After 16 takers, the real buyer comes through. ANOTHER WHOLESALE DEAL SOUTHERN CA

Hi DG family, Here is another deal with lots of adventure. Smiling

Got a property under contract, and despite checking with the city umpteen times, each time we or a buyer would go to the property they'd tell them something new and different. From where the buyer could put the required parking up to the final bombshell that was nicely covered up, the entire house and garage had been moved onto the lot from another location in 1948. The adventures never end! So, instead of making the $25k I was hoping to make, we are happily wholesaling it for a couple grand between two people.

This is an REO, added buyer to the contract, quit claimed myself after closing. After wholesaling this one 15 other times, I am ecstatic to have it closing tomorrow!

My first deal!!!

FINALLY!!! After months of hard work, I finally completed my first wholesale deal! And, it ended up being a three property deal!

Through my marketing efforts, I found an investor who had properties in my area, but he lives in another state. His properties were vacant, and had been vandalized. He was ready to sell.

I had already located a buyer who was interested in the type of properties that the seller had. So, it just came down to finding a price that we could agree on.

Ultimately, I bought all three properties for a total price of $90K, and sold them for a price of $102K. And, since I did a same day closing, I made a $12K profit without using any of my own money!

Now, I'm off to do it again!

Happy investing everyone!

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WOW! First 3 deals in the works in one day!

I found a buyer/investor on Craigslist in GA. I hooked up with a wholesaler yesterday who has bulk properties from an asset manager. Sent the buyer/investor some of these properties tonight, and will more than likely have 3 properties under contract by tomorrow! I've been working hard to make this happen....fingers and toes crossed that nothing goes wrong! I really need some good news right about now!


Closed my first commercial property. I own it. NONE of my own money. $220K equity; $3700/mo profit after expenses

Hello DG family! Well, I've been working multiple deals at the same time, and was going along quite well, but such as it goes with Southern CA real estate, something always comes up.

First property I am working on I've wholesaled 15 times. But the issue is always the same. So I looked into it, after ALREADY looking into it, and the city changed up their requirements for parking. So, this property I'm trying to find a solution to the lack of ability to put in the city required parking that the city told me PRIOR I could use part of the yard for. That all changed. So working on a solution for that one.

Fighting a title issue on another property.

More WHOLESALING MULTIPLE deals! 25/1 works again!

Closed a deal June 28th, Made $6,000. Estate sale.
Closing one July 10th, will make $6,000. Individual owner. Both are LLC transfers. Single closings.
Both were listed on the MLS. Both were asking more than $50,000 more than I offered. Both of my first offers were rejected. Got them both on the 3rd or 4th time around. Follow up is critical!

I got two more under contract yesterday. One was an REO, the other an estate sale. Both MLS listings.
These two I have been countering on for at least 45 days. Follow up is critical!

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