This is really happening!

Well, it seems like overnight things are starting to happen. We just need to keep our eyes forward. Great deals are srating to happen I can feel it.

We have our first deal on the horizon,just decidong how to wrap it all up.

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Food Processor Must Be Equipped with Standard Features

Lease Option

Today we are figuring out all the details to help us decide on doing our first lease option. All the numbers are adding up. let's hope it all goes through and makes us some money.

Feeling financially stressed about doing our first deal.

baby steps to success

Looking at a home that currently cash flows at 500 a month. We are in the process of figuring out if we should lease option it ourselves, sandwich lease with someone else, or sell.

I know it is only a matter of time before we actually do our first deal.

We need to call back an interested seller who found us from our ad campaign. Now to figure out what will be our exit strategy. We are waiting to see if he wants to sign a lease option with us.

Every day we are taking small steps. Spoke a bit more in depth with a friend who is interested in buying a fixer upper to resell.

Baby Steps

It is Now or never

I have just finished AGAIN "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" (for the 5th or is it 6th time). I have spent the past Christmas season and then "Inventory" working at Walmart as a Photo Technician. It was my secure thought that as I did, I had a sure income every two weeks (even though I was only a Part-time employee). Why not? So was everybody else. You see these days Walmart,and many other companies, no longer hire full-time employees. All that was true until a week ago. I was terminated from my "Secure" (Part-time)job at Walmart.

Building up the Courage

Just watched Dean's weekly wisdom. I am so grateful for these.

I have had to overcome a ton of fears this week. I made phone calls to our first 2 prospects. I was not able to help one person. We are waiting to hear back from the other person to see if we can help him.

Me being the kind of person who hates to see people struggling and knowing that we couldn't help this person, I turned to my husband and said "Isn't there something we can do?" He got on-line and found this website for government programs that says they work with people in her situation.

So we directed her to:
FHA Outreach Center 1800-225-5342 and the National Servicing Center 1877-622-8525

I hope they can help her, if not we have her on a list as a potential foreclosure property.

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