Tips for preparing your home for spring

Spring is a crucial time for your roof for two major reasons. First, your roof has just endured its hardest season, winter, and is likely to have developed some problems. Second, the spring is typically the wettest season which exacerbates problems that developed during the winter. So now that winter is behind us and spring is getting started, here are some tips for getting your roof ready.

Inspect your roof

15 Unit owner finance

I am really hoping I can pull this deal off in the comoing months . I have property management in place for this. Waiting on the fianncials for the properties as I write.

Look At Me, NOW!

Gearing up for this new adventure! Reading, preparing, goal setting, and visualizing.

"What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it."
-Alexander Graham Bell

To our success!
~ Rachel

Looking for a mentor,Anyone helpful

Hello, I live in Louisiana 19 years oldand ive always have been interested in Real Estate. Back in 2013 i attended the Buying Summit in Vegas, Im ready to take things to the neck level with doing my first deal and such or if anyone is in the surrounding area or can lend some knowledgel. Give me a call 3373138987 or email me jaylon.braxton1@**** thanks!

Out of the Shadows

I am hoping this e-mail gets to Dean just in case it doesn't need to Say it!

Dear Dean,
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kim Cooke! Hello Dean, gosh I feel like I have known you forever, I have record of your emails back to September 2007. I have used a variety of different user names which someday I hope to clear that up. I started following you in 2005 when I became sick then eventually disabled. You were delightful and entertaining and gave me encouragement when all I could do is be sick. Took years to get better, body never will be 100%. Before I continue, I want to thank you for being my friend, you have never given up on me!

Starting off with little to no resources

I had a friend bring me with her to Vegas to watch a presentation about Dean and the success of his deals. I almost met Matt there and I even won a few prizes. Now, two years later, my friend and I have filed bankruptcy and have not completed any deals. Real estate is something that I have always been interested in. However, I paired with someone who dives head first in many get rich quick schemes. I reside in the state of Illinois. Here, bird dogging is illegal so that isn't an option. Is there anyway for me to start deals? I watch the videos and red a few deals.. Just looking for a little direction please.

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