Weekly Wisdom #372 - Matt Larson's secret ingredient...

This week I sat down to interview one of my top student's Matt Larson on not only how he has grown to be one of the world's best real estate investors, but also, what real estate has meant to him & what it can mean for so many of my other students...

And he told me something that was a key part to his success that I truly never even thought about! But when he said it, I knew it had to be shared with anyone else who may be looking to take their life to the next level with real estate. You're gonna love this!

So take a couple minutes and watch now!

Weekly Wisdom #371 - The Experience of Life...

So many times people have the misconception that life is a straight line from start to finish. Like some sort of tight rope from birth, to teenager, to adult, to senior, to our death, but in your personal experience wouldn't you say that's kind of false...

Wouldn't you say life is more like a roller coaster? With ups and downs and highs and lows? With love and hate and sadness and joy? Because I know in my life, it's never been as simple as a straight line...

...But rather a beautifully well written story with its ups and downs.

Weekly Wisdom #370 - Stop Self Suffering!

So many of us have found a way to make ourselves suffer when bad things happen in life...

Somebody might hurt us, or lie to us, or make us feel like we aren't worthy. But you know what, no one can make you feel a certain way unless you give them permission to make you feel that way!

And that permission comes in the form of making yourself suffer. Well what if we decided to stop suffering? What if, when someone did something to us in a negative way, we stopped and thought to ourselves "oh, well their loss! I'm gonna be just fine!"

In this Weekly Wisdom I want to share with you how you can cut out some of the self inflicted suffering in your life!

Weekly Wisdom #369 - Interviewed by my Daughter! (AWESOME)

The Weekly Wisdoms are officially back! And I'm starting off with a bang, by sharing with you a special interview I did with my amazing daughter Bre Smiling

For school she had to interview somebody; anybody, and she chose me. Aren't I a lucky dad!

Some of you may have seen this when I shared it live on Facebook, but for those of you who didn't you've got to check it out!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

My 21 Year old daughter set to close deal #5!!

My youngest daughter did her first wholesale deal right before her 21st birthday. Back in September. We are now closing on #5!! So she has averaged 1 a month since starting.

She is an example of getting the basics down and then taking action. She is putting together offers on 4 more today. She got herself an agent 5 months ago, got the 90 day cash solds list and has searches coming to her daily. She goes to the local REI meetings, MAKES OFFERS, goes to collage and works a part time job.

She was studying to be a radiologist but has changed her major to Business and Marketing. Dads wallet is happy about that!Smiling She plans on using her studies to improve and grow her REI business.

$ 86,000 PROFIT

You might want to think about the new build construction niche in real estate investing. Now I am no bragger about what I make for profit but I really want you all to think about the arena of new build construction for your real estate investing strategy . I am by no means saying this is easy or that anyone can do it but I have come to realize my construction background has helped me immensely after learning all of Deans strategies of investing. I thought to myself how can I use what I already know to propel me in the real estate investing world. I know some of you have a construction background or at least some experience in the construction field and this strategy of new build or managing new builds I believe is the area you could build mass of confidence to earn profits wildly !!

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