helpful and proof that Dean's books, programs, schools work! There are many, many, many, many real live real estate investors here. We help eachother a lot and the DG Team helps us, Dean helps us every day, every week and we help him help others over and over.

This is the real deal. No scam here. It's a working site, ever improving, up-to-the-minute real real estate, all over the nation.

Won't you join us?

I don't think it costs a thing (maybe you have to have read one of Dean's books, I'm not sure because I have read them all, and done the programs, and graduated from the Success Academy). The return is endless and priceless.


My first deal-$9700.00

This was a 3/2 sf that the seller had listed for $125K with an ARV of $149k. He had done all of the rehab ( kitchen,bath, paint,etc:) except for the carpet. We negotiated the deal down to $85.3k and got it under contract. I assigned the deal the next day to one of my buyers for $95k. The whole deal took 3hrs to include walking the property. BOY-O-BOY does this stuff work!! Hope to have deal #2 by the week end. THANK YOU DEAN AND THE SUCCESS ACADEMY!!

Week’s Real Estate Headlines

Each week we bring you some short real estate article highlights, and here they are for this week:

Most Americans Not Moving – Instead Remodeling

With the lack of confidence in the housing market and any return to appreciation soon, homeowners are deciding to remain in their current homes and instead remodel or in some other way improve their residence. An American Express survey shows that only 10 percent of Americans plan to move. 44 percent of those say that they’ll buy a home, while 42 percent say that they’ll rent.

Of the remaining homeowners, 70 percent say they have a project, planning on spending an average of $3,500. Of these projects, 58% will be interior remodel and the top project in that category is paint, at 37 percent.

3 Generations Under 1 Roof

my first deal done!

yeaaa wahooooooo I did my first wholesale deal and it feels pretty good. it was a not a huge pay day but it was a learning experience and i did still make $1000 and i needed it. it all thanks to dean. after my buisness went under in 2008 i never thought i would be involved in real estate again but one night a year ago as I lay in bed I saw deans infomercial and i couldn't believe this guy was real and that it was possible to make money in real estate with no money and no credit. here are the details of my first wholesale deal.

Finally! my IRA custodian approved Sale today!!!

Our IRA custodian (sister of Equity Trust) sent our documents back signed today, approving sale of one of our latest acquisitions! We bought it through our Roth IRA for $15,000.00. Property was originally listed for $30K, vacant, with price reduction. This property has also a large Mother-in-law unit in the back yard Smiling. The front house has 3 beds, 1 bath, while the back house 1 bed, 1 bath. Both houses under one utility service (i.e water, electricity, gas). We sold it in installment contract to a large family perfect for this property set-up. Property appraised for $45K and sold it in installment contract for $40K with $3K down and $530.00 per month for 9 years at 10.45% interest rate.

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