Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #289 - Win Dean's iPhone 5

You simply can't miss the Weekly Wisdom Dean filmed for you this week. Not only do you get the chance to win Dean's personal iPhone 5 for FREE, he also shares something very personal with you about his 2 children that you'll want to take and apply it to YOUR life.

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This Week’s Short Stories

It’s a Mixed Bag for Housing
The housing market’s health is very dependent on where you live or who else lives there. Here are the Boom, Bust and So-So markets:
• Booming: Areas with growing tech communities, oil industry areas, and buyers over the age of 45 are creating boom markets.
• Busting: Over-correcting markets after the market crash. Areas like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and some areas of California are in this group.
• So-So: Areas in this group include those that came late to the bust and the recovery, areas already past the over-correction phase, and areas that pretty much stayed out of the major whiplash of the crash and recovery.

Office Leases Increasing

Cash Buyers Still Rule – What’s Going on with Housing?

For several years now cash buyers have represented around 30% or more of all home purchases. These were mostly investors of course. Now a new report from RealtyTrac states that during the first three months of 2014, cash sales made up 43% of all sales, up 19% from a year earlier. The two main contributing factors are reported to be tough mortgage rules and intense buyer competition.


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Letters and Signs WORK

For the people that say yellow letters don't work....... I say horse poooo.. Just got a call from a guy that I sent two letters to one year ago. Want to sell his MH that he owns the land under. I sold one in this park which was half the size of the one for 45k in and hour. Home run number two is coming so get your gloves on baseball fans.... Please use yellow letters and bandit signs because they work..I will post the deal once I lock it in Friday ..NOW GO GET SOME

The Tenant Package for Safety and Profit

If you owned a service business with employees, you’d be at severe risk if you were operating without an employee manual. Specific policies and procedures protect you from employee errors, but if they err anyway, you have proof of your instructions to protect you in case of a lawsuit.
If you’re a landlord, you’re not in an employee situation in most cases. However, your tenants can actually be a bigger risk factor than employees. From property damage to security deposit disputes and liability issues, you should be taking action to protect yourself. Sure, everybody has a lease agreement, but if that’s all you have you should be doing more. The plan is to set expectations upfront to manage your tenant relationships.

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