Weekly Wisdom #357- What Are You Thinking!?

In this Week's Weekly Wisdom I have a very powerful message about what you believe and the effect it has on the outcome of your life... Do you believe that you can do whatever you want in life? Do you believe in yourself? Because if you don't... then this Weekly Wisdom is something you MUST see!

Watch now!

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Weekly Wisdom #356 - Is Talent Overrated?

What if I told you talent is completely overrated? What if I told you that your success depends on something COMPLETELY different than how much talent you were born with? Would you believe me?

Well watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and let me tell you what thing is WAY more important to your success than talent!

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Weekly Wisdom #355 - Your Life Depends On It...

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to discuss a powerful message I pulled from a book I am currently reading. And with that message comes a question...

How amazing, abundant, joyous and full of success would your life be, if you treated those areas as-if "your life depended on it"?

Well at the end of the day... doesn't your life depend on it? Watch this powerful message and let me tell you why treating these areas of your life like "your life depends on it" is an essential part of experiencing the life you've always dreamed of! Watch now!

And remember, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Student Wisdom #27 - Private Money with Donna Britten

Get your wisdom on with this week’s amazing student wisdom video from our very own very own Donna Do! Dona is here to share some great info!

She presents us with great information on finding private money. She says "Private Money is out there...can you see it? Donna's shares some of the resources that she uses to find it!"

Donna is one of our top contributors on Insider Elite - For Investors by Investors and we thank her so much for her weekly and sometimes daily motivation and wisdom.

For more information about Insider Elite, go to https://www.insiderelite.com/order/dg/dsorder/order.html

Weekly Wisdom #354 - The Art of Persuasion

Morning DG Family! This week's Weekly Wisdom comes with a homework assignment, or maybe more of a challenge!

It is designed to help you see the art of persuasion for what it TRULY is, and see how incredibly important it is in your life.

So watch it now, and see if you can accept my challenge for this week Smiling)

My Daughters First Deal!!!

This is so exciting! Through me, my daughter has used Dean's training and gotten her first wholesale deal!! She is only 20 years old. She now knows and has the tools to have financial freedom and free time to do what she wants when she wants!! Man, I wish I had that knowledge when I was 20.

She is changing her major from studying to be a Radiologist to Business and Marketing. Wow, that will save Dad some money!! Plus, she will make more money anyway!!

She got her 2nd property under contact today. The LLC transfer fee was $7500 on her first deal, looks to be the same on the latest deal, we already have a buyer lined up for #2.

That's $15k in less than a month = $180,000 a year.
Now I just have to get my other 3 kids on board and we will have an awesome family business.

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