Stubborn Naysayer has seen the light

My brother Mike sold a house 10 yrs ago and made $60 Grand, so when I decided to do this Real Estate a year ago I tried to get him to jump onboard, cuz naturally I thought since he had made money in RE he wud wud jump on the opportunity. But, He said it was possible to make money b4 but not now in this bad economy. I told him he was wrong, this is the perfect time to get in on it, millions of dollars are being made by investors, he wudnt listen.

2 Deals Closed from 25-1 Srategy.Thank-you Matt and Dean!

I haven't been on hear for a while because I've been busy making offers and having fun with my family.I put in 5-10 offers a day.I closed 2 deals at the end of July and made $9500.I have another deal that is closing on 9-14-12 ,similar to Rando1,and I'm making 15k.Its a estate sale and their are 7 family members that will be involed in the estate,but only one has rights to sign.We were suppose to close the end of August but its a probate.This the most I've ever made on a deal.I have a great realtor and I hope that all the people who haven't done a deal yet,would JUST DO IT! SERIOUSLY!

It has taken a year to do this deal. He's going insane.

My bird dog in Tulare California is one excited dude. He found a boarded up junker house a year ago. We tried to get the owners to sell but they wudnt return our calls and we eventually gave up on the deal.
Then after I spent 4 months in the islands I get back and start running ads on Craigs list. Wudnt u know it, they call and say they want to sell. We agreed to buy it for $22,500 and sold it a few days later for $38,000

Great deal

Just bought a wonderful property for 10k. We are managing the entire asset from fixinng it up to putting a great renter in the home. I didn't use a dime of my own money. We found a buyer and they closed on the deal. We made a 5k finders fee plus setup fee and we are keeping 50% of the ownership of the property. We will manage it but we will recieve 50% of the net income and when we sell it down the road we will get 50% of the net sale. It's a great deal for all involved. The opportunities are endless!

Finally closing on the house from ---- well you know

A friend of ours told me about a woman who's sister just died and she was looking to sell her sisters house to settle the estate. The woman was the executor and had full power to sell the property.

My husband and I went to look at it and....WHOOOOEEEE! This place was the worst property I had EVER been in. They had 12 cats and let them go potty anywhere they wanted. There was literally a mound of cat dung in every corner of the house...YUK! The woman was also a hoarder and the place was filled to the ceilings with antiques. The stench was nasty, the place was disgusting and I could not get through the rooms to evaluate the property... too much stuff!

I negotiated the purchase price but put a 14 day contingency in the contract like I always do. This one said...

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