I am in bankruptcy for one more year can I get someone to lead me money to do these deals. Plus can I do it with no money.


Wishing Dean and all his students " A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS "

Labeled wrong

What if the house I'm trying to sell is labeled 3 bed 2 baths. And the house had 5 bed 3 bath. So what do I do everyone tries to look it up and they tell the comps. On the wrong thing. What should I do

how do i get started

i never done this but would like to get started rehabbing and making money who do i contact for help.

Thinking outside the box

I've been at this for sooooo long, but I can't seem to quit after all the failed attempts probably because of you all's post, thank y'all for showing me that there is success in this!!! Ok I'm taking a different approach, I'm going to get 4 blank signs from Home Depot should add up to 20$ well I hope so because that's all I can afford right now. I'm going on Keller Williams Realty site and I'm going to the open house section, then I'm putting 3 Bedroom 2 Bath For Sale Cash Only on the signs... I'm place each sign on the main corners where the open house is. Where I'm from that's called ( Short Stopping)! It's over a thousand open houses so when that open house is over I take the signs down and go to another one... A lot of work I know! But I need to succeed By-Any-Means!!!

The foods they are supposedly protecting

The foods they are supposedly protecting may leak out all the clothes we wear in pass into our bodies through our skin they of gas from our floors walls cars and furniture and migrate into our lungs once in our bodies collate sry havoc with our endocrine system cause birth defects and cancer damage our motto Cinders a and like asylums and most Nutra Tosterone relevant to this presentation tolerates poison are proxies arms the first signs of Bali toxicity showed up in the Korean and Vietnam wars where injured soldiers would occasionally go into shock and awe I within minutes are being given blood from plastic I V bottles before that time blood was stored in glass bottles but in 1948 with the inventi

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