30 Days to Cash - Agent Finder document / PDF doc?

I cannot download this document from the site. It is in a format not supported on my computer.

Can someone send this to me in PDF format?


Building my confidence!!!!!

Hello my name is Fard Shaw I live in mapleville RI I have been a DG member for a few years now I truly believe it is time to do something with my life for a better future. For not only myself but my family as well. I recently had to leave my family my wonderful five kids cause my ex spouse was a naysayer in the truest form. Someone who I have been with for 10 years but never believed in anything that I wanted to accomplish in my life weight loss, eating better for our family, anything especially real estate. So I took the what I could carry kissed my loving kids who all understand and love and support me. Let them know I love them too and moved out on my own a nomad ( so to speak) lol!! Now looking to build my confidence up TAKE ACTION!!!!!!

My Short Sale Home

I have been looking for the best deal possible on brick homes in Atlanta, Ga and it has materialized. In my search for a house in the Atlanta market, I came upon this property. At the time I thought they were asking too much. Finally it was reduced by $3500. I decided to make my move. I called a realtor I saw online at 9:45 p.m. that night and ask her if she would be my real estate agent. She was shocked because I believe I woke her up from sleep. After getting her bearing, she said yes. The next day I told her about this home I was interested in. She said she would look into it and get back at me. I was excited and called my sister, who requested to know how far I was in the process of obtaining the home. I told her, I was getting ready to make an offer.

Cash Buyers In All 50 States, Returned Deposit

Mary Eastman
Phoenix, AZ
About Me:


Like many of you, my interest in real estate started with infomercials!
Different friends had different recommendations. Attending REI forums, Groups and
Clubs. I benefited So much from Dean's teachings and read his first book in about 10 hours.

What I do today is assisting a few as they Bird Dog or Flip. Some
Bird Dog with me a few times and move onto flipping. Our relationship is sometimes as short as one deal, sometimes a few deals before you are rolling.

I work with Cash Buyers that buy and flip in all 50 States. Credit Isn't A Concern. (This Does Require an Investment and you get that investment back after the Cash Buyers purchase the first property).

Ugh, technology failed us tonight. Tuesday it's on!

If you were on with us tonight, you know the trouble we had with Andrea and Gena's Hangout.

We've used this same system in the past with no problems but tonight it decided not to work... Ugh!

BUT, we have rescheduled their live hangout for Tuesday August 26th and we promise you, it will definitely be worth it!!

When: Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Time: 5:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PMCentral,8:00 PM Eastern

Where: Watch and Listen at

Again, our apologies for tonight but Tuesday.. It's on!

New to this Blogging

Reading, Getting information, preparing, etc. Ready to do this. Have never done any blogs. I guess I will learn how this works!

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