To Invest or Not to Invest – And Real Estate Looks Good

Real estate investors who are speaking to others about the business sometimes are helping them to see the value of rental property investing. This is especially true if you’re wholesaling and constantly canvassing for investor buyers. Some are even giving seminars or webinars to interested parties considering real estate investment.
When the subject of risk comes up, some of these would-be investors may be very cautious. They may have significant money in savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and in sedate dividend-paying stocks. If we consider savings accounts and certificates of deposit as something less than “investing,” then we can help these people to make decisions about moving assets from these very low return asset categories into real estate.

We owe a lot to Dean, and all the DG Family!

I have a good memory and I often reflect to where I started so I never forget where I came from. It is fun and educational to reflect on our own personal growth and education through the years with Dean. When I was in corporate America, Dean appeared late night on television like so many others had first saw him. I had a great job and a great career and made very good money but I felt as though I had reached the pinnacle of my career in Accounting but I still hungered for something more.

Crazy Awesome deal just closed! Not a penny of my money, Literally!!!

Purchased for $46,500

Private Money $33,000
Seller 2nd $13,500

My money $0

Monthly Cashflow $350

The property was completely rehabbed 3 years ago and is in great shape. It has a long term tenant of 7 years and she loves the home.

I'm amazed I just closed this deal. The seller was a really great lady that had was really motivated to sell her home. The deal came to me from a referral and over a course of 2 months we worked on closing it. I couldn't get conventional financing on it, I have too many properties, so the only way I could close it was with private funding. I sent the deal out to my lenders and I had one of them bit on it.

Shrinking Middle Class & Low Millennial Homeownership Signs of Problems?

There are a couple of news items this week that together could point to some near term problems for housing and home prices. First, let’s be clear that poor housing market and home price news isn’t necessarily bad news for investors.
Millennial Home ownership Levels at New Lows

Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #289 - Win Dean's iPhone 5

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This Week’s Short Stories

It’s a Mixed Bag for Housing
The housing market’s health is very dependent on where you live or who else lives there. Here are the Boom, Bust and So-So markets:
• Booming: Areas with growing tech communities, oil industry areas, and buyers over the age of 45 are creating boom markets.
• Busting: Over-correcting markets after the market crash. Areas like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and some areas of California are in this group.
• So-So: Areas in this group include those that came late to the bust and the recovery, areas already past the over-correction phase, and areas that pretty much stayed out of the major whiplash of the crash and recovery.

Office Leases Increasing

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