How Can I Improve My Productivity Skills?

How Can I Improve My Productivity Skills?

Busyness is an epidemic in 2021. We wear busyness as a badge of honor as if being busy is a testament to the value and worth we bring to the world…and that not being busy is an indication of laziness or lack of motivation. Mental health and self-care aside (those are topics for another day), […]

The Greatest Lesson I Ever Learned Revolutionized My Life

I’ve learned from some of the greatest minds living today, people I now call dear friends – Tony Robbins, Brendan Brouchard, Jenna Kutcher, Russell Brunson… But the man who taught me the greatest lesson I ever learned was my step-dad Lenny Rizzo… The lesson I learned from him was the equivalent to an angel coming […]

6 KEY VALUES to Look for in People Who’ll Take You to Your Next Level

After being an entrepreneur with over 13 successful companies… After monumental mistakes and some incredible accomplishments… You spend a lot of time coming to understand the values you need in that person sitting next to you. Nothing will help you reach your next level more than what I’m sharing with you today… Whether it’s a […]

The Worst Sales Mistake I EVER Made!

I’m going to tell you the worst sales experience I ever had… And I’m telling you, it’s a good one – the complete opposite of a good sales call! In the 70s and 80s I was broker-than-broke but by the early 90s I was hustling a good living flipping properties, buying with no money down… […]

Why Self-Education Should Be Your New Normal

Listen, I don’t want to knock the traditional college path…  My son wants to be a doctor… He’s brilliant but I don’t want him practicing on real people at first haha… So no, I’m not against the normal education for careers like that. And I worked my butt off to give my kids choices like […]

Why You Must Find Your ‘Why’

If you asked a million people “Would you like to make more money?” Everybody would answer yes. But you probably already know that only a small group are actually willing to work for it. So the next most important question is “WHY are you willing to work for it?” Maybe you think that’s easy to […]