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6 Steps To Achieving Your Ideal Future

By Desiree Grimaldi
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Your Ideal Future

What comes to mind when you think about your ideal future? Do you feel like it’s just wishful thinking or a far-off dream? Maybe you think your ideal future is within reach, but you aren’t sure how to get there. 


In this article, Dean Graziosi shares how you can get where you want to be through preparation and action. With these tips, your ideal future will finally be within reach. 

Remove the Roadblocks

A person can have all the necessary skills to achieve their ideal future and still fall short. According to Graziosi, there’s one important step to take before diving into learning that can make all the difference. Master your mindset by having a plan on how you’ll handle doubt.


Doubt can happen to anyone. You may start to think that getting to this ideal future will be too hard, or that you’ll fail before you can achieve your goals. Without a plan on how you’ll handle doubt, you’ll be much more likely to give up when doubt begins to creep in. 


You must also set reasonable expectations for yourself when it comes to time. It takes time to learn the skills necessary to get where you want to be. Don’t let that hold you back. 


“Guess what?” Dean Graziosi says. “Time’s gonna happen anyway.” You may as well spend it working towards your goals.


Don’t let doubt or worry about how long it will take, win. Think about how your life will be once you’re living your dreams. Your ideal future isn’t going to come easily, but working through the struggles will be worth it.
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Appreciate the Journey

Throughout our lives, we hope every day will be a little better than the last. However, this isn’t realistic. Instead of placing unrealistic expectations on yourself, compare where you are today by where you were when you started. There have probably been more than just a few bad days or tough situations. Despite these difficulties, look at how far you’ve come. 


Life is full of ups and downs. Regardless of what your goals are or what you’re working towards, there will be highs and there will be lows. Don’t let a fear of hard times stop you from trying to achieve your goals and take back control of your life. 


We all want to make our lives better and improve our lives. Let this motivate you through the hard times that you may experience while working to achieve your ideal future. Set your sights on the destination that is full of more happiness, joy, and freedom in your life.

Be Honest With Yourself 

“All change starts with being honest with yourself,” Dean Graziosi tells us. Before you are able to get what you want, you must be honest with yourself. If you aren’t honest with yourself and don’t have a clear vision for what you want, how can you get there? 


First, be honest about what you’re struggling with. Maybe you have fears or insecurities that are weighing you down. Don’t be afraid to admit those struggles and begin to work through them. 


Second, be honest about things that are keeping you from getting where you want to be. Are there people in your life who don’t support your goals or see your vision? Acknowledge that these opinions are weighing on you. Then, begin to adjust so that these opinions aren’t keeping you from your dreams. 


Third, be honest about what it is that you want and what your goals are. What are you working towards? If you don’t know exactly where you want to be, you’ll never be able to get there. Be honest and thorough in your thinking about your goals. Complete honesty with yourself is essential to meeting your goals. 

Envision Your Ideal Future

Once you’ve been honest with yourself about where you are, you must figure out your ideal future. Knowing the specifics of your goals and ideal future will help you figure out how to get there. 


It can be difficult to be specific in detail about something you don’t yet have, but there’s a trick you can use to help us figure out what your ideal future looks like. Dean Graziosi tells us to ask ourselves, “If it was a year from now, and this had been the best year of your life, what did that look like?” 


Having a specific vision will also guide you as you work towards your ideal future. Dean Graziosi tells us that knowing your destination is like having a GPS that allows you to focus on the destination rather than just avoiding the potholes. With your ideal future in mind, you can work towards things you want rather than just avoiding the things you don’t want.


You need to examine where you want to be. What kind of impact would you like to make? What do you want to be able to do? Maybe you want to be in a place financially where you can donate to certain charities or pay for your childrens’ college educations. Maybe your goals are to have more time available to spend with family or volunteering. 


Figuring out your ideal future is imperative to your success in achieving your goals. Allow yourself to think about and be hopeful for your ideal future. Knowing exactly where you want to be and having specific, thought-out goals will be a massive motivating factor. Seeing this potential future for yourself sets yourself up for success in getting where you want to be.
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Determine Your Why

Determining the driving force behind achieving your ideal future comes after being honest with yourself and figuring out your vision. Now that you have a compelling future, ask yourself why you want to get there. Why do you want to achieve this? 


When trying to determine your driving force, it is important to dig deep. Think beyond surface-level reasoning. Achieving your ideal future will be life-changing, and most likely it’s about more than just money or recognition. So what’s the real reason you want it? 


The three reasons Dean Graziosi works as hard as he does for what he wants is because:

  • He doesn’t want to go backwards
  • He wants his kids to have choices
  • He wants control over his life 


These three reasons are what have pushed Graziosi to where he is today and what continue to push him towards the ideal future he has for himself. 


If you find that you aren’t passionate about the driving force behind your ideal future, it probably isn’t really your driving force. Your driving force is something that really motivates you and pushes you towards getting where you want to be. Whatever it may be, lean into what is motivating you and let it push you towards achieving what you really want in life. 

Determine Your How

Now that you’ve been honest, made a vision, and figured out what’s motivating you, you must figure out how you’re going to do it. How will you go from where you are now to your ideal future? 


Dean Graziosi believes the key to determining how you’ll get to your ideal future is to narrow your focus. Narrow whatever it is you are wanting to achieve down to what you are comfortable and familiar with. Having too broad a focus can be overwhelming. This will build your confidence and help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. 


Next, do things one step at a time. If you try to go from where you are now to where you want to be all at once, you’ll become stressed and tempted to give up or fail. Going from point A to point B in one step just isn’t realistic. Doing things one step at a time, however, will get you to your destination. It will take time, but if you let your ideal future and driving force motivate you to keep going, you will get to where you want to be. 


Finally, be willing to figure things out as you go. All the steps to your ideal future may not be clear from where you stand now, and that’s okay. The path to achieving your ideal future is going to look different than someone else’s. Everyone has different goals, so there is no set path to get to where you want to be. 

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