When she really went to food in it completely

When she really went to food in it completely went downhill from there want to figure out where that's at go confront those names like excuse me how dare you need is there a how dare you yeah but you know when but of course and the myth about this are good old buddy Chris POW always comes to the rescue and Total cleanse plus I think what's so hard for Sarah is she actually works for an organization where she talked about you know healthy eating and what to eat and what not to eat she talks about how she felt like that a hypocrite could hear she is you know being an advocate for healthy living in a healthy lifestyle but yet with so far from it herself yeah I kind of caught me off guard I was like wow you know not only are you doing it yourself

I just to park for a couple reasons growing up

I just to park for a couple reasons growing up I had an older brother who is seven years older than me and he would always listened to Pock so I A begin listing the two part way younger than it should have been but I always liked his music in as I grew up and started Goji Vita learning who he was as an individual I became even more fascinated by him main reason I choose to park was becausehe used art as a platform to create change any use that spotlight to shed light on some really bad things that were happening to be young black young black female and I think artists today are locking that their third producing art money but they're not using it the right way and in my own project in my future projects I want to use par

You know what we can do is get a full valuation

You know what we can do is get a full valuation work on herself-esteem in coping skills like you mentioned and then we can slowly integrate the family back together in a as the Great Britain I think not only did she needed I think that she really deserves you got to work at least as hard as she does well she’s strong yeah eremax thank you for writing this letter this is a gift to your family to at all stored word want to thank all my yesterday at a special thanks to doctormatthew Poached consider for discovery for helping Bailey and her family special thanks to where she'll be experts in transporting so that so great for them to help out and of course is always a special thanks to doctor Charles Sophie member or advisory board for being here docto

Vegas Investors

All I will be in Vegas from Sept 29th thru Oct 3rd, looking to meet and network with any vegas investors-fellow dg'ers. Send me a PM. Anyone know of any REI's in the Vegas area?

Double Closing - Having trouble with Real Estate attorneys HELP!

Calling Real Estate attorneys today has been very interesting.

It went from one lady copping an attitude right off the bat when I simply asked to briefly speak with one of the Real Estate attorneys that I had a very simple question and was told "we can't give any consulting over the phone without a $225 consulting fee". To a guy giving me price ranges to handle from 2K - 5K.

I followed guidelines from the book "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" on what to say to these people feeling less confident then when I started.

Can anyone tell me....

1. What should the Real Estate attorney actually
being do for me regarding a double close? (I had
one guy who I told more like just viewing
paperwork to ensure completed correctly, and he

I am living pleasurable life comfortably

I’m doctor couldn't stick around more to come despite power corrupts absolutely and so it is with the medical oncologist it's their way or the highway doesn't how you know I also doesn't hurt that you know it's grand-pop million bucks a day Kb cancer treatment centers you got to be kidding me more than that the money is staggering that’s the only reason why com they do it doesn't work mean whatever happened to Hippocratic oath doesn't exist go to South Dakota and see what teens up to South thanks for the phone call you our lives yes let's plan what's going on Dean I understand it a but couldn't a.m. nom m considered very healthy

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