30 days to a Full Time Investor

I've made a decision TODAY that I am going to be a full time investor.
I've also decided that I am going to give myself 30 days to wholesale my first Property, and once I wholesale my 1st property I will give my job two weeks notice.
I am taking a leap of faith and taking on a VERY personal challenge.
If I could commit 40 hours a week to a job, and be dedicated to going in to work whether I'm sick, tired, or wanting to spend time with my family and wondering if I have time to take, or having to ask permission to take time; then I should be able to be that dedicated to being my own boss and running my own business. Why settle for what someone else thinks your worth $.25 $.50 $.75 raise when I can create my own raise/salary?

July13, 2014

I know I am not doing this blog thing on a daily basis -which was my intention in the first place when starting this.
Yesterday I was out looking at houses Driving for Dollars as they call it and i found 2 on the same street and another one a block away so I will do the comps and then call my realtor in the morning.

Sales Contract

Hi DG Family. I'm trying to negotiate a sales contract wherein the sellers doesn't want to deal with repairs during escrow so they don't want to give a home warranty and termite report. I've seen the pictures and it looks good. I've included the $20/sq ft rehab calculation on my initial offer. ARV is around $556,500, I offered $375,000 and they wanted $410,000. My initial offer included a home warranty and a termite report. I've also included a 7 days inspection and a 2 weeks escrow (Michael Mangham's suggestion). Should I worry about the warranty and termite or just go ahead and deal with it later when and if I got it on contract. Appreciate anyone's opinion on this.

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Want to team up in the Alabama area just let me know

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