Hi Dean, Thanks for the offer of your Ipad. My wife Wendy and I meet you in Sydney at the National Achievers seminar. Of all those who presented you resinated with me/us the most. You come across as truly trust worthy and authentic.
I believe you will deliver and some. I feel I can trust you 100 precent.. I absolutely love your WW videos. Thank You so much just for those.

We are booked in for the training in a few weeks time. We are very excited to get started. So no fear teaming up with a genuine person like yourself. However "Following Through" is my real fear. An already busy life as I own a small business it will be a challenge to manage my time commitments with so many distractions.

We Buy Houses

I have purchased the wholesaling we buy houses mini bandits signs. I bought 10,000 cards/mini bandit signs. I'm just nervous about putting them out. I have been talking to investors and that has helped me a lot but not completing my first deal was a downer. Now i'm confused on what to do next. I think the next step for me would have to be real estate investing groups plus the mini bandits signs. I know this can be done. I know I can do it. I will do it.

ok what is a blog

So how do i write a blog

New to this site...The Count down begins!

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site and fully devoted to making a permanent change in my life.

I've just started reading Dean's "30 days to Real Estate Cash." This is my first week reading it so I want to keep every and anyone interested in my progress.

Also, to those that have taken this path already, any advice would be appreciated.

Five Things Bankruptcy Attorneys Should Know

If you’re planning on paying money for someone to help you settle your debts, you definitely want to get the most from your investment. Making sure you hire only the best and most qualified bankruptcy attorney is crucial if you want to keep your bankruptcy filing as smooth and painless as possible.

Thus, when you start looking for bankruptcy lawyers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Any good bankruptcy attorney should know how to deal with the following five things.

1. Different Types of Bankruptcy
Your bankruptcy lawyer needs to know the different options available for you. Not all bankruptcy filings are the same, and only a qualified lawyer can explain to you which ones are the most useful for your specific circumstances.

Michigan People

Hi, I am in southwest Michigan area (Holland, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & South Haven). Even if you are not in this area, if you are in Michigan I would like to get in touch with you. I would like to form our own real estate group as a support team. There dosen't seem to be that many of us in Michigan so thought we could help each other out. I am Pattison and hope to hear from all of you.

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