Avoid distractions - Stay the course

Feb 2nd 2016
Caucuses, primaries, unseasonable weather, crashing stock markets, and more can all be ongoing distractions. Did you start a plan yet? Do you have resolutions for this year or do you have an actual plan? Create a plan for what you want to accomplish this year and stick to it. Take those resolutions and create a step by step plan for how you will achieve whatever it is and then take action. Every day another step can lead you to your goals, don’t let the daily new distractions keep you from accomplishing great things in 2016.

To our mutual success…

working on LLC

Well, today I've started to apply for my LLC. Still tweeking my business name. I talked to Craig re; working with me as my general contractor, doing walk through's, and being my job coordinator. He lives in st Augustine, where I'll concentrate doing my early deals(closer to home). Later deals will take advantage of (hopeful) future military build up in Jacksonville Florida (if we elect a good next president).

Hello to my newly adopted family

Please check out my profile, it will give you an idea of my background and life until now. I'm SO EXCITED to be here. I've been reading and on the computer 10+ hours a day for 5 or 6 days now. As soon as I get a business phone number I'll start getting my buyers list/ bucket built up. I think at this time I'll use hard money and start with a quick fix and flip since I have experience with re-habing houses. Any suggestions from more experienced members will be very appreciated. I almost spent $2000 on a competiters course. They offered funding, which ended up being hard money lenders who wanted an extra up front charge to lend the money.

sharing info

It's great to get information and training from Dean and Matt and other top students. I am also finding a wealth of information by participating in the forums on There really is a lot of information and experience to be gained from other fellow investors that are out there trying, doing and accomplishing great things.
Wishing you great success.

!!Kevin !!


Just found an agent willing to work with me but the big question is how am i to keep my agent from meeting my end buyer. (When dealing with mls listings?)

Powerball dreams didn’t work out? - Ok time to get to work

So okay, after last week’s Powerball that I didn’t win the Billion and a half dollars, and I’m guessing you didn’t either, I guess its time to get back to work.
What if we could just do some more deals to get the income level and net worth level up to that amount? Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Well, just like the Powerball jackpot didn’t get to 1.5Billion dollars overnight, it took months of millions of people buying tickets and no big payout. Neither is our income level or net worth. It takes time. And it takes consistent effort.
But the great thing about this business is that we can control our own income level. If you want to make more, then go do a few more deals.

I only hope these words are encouraging. I wish you all great success in 2016!


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