You know what we can do is get a full valuation

You know what we can do is get a full valuation work on herself-esteem in coping skills like you mentioned and then we can slowly integrate the family back together in a as the Great Britain I think not only did she needed I think that she really deserves you got to work at least as hard as she does well she’s strong yeah eremax thank you for writing this letter this is a gift to your family to at all stored word want to thank all my yesterday at a special thanks to doctormatthew Poached consider for discovery for helping Bailey and her family special thanks to where she'll be experts in transporting so that so great for them to help out and of course is always a special thanks to doctor Charles Sophie member or advisory board for being here docto

Vegas Investors

All I will be in Vegas from Sept 29th thru Oct 3rd, looking to meet and network with any vegas investors-fellow dg'ers. Send me a PM. Anyone know of any REI's in the Vegas area?

Double Closing - Having trouble with Real Estate attorneys HELP!

Calling Real Estate attorneys today has been very interesting.

It went from one lady copping an attitude right off the bat when I simply asked to briefly speak with one of the Real Estate attorneys that I had a very simple question and was told "we can't give any consulting over the phone without a $225 consulting fee". To a guy giving me price ranges to handle from 2K - 5K.

I followed guidelines from the book "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" on what to say to these people feeling less confident then when I started.

Can anyone tell me....

1. What should the Real Estate attorney actually
being do for me regarding a double close? (I had
one guy who I told more like just viewing
paperwork to ensure completed correctly, and he

I am living pleasurable life comfortably

I’m doctor couldn't stick around more to come despite power corrupts absolutely and so it is with the medical oncologist it's their way or the highway doesn't how you know I also doesn't hurt that you know it's grand-pop million bucks a day Kb cancer treatment centers you got to be kidding me more than that the money is staggering that’s the only reason why com they do it doesn't work mean whatever happened to Hippocratic oath doesn't exist go to South Dakota and see what teens up to South thanks for the phone call you our lives yes let's plan what's going on Dean I understand it a but couldn't a.m. nom m considered very healthy

Strength level start rising up through such perfect

We never have been going to him since three or four has he been a stable my success my career out the mall the someone with a hamstring and I of course sure yeah whatever it I had last week off from you so but you want to get this hamstring that inside canal where we were last time only up yet again show that field feel ALPHA CUT HD there's a spot on and has a hamstring to you yeah actually for the normal person if you look at the clock may only have couple inches tissue you look at these earmarks I mean it’s if that passes to the two he's getting bigger me jays dense so what happens is specially with inside that issue this fibers in here and stick paintbrush fibers on your YouTube gathers

One thing more, when I found the package

I two times in a row two weeks in a row or three weeks in arrow what I do is after the first time I doing right on the waist down actually go back in NC you're coming up so did the previous week and I'll try to be delivered by one you know even if it's by couple watch I knew about the way place refer back to the previous week's workout so we're going to my third set here on flat dumbbell press and last week at this time I dot for a much how to get Testcore Pro for not see if we could beat yourself gonna do my best I can I said on here I get to you overnight chrome home it that's progress pay more home I got second exercise for chest for you lot hamstring ice a lot on bench-press here and for arts hit number three were I'm is

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