Weekly Wisdom #369 - Interviewed by my Daughter! (AWESOME)

The Weekly Wisdoms are officially back! And I'm starting off with a bang, by sharing with you a special interview I did with my amazing daughter Bre Smiling

For school she had to interview somebody; anybody, and she chose me. Aren't I a lucky dad!

Some of you may have seen this when I shared it live on Facebook, but for those of you who didn't you've got to check it out!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

My 21 Year old daughter set to close deal #5!!

My youngest daughter did her first wholesale deal right before her 21st birthday. Back in September. We are now closing on #5!! So she has averaged 1 a month since starting.

She is an example of getting the basics down and then taking action. She is putting together offers on 4 more today. She got herself an agent 5 months ago, got the 90 day cash solds list and has searches coming to her daily. She goes to the local REI meetings, MAKES OFFERS, goes to collage and works a part time job.

She was studying to be a radiologist but has changed her major to Business and Marketing. Dads wallet is happy about that!Smiling She plans on using her studies to improve and grow her REI business.

$ 86,000 PROFIT

You might want to think about the new build construction niche in real estate investing. Now I am no bragger about what I make for profit but I really want you all to think about the arena of new build construction for your real estate investing strategy . I am by no means saying this is easy or that anyone can do it but I have come to realize my construction background has helped me immensely after learning all of Deans strategies of investing. I thought to myself how can I use what I already know to propel me in the real estate investing world. I know some of you have a construction background or at least some experience in the construction field and this strategy of new build or managing new builds I believe is the area you could build mass of confidence to earn profits wildly !!

Weekly Wisdom #368 - 2016 Secret Weapon (GO GRAB THIS)

Happy New Year!!! Ok let’s get this party started... I'm sure you have set some resolutions and goals to help make this your best year yet... And Good!! You should!! But the last thing you want is for this year to be another year that by February 15th life is right back where it was before setting goals. Not this year… Not on my watch!!

S first, I'm giving you my secret weapon (My Cheat Sheet) that I've used in my life for over 9 years to not just set goals, but basically predict my future by creating goals that become a reality. To get your cheat sheet go to http://www.deanslivecast.com

Weekly Wisdom #367 - Starting 2016 With a BANG!

They say that the smoothest rocks come from the harshest part of the stream. Just like some of your most incredible successes come from the toughest parts of your life!

And as we leave the 2015 year and head into the 2016 year, I want to share with everyone how important it is to understand that failing at something isn't the end of your dream or the end of your future, but GIVING UP is!

I think about so many of my students who were going through some of the toughest parts in their lives that decided that giving up, laying down, backing off from their dreams was SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION!

I've replaced my social security with RE profits!

Amazing! I just realized this a wk ago, i w/feeling bummed that I didn't do more deals Smiling so i have done 4 + 1 more deal that is in escrow but virtually assured of closing bc buyer gave seller non refundable $4,550 deposit! and this lead was from a bandit sign!

anyways! i get 24k a yr from soc sec & i will have 25k this yr from deals once this deal closes! i cant believe it, i set this goal the 1st of the yr this yr & I am feeling happy that i met my goal! it really does happen! you can do deals! you can wholesale! And I am in super hot market of san diego! downtown san diego! feeling ecstatic about this.

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