Day Four

its 11pm and I just got home from work. Today I have been typing up my letters for the buyers, I have found them online through the county treasures data base, I also ordered myself some business cards and I am practicing my speech. so I will be mailing these in the morning or evening and moving on to my next step tomorrow.

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day three

okay I started calling the agents, I even spoke to some I told them what I was looking for and they asked for my email, its been two days since then and no response so I have to move along I will send them a follow up like dean said, but you know I have to keep going, am I mad Hell yes, but I refuse to give up, I went out and had a drink, I had a ice cold dr. pepper on the rocks and went back to the book, I went and looked for houses with lawns that were not maintained and I called more agents, its Saturday so I will be back Monday with the results.

Do or Die,

I talked about doing real estate for years. I saw Deans commercial and was compelled to order his book over 6 years ago. I read it thru and started but quickly stopped after running into road blocks and allowing life to get in the way. I picked the book up again a couple of years later. The recession hit Vegas so hard. I thought this could be my time. I also purchased the 30 days to real estate cash book and read that.. Same story, started and stopped.
Even after i wrote my goals and chanted my new mantra. "Nothin comes to a sleeper but a dream" I still hadn't made any actions on my part.

day one

today is my first day, keep in mind I have no experience in realestate at all, I have dean books 30 days to real estate cash. I am going to test this method and see if it works. I will be posting daily, as I will be working daily. any feed back will be great. thank you

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