Real Estate Tips For Beginners

Have you always wanted to invest in real estate but don't know where to start? Here are some of the different areas of the industry that you can invest in:

Areas That You Can Invest In

Residential: these are properties such as townhouses, apartment buildings and vacation houses. Here a person or a family will pay you in order to live in your property. The length of time that an individual lives in your house depends on your rental or lease agreement.

You Gotta Have Some "At Bats"

This morning I decided to go to an auction near me so that I may be able to meet some cash buyers. The idea was to #1 see how an auction is run. #2 meet buyers. #3 get more info about properties in my area. I was so excited to go because I was anxious to finally get some real buyers on my list. I decided to get to the courthouse an hr early just in case I may see someone who was their early to purchase the property for sell; that way I could have a one on one with them.

The auction was an hour away from me. So this morning at 6:58 am I was in the car riding to the auction listening to Quick Cash Boot Camp videos. I arrived at the courthouse at about 7:50. When I got there I realized the auction wasn't until 9:30. So I just listened to more knowledge while I was waiting.

Test Run

I've been reluctant to make phone calls for the past week or so because I didn't feel like I knew what to say. So, I thought well practice makes perfect. I'm looking to wholesale property in Northern, Va but I have a Florida number still. So I thought, let's call BOISE!

I used Joe Jureks technique of finding agents on HudHomes and calling to see if they work with investors.

I called to speak with a particular broker, but I got someone else in his office. Here's how the conversation went. [I'm not going to use real names]

Bob: Hello this is Bob with XYZ Realty. How may I help you?

Me: Hello I was looking to speak with James Doe. Is he available?

Getting Inspiration from a Fellow Entrepreneur

While attending a business forum in Cambodia, an entrepreneur shared his life journey and I was really impressed and thought that writing this down and sharing the story can inspire other readers who can find this compelling. This is the story of Phann Keara, rector of PUC Siam Reap campus and a real estate businessman.


I am in my first 5 days of 30 Days of Real Estate Cash. I have writing down almost 20 offices from Remax and Keller Williams locally as directed. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being that this book was written in 2011 does actually calling these offices produce the agents doing the footwork. I only ask this question because i completed this task today on a Friday and the offices are closed. I wanted to get a feel from you all who are experienced in Deans teachings, are these tactics relevant in 2015.

DEAN Help: Website is down after many complaints/asking for help Again

After 8 months of asking Dean and DGADMIN2 (Jeremy) they fixed the website but it only displayed and sat there with No admin to change Any of the info.

Here we are again asking/complaining about the website and Jeremy replies to contact him so he can get the I.T. guys on it and...NOTHING.. no reply No fix.

Then, the thread of website complaints is Deleted the thread asking for solution or even a response to fix the problem is Gone.

WHY are We ignored when we asked for help/support and when DGADMIN2 (Jeremy Gabbert) finally replies he asked to contact him so he can get "IT" can to fix it, we do, but, NOTHING happens except they decide to take OUR website DOWN completely!

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