3 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read… If You Want to Succeed!

If you know anything about me, then you know I wasn’t a very good student.  That’s the understatement of the year. Dyslexia trashed my GPA… But the beauty of technology is that it gives us dozens of ways to overcome disadvantages like mine… for example, audiobooks! I want to share some of my favorite books… […]

My “Win Every Day” Morning Routine!

Do you have a morning routine? I don’t think anyone’s routine is necessarily better than anyone else’s… But I definitely think you need a morning routine. The thing is, don’t think of it as a ritual or a chore… Think of your morning routine differently… as setting up your day with next-level confidence. And when […]

What Does It Take to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Some people just seem to get ahead, born with a silver spoon and all kinds of unfair advantages.  Makes you wonder, what does it take to achieve success? I’m successful and I sure wasn’t born with a silver spoon. So maybe it all depends on who you ask 😉 Listen, I hope my kids are […]

Can Money Really Buy Happiness? (Don’t Get Me Started!)

It’s been said to me more than once: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Know what I always say to that? I call b.s.!   But let me answer it in a little kinder way with you… You probably know this, but my mom and dad worked their butts off for years. And once I made enough money […]

Are Your Thoughts Determining Your Level of Success?

What is reality? Seriously, what is reality? I’ve asked this question so many times. You probably have too… If you’re still with me so far, you’re probably somebody who questions everything… and we should all the time.  Always question, always consider that we’re wrong a lot of the time.  So again, what’s reality? It can […]

How To Use the Law of Attraction to Stay Positive In Tough Times

We all go through rough patches. When things go wrong or things don’t work out, I never dismiss it. I never think, “Okay, in three minutes, I’m going to fix this and it will be perfect.” No, instead, I use the law of attraction to stay positive. When you’re down and everything feels like it’s […]