Not my first go round

It's been ten years since I have touched real estate. Ten years of raising kids, getting divorced, finding my soul mate and starting to have some really cool visions for our life and future. I am thrilled to be getting back to flipping, like I did before. I remember how confident and excited I felt, as I worked with sellers and buyers, helping them get to where they wanted to be. I remember how good it felt to improve houses and neighborhoods. And the creative down payments, which just was fun for me, like the F150 and the Ford Explorer.

I didn't have a community like this back then, and I didn't have Dean's mindset teachings. I guess I have been enjoying his emails for two years now, and just decided to start doing real estate a few weeks ago.

ive learned a thing or two.

i started off at a bad start.tried dealing with a property that had questionable comps and questionable turned out that seller still got his problem solved by putting in a tenant on a lease.idk. maybe i should have pulled the trigger sooner but i was overly cautious as i had a few key things that were costs were part of that.maybe the place wasnt as bad as i thought because seller leased it as is so maybe i over thought it.that lease could have been mine. any way, 3 hours ago i decided to do this right and put some ads out there for buyers and sellers on cl.unbelievable!

Just starting out!

I started reading 30 Days to Real Estate Cash and I have to say that the way Dean writes his books are so easy to understand and i love the way the steps are so information filled!
I am in week 3 of making my first deal from the book and I am SOOO excited. I cant think about anything except real estate and I am so eager to learn more. I cant wait to see the results of this momentum and keep upt= the hard work.
I am lucky, in that, my mom is so supportive of me and my dreams. It's so helpful to have one person in my life that I love that truly believes in me and is rooting for me every step of the way!
I wish everyone had at least one supportive loved one.

I'm about to buy my first bundle of business cards and I also have plans to attend the next local REI club!

fighting the fear

Ok guys I'm doing this today. I'm about to start calling agents to day. I've had a delema that i've allowed to stop me from making the first step or the first 3 requirments. I hold a real Estate licence in IL, and I'm not sure what I can & can't do legellly in the state of IL, even though my licence and I are in referal status which means I'm not able at the time to represent clients only refer them and receive a referal fee.

I know once I get started I won't want to stop nor will I want to walk on egg shells not sure of what I'm allowed y law to do.


What multiplier do I use for Southern California to figure my ARV

For sale by owner

Hi I'm new at real estate and am trying to make my first offer on a For sale by owner property that just had sign put out today. The house is down the street from me and has been empty for about a year. I called the owner and he is out of state. He said it does not have an updated kitchen. I went on zillow and ran the comps of 3 similar houses that have sold and came up with with avg sq price 338.27$. This is 70k less than his asking price. I then figured out the after repair value at by .7 figuring med rehab this seems very low! I am unsure what to make my asking offer can some one help me

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