Day 6

Well, it's been awhile since I posted. I pleased to say that I have been taking action however, every day since I started.

So let's catch up....

I phoned 6 agents on Thursday and spoke with them about my plans. 4 of them were just the wrong fit altogether and 2 guys seemed eager to get to work right away. However, I may have just been yessed to death as neither one has sent out the listings as agreed.

Besides that, I've been catching up on past wisdoms, reading through the expert Q&A on IE, and my nose has been buried in the books.

Posted ghost ads today on Craigslist and I'm hoping to get some responses from buyers, sellers, and other investors as well.

Andrea Wuehl's contact info

Hi Everyone,
Would like to make contact with the student in the Denver area, Andrea Wuehl. Does anyone have her e-mail or company name and number?
Halla Garrity
Sierra REI
Durango, CO

Changing - Simple to do but most feared to do

A simple change in your perception of the world around you will change your energy and help you to think in terms of abundance and not lack.

An attitude of gratitude and appreciation will bring more wonderful blessings into your life.

i don't what to put here

but i'll think of something. c ya soon 7/25/2014

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Day 2


I spent a chunk of time today reading 30 days to RE Cash, Profit from RE Right Now, and reviewing Expert Q&A from IE. I've completed all of the homework from Phase 1 and I'm trying my best not to get information overload.

Tomorrow's a pretty BIG day. My intention is to find an agent or two so I'm anticipating hearing some negativity and naysayer talk. My confidence is in pretty good shape though. I've been keeping up the momentum by watching daily wisdoms about mindset and fear. I've also been perusing old weekly wisdom vids because there's nothing like getting pumped up by seeing and hearing Dean tell you that you CAN do this.

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