1st Flip with Dean's Program

We purchased a distressed REO property in a good neighborhood that has an ARV of $130,000. Purchased for 75,000. Rehab was 20K. We put on the market with a realtor and within 1 day we had an offer on the property. The buyer had an inspection done and inspection said we needed a new roof. Ultimately we paid for the shingles to be torn off and put new shingles on. A few days before closing the buyers lost his job and they backed out of the contract. So…we put back on the market and 2 weeks later we had another offer and we accepted. By the time realtor fees and closing costs etc were taken out we still walked away with quick $11,000 profit!! Best looking house in a good Neighborhood!!!

Closing on wholesale deal # 613 on August 9th....Ahhhhh YEA!!!!

I joined the DG family in 2009 after reading Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire". Since then I have went on to leverage every bit of knowledge and education that Dean had to offer. From his Weekly Wisdom to the Success Academy the education and training that he provides is not only dynamic but IT WORKS!

I completed my first deal 30 days after reading his book and I am closing on deal #613 in August. CRAZY HUH?

I am a stay at home mother of 7 children and a wife of 26 years. Not to toot my own horn but All of the education and techniques were worthless unless I put them into action. You can gain all of the knowledge that Dean has to offer and yet if YOU do not put action to the knowledge you have just wasted all of your money.


I got a new bird dog named Mike, he called on one of my bandit sign he seen while driving.

He said he was a cop with 25 yrs in, and was now a Sargent working the complaint desk. He wanted to buy some properties. He had also called several other bandit signs.

One of the other bandit sign guys name is Justin and he said he had a house on contract for 60K. Mike the cop calls me & we look at the property online and we negotiate this guy Justin down to 57K, I just got it sold for 70 frikin thousand buks. Starting escrow today.

Mike and I are splitting $13,000 dollars, the other wholesaler is making $7,500.

How insane is this? The new bird dog and I are making a shipload of cash for doing almost nothing.

No Money Flip Mastery Class

No Money Flip Mastery Class !

Who joined? Are you excited as I am?

Student Weekly Wisdom #16 - Wholesaling 101 With Carol Stinson

Don't be normal. Think outside the box and beat everybody else. Swim towards the current, or go against the grain... Do whatever you need to do to achieve the results everybody else is not getting. In this video, Carol explains how to think outside the box and to do things everybody else isn't doing! Just remember, if you do everything everybody is already doing, you'll just be another person receiving the same results.

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