DEAN Help: Website is down after many complaints/asking for help Again

After 8 months of asking Dean and DGADMIN2 (Jeremy) they fixed the website but it only displayed and sat there with No admin to change Any of the info.

Here we are again asking/complaining about the website and Jeremy replies to contact him so he can get the I.T. guys on it and...NOTHING.. no reply No fix.

Then, the thread of website complaints is Deleted the thread asking for solution or even a response to fix the problem is Gone.

WHY are We ignored when we asked for help/support and when DGADMIN finally replies he asked to contact him so he can get "IT" can to fix it, we do, but, NOTHING happens except they decide to take OUR website DOWN completely!

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My first moves.

I'm so excited about this new opportunity that I have been presented with. My goal is to close a deal by 11/1/2015. I'm working a fulltime job in the evenings, so in the morning is the time that I spend taking steps toward reaching my goal of closing a deal by 11/1/2015. Tomorrow I will be doing a real estate agent search. Thank you so much Dean...I'm so inspired!

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