OMG! Bypassed THREE!!! of my MAJOR goals and didn't even KNOW it! THANKS for helping me get there DEAN!!!

Doing the financials is something I used to do regularly, but since things have gone crazy with the real estate, I've kind of neglected them. Actually, I HATE doing taxes. DESPISE them. Just getting everything ready for them is about as enjoyable as taking a bath in acid. Cool And I have been working the REI business hard since last September and have been HORRIBLE at keeping up my books. (I know, I really need a bookkeeper but am afraid of the whole embezzlement thing (excuse... found one now Eye-wink ) And I found out today that I have surpassed a couple of my goals. Time to make new ones!

Deal signed !! Partners with my boy :)

It's been awhile since I posted my deals but this one is special because my son Justin partnered with me !!! This is how exactly how it went !!
1- placed bandit signs out at strategic locations ... Such as the entrance and exit of Walmart !! Yellow with big black sharpie , 18* 24 size sign that says....I BUY HOUSES ANY COND. ###_###_###
Wait for calls .... MANY MANY calls come in.... Document ALL callers and ALL info on lead sheets. Ask
1. Their name 2. Ask where they found your # so you can track your marketing to see what area signs r working the best 3. The property address 4) how many bedrooms/ baths and approx sq footage... Note : you will need this to do your comps to find out the ARV
5) size lot, garage? Basement? One/ 2 story ?

September is off to a great start! 25/1 does it again.

This was an MLS listed Estate sale. We negotiated a buy price of 278,500. I put the deal out to my buyers at $285,000. There was not much margin in this deal but I will take $6500 all day long. WELL, so I thought. No one wanted the deal at that price. I had an offer at $275,000 from one of my very good buyers. A $10,000 price reduction was needed. I asked for it and the seller came back with an $8500 price reduction. So in order to make this deal happen I knocked $1500 off my fee. There was the $10,000 reduction my buyer wanted! We signed the assignment contract with $2500 non refundable earnest this morning. Closing is set for Wednesday Sept 11th.
So, I made $5000 on this one. First deal of September.

I gotta go make some offers!!


I did it!!!

I DID IT!!! Finally my first deal!! Thanks to the success academy and this website. The strategies work and persistence pays off. Follow up follow up follow up is the key. A nice 4k income. Thanks Dean!! You've changed another life!!

Wholesaling~ Don't make it harder than it is!


Yesterday our latest wholesale deal was completed. We assigned it for 8500.00 CASH!!! I think we make wholesaling harder than it is. We got this property under contract on 8/22 and sold it on 8/28. DEAL DONE!!! Now I have other people says now why did you let me have the deal!! LOL


So I have a deal and it would be my 1st so I just wanted to know if someone can tell me what all should I send out to my buyers in an email about the property?

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