Starting Up Again - Scared

It's been a year since last year's Edge event. I was pumped to work on the real estate, and I did. But not as intensely as I should have. There are plenty of excuses that I came up with for why I didn't have time.

In that year, I got married to a great guy. We moved to New Mexico to be closer to my mom and I ended up getting a job at a church. Fast forward and now I have left that job for reasons of integrity in the organization. I was heartbroken to be treated the way that I was, but I kept my head up and decided it was time to jump full time into real estate with my husbands nudging.

How To Create A Buyers List

Hello ALL D G members and non members,
if you have an interest on how to create a buyers list
both local and nationwide,
contact me in PM,

Free Information

Hello All, D G members, and non members,
here is free information, to those who choose to do
wholesale properties, you can list them for free
in these places for nationwide all cash buyers to view
and buy your properties

there are many others, just use bing, google,
yahoo search, plenty of buyers out there

land contract

Hello family, I have a possible investment situation I'm looking to get into and could use some advice. A coworker has a home their looking to get out of,she said she's ready to just walk away. Between the repairs mounting and the taxes, my coworker has become overwhelmed. I'm going to make arrangements to go see the house in the next few days to speak to her further and possibly take photographs. She told me that she has $22K left on her loan. I'd like to help us both by wholesaling the house and then again I'd like to lease it with rights to sub-lease. What about a land contract? My question is if I get into a land contract with her and she sells the house what happens to my contract? Or what can I do to retain my interest in the house?


Journey to Financial Freedom

Here is my very first Blog Smiling

My husband and I are ready to start setting up our buyers list and finding sellers. We are up for the challenge.

Jill & Brian Z

Conversation with Real Estate Agent!!

The real estate agent that I spoke with told me that the MLS doesn't have any properties that would meet my criteria (starter homes in hot areas, as is, or needs work, vacant, price reduced?) He just wanted to know how much money I had to invest for 4-5 properties that I would be wholesaling? He suggested $750,000. I am trying to wholesale to acquire money to be able to fix-flip but do not have it at this time. He wants to sit down with his partner in the morning and discuss this further, but I am obviously way out of my depth as I do not have the answers to his questions. Not sure where I go from here.. Any ideas?



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