Awesome rental in Little Rock Arkansas 2bd 1.5b Asking $22,000 (501)519-9580

can view pictures on Craigslist Little Rock Arkansas. Property address 5020 West 30th

Wholly *)#*#)& Monkey!!

WOW I found a buyer through this site!!!

I am so excited I can just spit!

Thank you DG site!!!!

Thank you Michael!!!!


I know the difference between a journal entry and a blog entry.....

My phone is so small and I can't see very well and because I'm in a "Ha! We are moving at a great pace mood,and I'm afraid of nothing....I decided to write. Joel (once again, nice enough to come to L.I.) we met at train and headed over to Panera....I had just finished watching Matt's Super Wholesaling Video's...the 9 of them and when I was finished; I thought my head had exploded off my body and I didn't feel human anymore!!

Looking for SFH and MFH all around good deals

Hey there,

I want to buy, fix and sell. And I want to make a $20,000 to $30,000 profit.

Let's look at the listings that are "starter homes", properties that are listed "as-is", "vacant", and "price reductions".

Do you have a list of cash buyers of real estate within the last 90 days?

I'm happy to work with you together!

Udo Ginczek


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Going in legally blind

Hello DG fam!! Found a few seemingly great investments, but If my potential buyers are willing to invest thru financing a flip ..What would my next step be? I am new to wholesaling but I am also determined to succeed. Any help would be appreciated.

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