Anyone know a lender that charges reasonable rates & not all the extra fees, points, etc.

Does anyone know a lender that charges reasonable rates & not all the extra fees, points, etc. If you do, please contact me in NJ at 609-838-0292 or



Canadians Alert re CMHC - as of May 30 2014 will not insure a second mortgage. HUGE implications.

This is brand new and will slow the real estate market down considerably and make it difficult for real estate investors.

Make sure!!! you check ahead of doing your transactions the tried and true way. Everything changes tomorrow.

Guess there's always hard money.

Due diligence!


There are so many real estate wholesalers flooding the markets around the country. Over the past 3 years I have seen a huge increase in the amount of people who have jumped in and taken advantage of this quick cash employment position. After all this employment position requires no pre qualification, no application process and the amount of money you can earn in limitless depending on how much you put into it.

New Beginning

Hi folks,
back in may of 2013 I attended the 3 days workshop, but never make one single deal. But I did not give up, I kept watching Dean's weekly Wisdom til I heard him talking about " 30 Days to Real Estate Cash." so,I downloaded the book for free. I just completed chapter 1,and now doing my Home Work. This is new beginning for me.I think this blueprint will lead me to making my first deal in 30 days. Thanks Dean's

--Otis Wolloh

Update: Due to some major Health issues I AM Slowly Working My Way Back

After spending a few days in hospital for chest pains, stressed about Social Security Benefits(even after lung surgery March 2014) No Benefits Approval Yet) and shortness of breath--I must now introduce you to my new friend, O2(aka oxygen) 24/7. Will add My new look in a day or to-so check back for my latest photo.

If you meet me or already know me personally, please don't feel awkward the next time you see me in person. I am still me with goals,crazy, caring, fun, loving life and Blessed.

Abandoned Property

Currently pursuing abandoned property where I live at in Washington State. There are plenty of properties where people have just up and left, leaving the property totally empty and in some cases they have left personal property where it has been dumped outside by by the landlords and which have foreclosed on the property and it belongs to the bank. So in looking up these properties, they are sometimes listed as still occupied by the last occupants. So, you can still find properties without accurate records and the banks may be more than willing to find new occupants to take over the properties; especially properties abandoned for more than year or two.

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