Sold one rental.

I have not been on here in a long time but I am still very active in real estate. We sold a rental income property he had and I wrote about here on DG .com. It was a HUD home we bought in a small Indiana town for 15k. We put some money into it then took out a no season loan against the house from a small town bank for 45k. We rented the house out for 5 years and now we sold the house for 53k. I know there are a lot of people here that do much better but it worked well for us. We live in California so this was all done out of state.

Steve and Veronica

All of us make some kind of excuses......

What do the following have in common?
How about tomorrow.
Next week.
If I only....

They are all poison!
There is no nourishing your brain.

You're poisoning your thoughts with a hoard of excuses.

You want to know when is a good time to do something?

What's better than starting Today?

You want to know how to start?
Figure it out.

BOOM! (mic drop)

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With Even Green Technology, Contribute towards Making Earth Safer

For a better tomorrow every individual must try to ensure that they reduce the consumption and dependence on non renewable forms of energy from now onwards. There are many good alternatives for electricity, the conventional form of energy. One such alternative is solar energy which is clean and doesn’t cause any pollution. Adopting solar powered equipment in your daily life can substantially reduce the carbon footprints on earth and will provide a safer and healthier environment for our coming generations.

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