MLS 25/1 Strategy

So my question is, when you go to an agent and you try doing the 25/1 strategy, is there a specific type of Single Family Home criteria this suppose to be done for or I'm suppose to be using it for? Cuz what I notice, the agent would send me REO/Short Sales, so I thought I was only suppose to be looking at single family homes that need TLC and etc but that aren't REO/Short Sales, or it's this common when going through the MLS for these this type of SFH and REO/Short Sale to be linked to one another? Please help, this is my only dilemma of why can't keep moving forward without knowing what the 25/1 is made for?


Hi DG Fam, Hope all is well and everyone is crushing it.

Have been MIA for sometime, been hustling lol. Just want to share with everybody that I'm closing on 7 whole sale deals this month and its so awesome!! Goes to show you that Dean knows what he's talking about. Thank god I saw him on a infomercial late at night Smiling Not trying to brag, just genuinely excited that I'm doing this and making it happen. I get pumped and excited when I hear and see other people on this site doing so many deals that it just makes me want to do as good as them. These are mostly REO deals and I'm not using any of my money or escrow. So just keep pushing forward and follow you vision, don't listen to the ones that say this doesn't work cause there are so many more people here making it work!

Bandit signs are amazing!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share my success with bandit signs. This past Friday I put out 25 signs in busy areas around me. They were a ghost ad for a 3br2ba. It has been four days and I've received over 40 voicemails. I've returned all the calls and already have 15 solid cash paying investors for my buyers list. I ordered more signs and this weekend I'm going to put them out marketing to sellers to find deals and get my first one done. I hope it works just as well. I'm so stoked over how well its working, I just had to share! Have a great day everyone!

Co Wholesale closes this morning, $9600 to me.

I met this fellow wholesaler through another wholesaler I do business with. NETWORKING!!! He had the property, I brought the buyer. Contract assignment done quick and clean this morning. My fee was $9600! I met the wholesaler that made the introduction at a REI meeting.
Just like Dean teaches, get out and meet people face to face. This is a people, marketing business.

Here is the KICKER.. My buyer is a husband and wife rehab team that I have supplied 10 houses to in the last twelve months. We ran into each other in the parking lot of the title company before closing this morning. The wife reached in her pocket and handed me $1000 in cash and said thanks for everything you do, it is so nice to work with someone we know is honest.

25/1 = A $29,000 Check This Morning

25 to 1 is ROCKING! WE have a pipeline of deals under contract or that we are countering on. We are making around 100 offers a month using the 25/1 system.

Dean and Matt teach the system, WE JUST HAVE TO DO IT! My agent has been paid on almost $2,000,000 in real estate transactions over the last 8 weeks. Obviously, he has no problem pulling comps, he doesn't object to me wholesaling!! Smiling Smiling Smiling


Closing on wholesale deal # 613 on August 9th....Ahhhhh YEA!!!!

I joined the DG family in 2009 after reading Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire". Since then I have went on to leverage every bit of knowledge and education that Dean had to offer. From his Weekly Wisdom to the Success Academy the education and training that he provides is not only dynamic but IT WORKS!

I completed my first deal 30 days after reading his book and I am closing on deal #613 in August. CRAZY HUH?

I am a stay at home mother of 7 children and a wife of 26 years. Not to toot my own horn but All of the education and techniques were worthless unless I put them into action. You can gain all of the knowledge that Dean has to offer and yet if YOU do not put action to the knowledge you have just wasted all of your money.

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