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Day 2


I spent a chunk of time today reading 30 days to RE Cash, Profit from RE Right Now, and reviewing Expert Q&A from IE. I've completed all of the homework from Phase 1 and I'm trying my best not to get information overload.

Tomorrow's a pretty BIG day. My intention is to find an agent or two so I'm anticipating hearing some negativity and naysayer talk. My confidence is in pretty good shape though. I've been keeping up the momentum by watching daily wisdoms about mindset and fear. I've also been perusing old weekly wisdom vids because there's nothing like getting pumped up by seeing and hearing Dean tell you that you CAN do this.

Reaping wealth in real estate

There are several strategies used in real estate to generate a profit but only 1 strategy will create wealth.

Wholesaling is a strategy that will create " CASH NOW" and you can wholesale without ever using any of your own money or credit. However wholesaling will never create wealth but will generate a nice profit for today. Truth is you will need to keep on wholesaling to keep on getting paid.

Flipping properties or BUY, FIX AND FLIP is also a " CASH NOW" strategy. You will have to use your own money or private money to purchase and rehab properties. Though this strategy will generate a nice profit if done right it will never create long term wealth.You will need to keep on flipping to keep making money.

Matt Larson's Book

Has Matt published a book called "Big Profits in Small Towns"? If so, how could I get a copy?

My Journey - RC from NY

So, I've been dabbling in RE for a number of years and I'm guilty of just sitting on the sidelines watching others make it and secretly wishing it were me.

I look back every year and regret my decision [more like indecision]as I do nothing with the education I've been soaking up here, and through IE, as well as Dean's books.

I wish I could say I've gotten to a point where I'm tired and just dissatisfied with how my life is but the truth is, I've been tired for a looong time. I know what I need to do. It's just a matter of doing it.

So for the first time ever, I'm putting myself out there in a very BIG way by starting this blog to record my journey.


hi guys
Any one who have an idea how to invest on tax lien,i have been watching videos , webinar and they want so much money to get started
any one who have an idea how i can start
thank you

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