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The marathon training they get fat

The marathon training they get fat and the science is very conclusive that long-distance cardio is not the best way to burn fat action on the worst ways it's it promotes facing I believe on the new technique this is coming out that now if Slim Wise Ketone people are aware yes call burst training for straying is doing short intense bouts of exercise I'm followed by some rest so maybe it's fifteen seconds really hard exercise news on elliptical machine is running whatever may be to do anything swimming you for hard for seconds and you recover for thirty or forty five seconds hard for seconds recover for or you only have to do after five to to minutes total and that's the equivalent of at least about our assay joggin

You know you can even up You Came hope

You know you can even up You Came hope for the things are coming together with this you know are sent an email blast to shoot a video yet audio and that's it you know me and yeah I had one email subscriber to roll back and said okay for the video but Herbal X Direct Cleanse I get ready for this woman to admit unlike I get what your saying I have is that they have your say a cat you kid not you cannot go against $ million VD's that were sold that's right okay that's right so you know when tony Horton's go to me in out a people are just come in I’m going to have to would eventually have to stop the workout part because we get close to people do in the p9x OCR and then we'll still up me angry comments people can

My Sons' Asus laptop and angling time spent in positive ways

I work at a computer and I am attached to the phone at my desk. I take calls and make hotel, golf and steakhouse reservations. I send out a property wide buzz sheets at my casino and on a good day, I don't get correction e-mails sent to me. I am itching to get back up on my feet on the daily and to reach out to an even broader audience of people. Thereby creating the space to be more helpful to myself and others in this life. But you know the simplest thing like navigating this laptop is a mystery to me. Haven't had access to the internet much for some years now, with the exception of my work computer and my phone. Just learning to navigate this little laptop is an interesting challenge for now. I have fallen way behind from the get go in classes, but I have such high hopes.

I am appealling to the DG Family for Local Rental Housing Help

As most of you know I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis(scarring in the lungs) on top of asthma, allergies etc...its a bit much for me to have such restrictions/limitations put upon my life suddenly. From super outgoing and vibrant to staying in and on oxygen...Unbelieveable!

This Life Changing Curve is heartbreaking, but, I've got to do things differently and slowly. I never thought I woould be in such an awkward position financially. Just glad I have something to work with.

My own clean space of living, not just in this one room and having to wear a mask each time I go into the other part of the house; because, I live with friends(temporaily) and there darling pets. Which isnt conducive to my health and healing process. Its all I have after my hospital stay.

1st blog ever

I have been wanting to get into real estate for years and just haven't made it a priority. Haven't ever seriously pursued it, even though I have paid money to find out about it. Even spent mad money with Armando Montelongo and got no where. Guess I haven't been in the right space in my head and heart. I raised my 3 children as a single parent. I currently live by myself and my children are grown and I am now having grandchildren. I don't even have internet at home in a rural area. My phone is no contract and unlimited voice, texting and data usage. Pretty good deal, but I am realizing I seriously need to get internet to proceed with real estate. I am borrowing a laptop from my son and I am at my sisters borrowing her internet.

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