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5 Ways To Make Your Goals Become Reality

By Desiree Grimaldi
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Make Your Goals Become Reality

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you haven’t been achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself? You’ve been putting in the time, energy, and hard work, but you still just can’t seem to get what you’ve been working towards. 

In order to finally meet your goals, Dean Graziosi says you must figure out the root cause of why your goals aren’t becoming a reality. In this article, Graziosi gives us five ways for us to make our goals a reality. When implemented into your life as a road map to your goals, these five tips will help you achieve what you’ve been working towards. 


Communication Skills

The first thing to implement in your life in order to achieve your goals is communication. Take a step back for a moment to consider, analyze, and judge your communication skills. Think about what areas of communication you are good at, and what areas of communication need work. 


What makes communication so important to achieving your goals? Dean Graziosi says that lack of communication causes frustration. Communicating with the people in your life, whether it be your family, friends, coworkers, or others, is important because it keeps everyone on the same page. Good communication ensures that we understand each other’s thoughts, feelings, and goals. 


We’ve all been in a situation where problems were caused because of miscommunication or lack of communication. It’s easy to become frustrated in situations like these, but it’s important to remember that communication goes both ways. Ask yourself honestly if you are communicating, as Dean Graziosi says, “transparently, openly and obsessively”, and avoid making assumptions about something someone else is communicating to you.

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Get Bigger Problems

The second way you can help make your goals a reality is by getting bigger problems and worrying less about the little things. Being caught up in the small problems and inconveniences of life takes away your ability to focus on the bigger, more significant problems in your life. Stop worrying about the small things, and put your energy towards solving bigger problems. 

When you are concerned with the little things in life, you won’t have the energy to fix big problems. Instead of focusing on the person who cut you off on the freeway earlier or the time you were given the wrong meal at a restaurant, focus on the bigger issues. 

When you move your energy away from trivial and unimportant issues and towards bigger problems, things will become harder and require more work, but it’s worth it. 

“Want a better life? Do the hard things now,” says Dean Graziosi. When you put in the work to solve the bigger problems, you will end up with bigger successes. Working hard now will not only make life easier down the road, but it’ll also help you achieve your goals faster.

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Just Say No

The third way you can begin achieving your goals is to just say no. If you have so many things on your plate that you’re never moving forward and making progress on achieving your goals, you need to start saying no. 

Dean Graziosi uses the analogy of a treadmill to demonstrate the importance of saying no. If you have too many things going on in your life, you’ll be running but never able to catch up.

“It doesn’t matter if your treadmill is on 4 or 14,” he explains. “You can run as fast as you want, you ain’t getting anywhere.” 

We all have things in our lives that are negative. If you want time to put towards making your goals a reality, you must start saying no to the negative things that are taking up your time. Say no to mindless scrolling on social media. Say no to hanging out with negative or harmful people in your life. Say no to procrastinating. Whatever it is that is keeping you from working towards your goals, just say no. 


The fourth thing you can do to push yourself towards making your goals a reality is forgive. Dean Graziosi tells us the importance of letting grudges go. You cannot live to your full potential when you’re living with anger and resentment towards others. 


Every one of us has been wronged at some point in our lives. Maybe you were cheated on by a significant other, lied to by someone you trusted, taken advantage of by a friend, or all of the above. Whatever it was, you must forgive them and move past your feelings of anger and resentment. 


There are many ways you can reap the benefits of forgiveness because forgiveness takes many forms. Whether it’s a call on the phone, a written letter, or an internal change of feelings, forgiving those who have wronged you is essential to your success.


Having the negative attitudes that come with holding grudges in your life will keep you from success. Free yourself by forgiving those that have wronged you and begin living life to the fullest. When you’re at your full potential, you can put your energy towards achieving your goals. 


Admit When You’re Wrong 

Being able to admit it when you’re wrong is the fifth way to help you make your goals a reality. If you are able to admit you are wrong instead of holding onto your pride and your old ways, you will be able to begin achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. 


All of us can look back and think of a time when we were so confident in ourselves and our decisions. But now, after some time has passed, we wonder what we were thinking and how we could’ve been so wrong. It may be difficult to own up to what you were wrong about. However, if we are able to admit we are wrong, we are able to become more open-minded and grow. 


“We are always growing, and we are always wrong,” Dean Graziosi says. If you are able to realize and admit your mistakes, you can begin to change and improve. You can better yourself by first learning, then fixing the areas where you were wrong. 


Being able to admit your wrongdoings and mistakes will help you set yourself up for success. Setting your pride aside to focus on bettering yourself and growing will help you become the best version of yourself. Like the best version of yourself, you’ll be able to work towards achieving your goals better than ever before. 

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