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Sold My Condo!

My husband and me had been talking for some time about selling one of our houses. Along time ago we had descussed renting my condo and living in his house. While i had been packing a little bit every day since spring we decided then to put my house on the Market. I had purchased my condo back in 1994 and have been living there ever since. One week before Christmas we listed my property had a showing the next day and an open house that Saturday. Got an offer by the end of that Saturday with in about 48 hours. The offer came in exactly at what we were asking for the property. Today we signed the closing papers and transfered the title to a new owner. Walked away from the table with 27K. It took alot of work but i am glad that is done now.

Need advise and help

It is has been some time since i have written here. We have been very busy with diffrent stratagies and working things out. Currently trying to work a deal on some tax leans.

Tax Leans & Deeds

It has been some time since i posted on my blog. We are doing well. No sales yet but we now have posession of 2 Properties in AZ on Leans & Deeds. We now are the owner of these 2 properties free and clear. We will be putting them up for sale soon. One is a piece of land ready for development and one is a land with a commercial property on it. The property is currently occupied by some renters. My husband is going to work with a real estate agent in that area.

We have also signed up for a class on Property inspection in MN. We will be doing that Late next week Friday and Saturday.

Tons of Properties!

I was just on Vacation last week in Northern Mn. Tons of Properties for sale by owners up Near Duluth Mn and Superior WI. If i were closer to that area i would have my husband do business up there. Driving around 1 hour each day found any where from 20 to 50 Properties for sale in any one area. Most of these properteis are for sale by owners. I cant do the foot work that far away from home. However if there is anyone in that area go drive around you will find tons of houses and properties in very nice areas. If i have a buyer for that area i will send them your way. Let me know if you do business in Northern MN.


After 2 Very busy weeks of some family issues and dealing with them I found that there are 2 county sheriff auctions coming up in my are in the next 4 weeks. I did see that some have houses on the property. I am going to look closer at the email i received and do some research on these properties. I plan on finding out about these properties and seeing what they look like at least from the outside. Some have open houses so i am going to see if we would like to go to them. I also plan on seeing if we can make offers on some of these properties before the auction comes up.


My husband gave me good news last night. He had a meeting with a client of his and from that meeting we now have a first cash invstor. Whoopee Yahooo and it seams it has been a long time coming.

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