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Can Money Really Buy Happiness? (Don’t Get Me Started!)

By Dean Graziosi

It’s been said to me more than once: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Know what I always say to that? I call b.s.!  

But let me answer it in a little kinder way with you…

You probably know this, but my mom and dad worked their butts off for years. And once I made enough money I was able to retire them both. 

I’ve been supporting them for over 25 years. Every week, a check… every three years, a brand new car, right? I love it!

But here’s a couple of other examples you probably haven’t heard before because I don’t put it out there on social media…

When my wife and I and our kids found out how many kids here in America go to bed hungry every night, we decided to do something… 

In the last two years, we’ve donated over a million dollars — seven million meals through Feeding America — it means that much to us.

Another time we found out how bad human trafficking is and about sex slaves… I had no idea… I was totally clueless how bad it is. 

So we donated a half a million bucks to Operation Underground Railroad because every $2,500 sets a real woman or child FREE!

Do you see what I’m getting at?  From where we stand, there’s a lot of different ways to look at money and happiness…

Can money buy you a Lambo and a second house on the Mexican Riviera? 

Aboslutely, and if that makes you happy, good for you! I’m not judging but when I’m gone and the material stuff is gone, where’s my legacy?

Listen, the two things that make us feel the best… when you really boil it down… are personal growth and making an impact, right?

Let me end with this… There was a man I met named David Kekich. 

David was in a wheelchair, paralyzed after being hit by a car while jogging. When I met him, he handed me this little card with “Kekich Credos” on it…

The one credo that stuck with me said, “Living the hard way is easy and living the easy way is hard.” Think about that…

So, let me ask it again, Can money really buy happiness? With a full heart I can honestly say…

If you say it can’t it just means you haven’t given enough away. 😉

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